50 Classic Craft Ideas For Teens (Boys and Girls)

Everybody knows that crafts and hobbies are generally good for teens, many boys and girls love to learn new crafting skills. If you are having a hard time finding new crafting ideas you have come to the right place. In this post, you will find loads of hobby ideas for teens to help you choose your new craft!

In general, you’ll find ideas from ceramics and glass crafts, fiber and textile crafts, flower crafts, fashion crafts, papercrafts, wood and furniture crafts, stone crafts, and metal crafts.

Let’s start with ceramic and glass!

Ceramics And Glass Crafts


Mosaics are a great way to upcycle broken ceramics. This is a traditional craft that you can’t finish in an hour, making mosaics is a great craft for teens that are willing to take time, plan, and are patient.


Spending free time handling clay is priceless for a lot of teens. You can learn pottery at home via Google, YouTube, or books, many pottery enthusiasts also follow popular potters on social media platforms.

Glass Etching

To be able to start this craft you will need a rotary tool and a set of diamond burrs, with this tool you can make an image that is carved into the glass surface. Glass engraving is a great craft to make personalized presents, everyone likes a custom beer mug or set of personalized wine glasses.

Transfer a Photo Onto a Glass

Putting an image onto a mason jar, mirror or window is a great way to personalize your living space. The image has to be printed from a laser printer, so every image that you find in a book or magazine will work. All you need to do is to fix adhesive packing tape to the image and soak it in warm water, remove the paper and stick the image onto any glass.

Paint and Press On the Glass

If you are looking for a creative and cheap craft you should try glass painting, it creates a comparable beautiful piece of artwork as stained glass. It’s an excellent craft for teenagers and people of all ages as well. The process can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to five hours a day.

Re-Purpose Used Empty Bottles

Have you ever ask yourself if there’s something you could do with empty bottles? You can make a DIY flower vase, drinking glasses, DIY bird feeder, rainbow lanterns, whimsical terrariums, colorful chandelier…There’s numerous array of occasions that this craft is perfect for.

Fiber and Textile Crafts


Lace-making is a hobby that you can start with just a few tools and equipment. So before you buy your own introductory kit, see if you can borrow needed tools from anyone else.

Rug Making

Following is another good graft for teens. Hooking rugs is not that hard even if you are a total beginner. Basically, you pull strips of wool through a burlap or linen backing loop by loop. You’ll be surprised how fast you establish a feel for the exercise of pulling loops.


There are numerous ways to make a rope yourself at home, you can use many different materials as well. In case you want to make a rope yourself, you have many tutorials online to choose from.


Needlepoint has been worked forever all around the globe. This hobby engages both, the hands and imagination. It is also a very affordable hobby, all you need to start are canvas, needles, yarn, and thread.


For teens who love to keep their hands busy embroidery should be the right craft. When you just starting you will have to learn how to thread a needle, how to detached floss, and how to stop and start your thread.

Macramé (knotting)

You are only a few basic knots away to create your very first macrame. The fastest way to learn this craft is by watching a couple of videos and practice, this way you will master the technique pretty quickly.


Tatting is a well-known technique that you can use to create lace. By using loops and knots you can create beautiful rings and trains. You can do vintage tatting or you can write your own patterns using more modern notations.


There are numerous projects out there that will help you to find the styles and patterns you really like. If you practice daily you’ll find that knitting is an easy way to create comfortable fabrics for all sorts of things.


If you like knitting there is a chance you may like crochet as well. There are some key differences between crochet with knitting. Crochet fabrics are great for creating 3D motifs, and knitting fabrics have elasticity and stretch which makes them perfect for garments.


Appliqué is a technique of sewing pieces of fabric into something to decorate it. This craft will open up a big scope of design options for decorating cushions, tea towels, bags, and purses, you can applique clothes as well!

Flower Crafts


Learn and practice the art of Ikebana, If you are a flower lover then this hobby is definitely for you. It’s not a great craft only for teenage girls but also for boys. With contemporary Ikebana, you will add beauty to your home and bring nature into your living space. With this craft, you will have a chance to mimic nature by arranging the flowers and other materials.


If you know floral design basics you can create floral arrangements that you see online or in magazines. Decide whether you’ll be using silk flowers or live flowers and make your first bouquet.

Pressed Flowers

If you have access to flowers learn how to press them, flower pressing is a craft that brings nature indoors. To get you started you will need one large book that you don’t need anymore and a kitchen roll and fresh flowers.



Leather Carving

Carve your image into the leather and create more elaborate designs. If you decide to start with leather carving you will need a swivel knife, this kind of knife will allow you to cut into the leather and create more detailed figures and shapes.

Leather Crafting

Make the leather into craft objects and use shaping or coloring techniques. Stamping is also a very popular technique, which involves the use of stamps to create an imprint onto a leather surface.


Fashion Crafts

Clothes Making

The following craft is for teens who want to have the skill to create their own clothes. Well, it is not impossible to make a simple T-shirt, pajamas, or even pants. Dressmaking is becoming popular as a hobby all around the world.

Dyeing and Printing

Maybe you are looking for ways to print on T-shirts, there are many ways to create beautiful patterns and designs on textile surfaces. You will discover the three most common types of textile printing methods, which are direct printing, discharge printing, and resist printing. Dyeing and printing is a very popular craft among teens.


Batik is a technique of coloring clothes, actually, it is wax-resist dyeing of fabric. The applied wax resists dyes and therefore allows you to color selectively. Batik is a proper craft for creative teens.

Making Jewelry

For teens who are fashion lovers, making jewelry can be a perfect craft. There are numerous techniques that will help open up loads of doors in your future jewelry-making projects. You will discover many jewelry making tutorials online.


There are many styles and types of beads accessible today. Beads can be designed from almost any material, stones, wood, glass, or ceramic. If you want to get into the art of beading the right way start slowly and focus on the pattern the beads are making.


Paper Marbling

Paper marbling is a therapeutic, creative, and fun craft, with this hobby it’s fairly impossible to do it ‘wrong’. All you need to start is just creativity and a willingness to try different things.

Origami (paper folding)

Learn how to fold simple and useful origami models. All you really need is origami paper that is easy to fold, it will be OK also if you only have regular, white, rectangular paper.


Create unique and handmade paper from the scrap paper you have at home. Making paper is a pretty simple process, following are needed supplies for making paper; water, Mould & Deckle (a screen attached to a frame), scrap papers, storage tub, kitchen blender, wood boards, and some absorbent material.


Choose decorative paper or napkins and cut them, after that use a clear-drying glue to apply the material to a piece of furniture or household object. After it dries protect the whole piece with more glue.

Iris Folding

Iris folding is another good craft for teens. Arrange and layer strips of paper in a spiral pattern that resembles the iris of a camera lens. With this paper folding technique, you will be able to make beautiful cards that look awesome.

Paper Embossing

Do you want to make a raised pattern on paper? If you are searching for ways of making greeting cards hand embossing should be the right craft for you. There is no need to purchase an embossing machine, with hand embossing you can get very good results as well.


You can start with a simple four-hole stab bookbinding technique that has a contemporary and simple appeal. This technique is excellent for beginners which gives beautiful hand-crafted results with very little effort.


With simple paper strips and glue, you can make complicated patterns and shapes. Cardmaking, scrapbooking, monograms, paper flowers, jewelry, can incorporate quilling. This craft isn’t hard to master, also, you’ll find many helpful tips and tricks online.


Papier-mâché is a craft where you make fruit bowls, puppets, and various sculptures. All you have to do is to prepare the paste, tear the newspaper, dip the newspaper into the paste and repeat the process until it’s done.

Paper Model

Transform a paper into a 3D object, if you want to know more consider the next craft. Paper modeling is similar to origami, but those are two very different craft. 3D paper modeling actually captures many more techniques such as folding, cutting, gluing, and more.

Parchment Craft

Decorate and embellish paper through embossing, coloring, perforating, outlining, blending, or cutting.
It is a very affordable craft, all you really need is parchment craft paper which is translucent paper.


If you are a lettering lover consider making beautiful letters, it is a craft that anyone can do. You don’t need to have appealing handwriting to be good at calligraphy. It is important to hold the pen correctly, also, use a brush pen, it is much easier to learn compared to the dip pen.


For teens who want to remember an important trip or event, I suggest scrapbooking. You can also make scrapbooks to give them as a present, this craft can be a great hobby to relax after a stressful week.


Wood and Furniture Crafts


Use thin layers of wood veneer to cover inferior timber and make decorative patterns, pictures, or designs. The straightforward marquetry is made of only two sheets of veneer, that are temporarily glued together and cut with a top-notch saw.

Wood Burning

While doing wood burning you can create many things like signs, ornaments, quote plaques, drawings, or garden tags, all you will ever need is a simple kit for the wood-burning craft. Wood burning is the perfect craft for teens who want to make something unique.

Wood Carving

Wood carving takes up little space, so you don’t need a dedicated room to start with this craft. It is also an inexpensive craft as you only need a couple of tools to get started, generally, you will need gouges & chisels, power tools, and knives.


Get into some woodworking projects and build something out of wood. Start with projects that can be completed in just a few hours, later you can move to more complex ones. Creating useful items out of wood can be a beneficial hobby not only for teenage guys but also for girls.

Lacquer Art

If you are into painting, experiment with other materials, and make some lacquer paintings. Lacquer is a finishing material for furniture and other wooden objects, use it and make a nice looking painting.

Cabinet Making

With only fundamental woodworking know-how, a table saw, and a couple of simple tools, you can make custom cabinets. You could use those everywhere from the workshop to your kitchen.


Intarsia is a woodworking technique that involves inlaying different pieces of wood to create a 3-D picture. Artist Judy Gale Roberts put together a book that will give you step-by-step instructions while you create your first intarsia project.


To get into woodturning you clearly need something that will rotate wood. Well, you don’t need a heavy-duty lathe to get started, a small lathe is a great option for beginners. If you don’t want to invest in a lathe you could also use a drill or a drill press.

Spoon Carving

You should get started carving your own spoon, it’s a great craft because the procedure is directed, but there’s the place for creativity as well. Woods like maple, hickory, ash, or oak make very good cooking spoons. Wooden spoons are beautiful handmade works of functional art.


Kumiko is a woodworking technique made of wooden strips to form various patterns and designs. The fastest way to start with Kumiko is to buy a Kumiko starter kit that includes jigs and all the pieces needed to make your first pattern.


Stone Crafts

Stone carving

Use hammer and hand chisels and transform a block of natural stone into a beautiful stone sculpture. This craft requires planning and patience, the stone is not easy to shape because of its unpredictability and density.


Create arrowheads and other primitive tools out of stone. This craft can be dangerous, so always wear leather gloves and eye protection. If you know nothing about I advise joining some flintknapping clubs, you can find them online easily.

Letter Carving on Stone

Start with stone letter carving, the quickest and simplest way to make a letter in stone is the V cut. You can use limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, or slate.


Metal Crafts


Metalworking isn’t that hard, there are many easy metalworking projects that are perfect for newbies. You can create a ring, fire pit, a bottle opener, or a knife. After a little practice, you’ll get the skills you need for more demanding projects.


With tools like an anvil, vice, forge, tongs, and coal you can start blacksmithing. Like any other craft, blacksmithing takes repetition and practice, so don’t get discouraged too quickly. Blacksmithing can be great for teens who are looking for traditional crafts.


If you’re new to knifemaking you should get tools like safety glasses, a dust respirator, grinder, drill press, and ball-peen hammer. You will need also oil, blade material, and handle material.


Learn about the science of making and defeating locks. Maybe you think locksmithing is all about forging metal, in reality, it’s also using technology to amplify security systems.



There you have, I hope you have found at least a few crafts for teens. I’m sure that there are more crafts that teens would enjoy, in case you are missing some cool crafts for teens you are welcome to comment your ideas in the comments below.