Hobbies for 13 Year Olds

Hobbies For 13 Year Olds (Tween Boys and Girls)

No matter if you are a tween, parent, or teacher you will find hobbies for 13-year-old boys waiting for you on this page.

When a child shifts from being a 12-year-old to a 13-year-old adolescent, you’re likely to see some interesting changes. They usually experience cognitive and physical changes, there are also emotional and social changes.

What hobbies do teen boys have? Boys usually enjoy playing video and computer games, listening to music, playing some sport, or going out with friends. They will start to have different interests like years before. It would differ for a boy and a girl, It depends also on the environment and social status.

Don’t forget that every teenager is different, just like not all 50-year-old adults are the same.

Playing video games or watching movies are not the most beneficial activities. To find some good suggestions you should check the following list of cool hobbies for tweens.

Please get age recommendations with common sense. You will know more about your child’s readiness.

Browse the following suggestions and pick the one that suits you or your tween the most and leave the rest.

Hobbies For a 13-Year-Olds

There are so many cool hobbies for tweens. Board games are great for the whole family, many teenage boys like skateboarding or riding a bike.

Of course, girls will enjoy these following hobbies too, this is not only for those looking for activities for boys.

Check it out!

Popular Hobbies For 13-Year-Olds

Rock Tumbling

There’s never been a better time to get into rock tumbling, there are much new equipment and resources to learn about the skill. There’s a certain satisfaction in turning a simple rock into something useful or beautiful. If you’re curious enough, check out rock tumbler from National Geographic. So, if you live in an area where there are a lot of rocks, rock tumbling might be the perfect hobby for you.

Sports Hobbies For Boys

Every boy or girl will enjoy a different hobby, browse this list to find the right.


Skateboarding is one of the most exciting hobbies for teenage boys. Not only is it a recreation but also a form of art. It is fun, exhilarating and can be very beneficial. When you start to skateboard it might seem tough at first. Be sure to check where to look for help, how you can learn tricks, and what attire and accessories to buy.

Roller Skating

Roller skating is a fun recreational activity and can be a great hobby for adolescent boys. In the US, this hobby was the most popular first between 1935 and the early 1960s. Skates normally come in three basic variations like inline skates or blades, quad roller skates, and tri-skates.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is a really fun form of exercising a hobby that the whole family can enjoy. When Ice skating for the first time, it can be a bit difficult learning how to stay upright and move forward, but the movement is similar to rollerblading.

Martial arts

This is a great hobby for boys who have problems with confidence. Martial arts will helps you shape up. Not only this is a fun workout, but fortunately, it will get you fit. It will also boost your confidence. Feeling healthier you will be more confident in your everyday life.


Running can be a great hobby for people of all ages, also for teens. Runners often claim that they run to get away from the demands of everyday life, with running you can find a good way to meditate. It is widely accepted that running produces happiness that produces a state of lucidity and calmness.


There are many reasons why swimming is a great activity for teenagers. The first reason is that it can be extremely relaxing. Swimming can provide a feeling of floating on the water and feeling almost weightless. You will find that whenever you leave the pool you feel totally relaxed.


Everyone can cycle, it is a great pastime for every teenager. It offers entertainment, exercise, and an excellent way to just get around town. Bicycling can be low-cost transportation, which is important for teens.


BMX riding has been a popular hobby for youngsters for decades.  Its been around for a long time and even became an official Olympic sport. But there’s much more to BMXing than driving around, some of the most fun you can have on a BMX bike is by doing tricks. It is also a great way of keeping fit. 

Activities for teens and tweens that don’t involve screens


There are a lot of interesting crafts for teens and tweens, you can come across simple ideas that require a few, inexpensive supplies. You’ll be amazed at how many useful things you can make with duct tape.

Crack the Rubik’s Cube

If you like brain games this is for you. The aim of the Rubik’s cube is to get all of the colors on each side of the cube to match up. How to crack it? First, get to know your cube, then solve the white cross. After that solve the white corners and the middle layer, then solve the top layer and position the yellow corners correctly. Finally, correctly place the centerpieces.


What is yoyo? From your hand, it is thrown downwards, hits the end of the string then winds up the string toward the hand, simple as that. The three most common yoyos you will find are fixed axle, unresponsive, and responsive. It comes in different shapes and sizes, they mostly derive from four common shapes: W, H, V, and O.

Board games

Board games are great for people of any age, not only are they fun they also are an excellent way to learn new skills. From helping to develop cognitive skills to strengthening communication. Everyone knows Chess or Monopoly but there are many more.

Playing musical instruments

Playing a musical instrument can build confidence and enhancing memory. While practicing you will improve patience, discipline, and time management skills. Learning to play a musical instrument is a very beneficial hobby for teenagers.

Reading books

Regular reading has many advantages. It will increase the overall knowledge level and help improve various skills like memory and concentration. You can read anywhere and anytime and it does not cost a lot of money.


Painting is a good activity for teenage guys. This artistic hobby builds strong mental health in individuals of every age. Apart from discovering your talent, painting is also a wonderful way to relax. The easiest way to start is by enrolling in an art course but you can start by educating yourself at home as well.


Many teenagers learn to cook and actually enjoy doing it. Being creative in the kitchen means you can take whatever’s available and generally come up with something edible, if not delicious. We all require sustenance, so why not have fun and be creative while fulfilling that need? Maybe you will find more fun in baking or in making ice creams.


Bowling is a great hobby that can contribute to developing many skills. It is popular all over the world, after all, almost every other mall, recreation grounds, or other social settings have a bowling area. Why not bowling with your family or join a league and bowl every week with other bowling enthusiasts.


Hiking is fun and healthy for kids to get outside and see the natural world with all of its curiosities. It is affordable and good exercise, it is a great hobby for many ages and stages in life. It doesn’t require any special equipment and only takes an hour or two. While hiking you can even take your dog for a walk.

Learning a Foreign Language

Your new language will give opportunities for making new friends. Combine vocabulary and pronunciation practice by listening to songs, watching a film, or reading a book in your new language. There are a lot of resources that help to keep you inspired.


If you love music and performing this could be the perfect pastime for you. There’s no promise you’ll get a recording contract, for start just perform and do gigs for fun. Try to sing on the karaoke machine! Singing can be a great hobby for anyone, especially for teenage boys and girls.


Acting can be a great pastime especially in the early stages of life. If you find that you like storytelling and adopting a new personality for a while you should think about acting. Start in front of the mirror, later on, you can join some community theatre in the city.

Check for more hobbies that don’t involve screens.

Hobby Ideas For Teens That Can Make An Earning:

For boys and girls who want to combine a hobby with making money, there are many options. For those who love animals, there is dog walking which can become a full-time job. Maybe website designing or learning to code is the right for you. First, let’s take a look at filling online paid surveys.

Begin a YouTube channel

Working on a YouTube channel is a fun and interactive hobby with the potential to turn you into a popular personality. It can help you meet new people or get free stuff from companies, and of course, earn extra income. In case you want to make money with your hobby check the below suggestions.

Filling Online Survey Forms

Answering surveys online can be a fun hobby for boys or girls. This hobby can earn you some extra bucks or some nice gifts, but you should not expect a huge income. How much you get in return for your participation varies, but often it is just a few cents per survey.

Dog Walking

If you have your own dog you need to go for a walk at least one time a day. If you love dogs but don’t have your own dog you can take care of other pets. People will actually pay you to play with and walk their pets? It is a great hobby that can actually make an income in the teenage years.

Learn To Code

If you like to spend time behind the computer then you should consider learning to code. Programing can be a great hobby for teenage boys, it will give a new perspective to problem-solving. Learning to code can have great earning potential as well.

Design Websites

For teenage boys with a desire of creating a website, this is a great hobby. Start with blogging platforms like Blogger or WordPress. These give access to a number of templates and tools to design and grow your own website. Website design as well has also earning potential.

What Else You Need To Know About Hobbies For 13-Year-Olds?

The most important thing about any hobby is that teenagers enjoy it. That is what keeps them interested and puts a smile on their face.

How To Find Ideas For Hobbies?

Brainstorm ideas with him and have him make an interest list. Search for hobbies you think your child might like and suggest ideas for activity. Analyze the teen’s personality.  Ask him what he feels good about themselves and what he wants to do.

How To Create a Positive Environment For Hobbies?

Be supportive, even if your teen’s hobbies seem odd, respect his changing interests. Structure family life to support teens’ hobbies and remember that he may not share your hobbies.

How to Help Your Teen Follow Through?

Provide opportunities for him and realize when he may be busy. Suggest an activity but don’t force him to do any specific hobby.

Hid I miss something?

These are just some hobbies for 13-year-olds, for more check the following hobbies for tweens. I am sure there are more, I’d love to hear your suggestions.