Hobbies for 12 year olds

Hobbies for 12 year olds (Tween Boys and Girls)

There are a whole bunch of fun hobbies for 12-year-old boys waiting for you on this page. No matter if you are a parent, teacher, or teenager, here you will find activities and hobbies that tweens will enjoy.

Tweens are often bored and have “nothing” to do. So, what can a 12-year-old do when bored at home? They usually like to listen to music, watch or participate in a sport like a basketball.

They have an interest in action sports like snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, and BMXing. Many are playing video games, browsing social media, or watching cartoons and movies.

It is hard because they are not little kids anymore, but they aren’t adults yet either. Old toys are not as fun and they’re not old enough to go places on their own. This is when this list of cool hobbies for tweens will become useful.

Fun hobbies for 12-year-olds

The following list shouldn’t be considered a resource only for those who are looking for activities for boys, girls will enjoy these activities too!

And, please don’t take my age recommendations as set in stone. You should know more about your child’s readiness. Check the below suggestions for hobbies and pick the one that suits you or your tween the most.

Finally, check out my suggestions for hobbies!


Take pictures of the night sky and analyze what you see. It’s relatively easy to get into astronomy, all you will ever need is a simple telescope and some guidance. The cheapest way is to borrow a used telescope from a public place. But if you don’t have that option, you can still buy it online, check some of the best on Amazon.

Play board games

Chess and checkers are not the only board games, there are many more. Usually, these games require a measure of strategy, planning, and thinking to be successful. Board games are a great hobby not just for teenagers but also for kids and the whole family.

Pencil Sketching and Drawing

If you want to improve your creative skills think about sketching or drawing. With sketching, you will develop your ability to pay attention and focus, skills that can be very useful throughout your life and career.


Most of us grew up with Lego. It is one of the largest brands in the world, is instantly recognizable, and has many educational benefits. Lego promotes fine motor skills, encourages teamwork, improves creativity, and develops problem-solving and mathematical thinking.


No matter what kind of equipment or camera you have, you have the potential to become a great photographer. Even a smartphone is enough! Pursuing photography as a hobby can be very inspiring, fulfilling, and relaxing.


Cooking is a series of inventions and experiments that give rise to an extraordinary culinary experience. It can help you develop a number of skills that can be transferred to other areas of life, like patience. I should mention also that this hobby can make you money in many different ways.

Magic Tricks (Learn some card tricks)

If you want to learn magic tricks you can choose from millions of tricks out there for free. You can start in front of the mirror, after that, you can start to perform. Performing magic tricks will boost your confidence and improve your motor skills.

Draw comic strips

In case you like comic strips and like to draw think about that. Drawing comic strips is a way of thinking in itself. It is a way you can express emotions and bring meaning to moments. There are a number of benefits that come with drawing such as visualization, brain development, and concentration improvement.

Film making

Film making requires skills such as writing scripts, learning editing software, coordinating large groups of people, and understanding effective camera angles. Filmmaking can be a hobby for teenagers who don’t have problems with planning and preparation. With filmmaking, you are exposed to worlds, situations, and themes they would never have come across other ways.

Craft hobbies for 12-year-olds

Crafting with paracord

Following is one of the easiest crafts for teens. This is a hobby with very low startup costs. All you need is a paracord and a couple of household items like some kind of lighter and scissors or knife. If you really want to, you can add in a buckle.

Crafting with duct tape

Duct tape is not only useful for household repairs, but it can also be a crafter’s most versatile medium. Available in tons of colors and patterns, there’s a style out there to suit any artist’s palette. Make yourself a Phone Case or Notebook Cover, there are millions of different options.


This is the most exciting of all papercrafts. Many people love the magic of turning a piece of paper into something useful or a toy or a pretty decoration. Origami develops eye-hand co-ordination, maths reasoning, sequencing skills, spatial skills, memory, and patience.

Handprint Crafts

Making handprint crafts is an excellent way for kids to be creative. It is a fun way for parents to preserve precious memories of their growing children. These are also excellent gifts for relatives and friends.

Popsicle sticks crafts

If you have popsicle sticks leftover you can use it to craft picture frames or airplanes and so many teaching games and activities. When kids are bored popsicle stick crafts are a great way to creative.

Keva plank toys

KEVA Planks are cuboid wooden toys for children and teenagers. Each block is sized approximately 1/4 x 3/4  x 4 1/2 inches. This is a teaching tool that can be used to teach subjects including science, math, geography, history, and humanities.

Collecting hobbies for 12-year-olds

Collecting Stamps

Collecting stamps is educational and provides some of the most practical ways of learning geography and history, politics and religion, and the everyday way of life in different parts of the world.

Collecting Coins

You can learn a lot from collecting coins. Collecting coins will get you into history books, iconic individuals, learning about politics, different cultures, and milestone events. This collecting hobby can lead to a whole other passion for learning new things!

Collecting Rocks

If you are interested in rocks, you might like to try to collect them. In fact, you could even learn facts about geology as you search around to add them to your collection.

Collecting Comic Books

If you like superheroes, graphic novels, stories then you would like comic books. If you love to collect and read then you should collect comics. So, later on, you can sell them to do something else with your money.

Collecting Movies Memorabilia

If you are passionate about watching movies and like to collect things you can collect movie memorabilia. Your collection will turn into something that you can enjoy for a long time.

Collecting Dolls/Toys

Toy collections often start out of a real passion for a particular toy like Lego, Dolls, Doctor Who figurines, Polly Pocket, Beanie Babies…the list goes on. Small toys with relative ease to collect but if you want to collect a big range, you will need a spare room for your collection, so think about that.

Collecting Cards

If you are looking for a great hobby and like to watch sports, then you should take look at collecting sports cards. Many fans love collecting memorabilia cards highlighting players from their favorite sports teams. It is a hobby that you can enjoy with friends or family while putting together sets and chasing your favorite cards.

Collecting Sea Shells

Teens who have an interest in nature and biology and like to collect you will also like Sea Shells collecting. As you collect these beautiful natural wonders, your curiosity will lead you to self-education as to the name of the shell, what organism grows in it, how it is classified, and so on. You may want to join clubs and gain new friends who enjoy the same interest.

Science hobbies for 12-year-olds


If you have an interest in going out the night and learn the starry names and patterns overhead then astronomy is a good hobby for you. The more you look and examine, the more you will see and the more you’ll become at home in astronomy. Set your own pace, get a telescope, and delight in the beauty of the amazing universe.


Are you interested in the weather or forecasting? If you love the weather, have a strong ability in math and science, and an interest in the world we live meteorology could be a great hobby.

Scientific Experiments

Teens love educative scientific experiments that will allow them to learn while having fun. Experiment with water tornado in a bottle, try effects of oxidation on metal objects.

Electricity experiments

Experiment with static electricity and electricity flow. Learn about experiments with static electricity, how current electricity flows, and what is happening when they flip a switch. Search the web to find different experiments and check for some educative science toys.


Reading is an incredibly inexpensive hobby that provides so many benefits like provide you with many hours of entertainment. There are millions of books out there, so you should find one or two that match your interests.

Hobbies in nature for 12-year-olds

Outdoor recreation

Outdoors can be exercise, enjoyment, challenge, or opportunity to partake in nature. It is an environment in which teenagers can show what they can do. Think about cycling, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, running, sailing, or skiing. Some boys will enjoy horseback riding or fishing.


Gardening may be a fun way to get in touch with nature and you get to eat the delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you grow. It is an activity that’s good for both the mind and body and can be a good hobby for teens who like to spend time outside. So, grab your tools and get outside!

Recycling Paper

You may think that paper recycling might be left to paper mills, you will be surprised that you can recycle your own paper at home without too much trouble. When doing this you will eliminate junk mail or used printer paper and create something unique at the same time.

Learning Survival Skills

If you like to spend your time outside and like to watch survival shows then you should learn basic survival techniques. Learning how to make fire is one of the most important tasks that you can learn.

Flower Pressing

You can collect flowers from your garden or from the woods and pressing it. Flower pressing can make flowers and leaves turn into something else, It doesn’t take much to make a nice picture.

Performance hobbies for 12-year-olds

Playing a Musical Instrument

Everybody knows the piano, guitar, drums, and trumpet but there are hundreds of different kinds of instruments you can start to learn. Being able to play an instrument has many advantages. While learning a musical instrument you will improve your confidence and ability to focus more.


For teens who like to move their bodies dancing is a great hobby. You can lose yourself in the music and movement which stimulates the mind and improves motoric skills. Many people say that dance is an escape from reality.


Find the backing track of your favorite song and sing over it or just sing along the songs. Singing brings joy to many people, It can also lead to benefits in your emotional, physical, and social health.


If you love storytelling, theatre, and performance with puppets puppetry is for you. Puppetry is great for building confidence, improving communication. Start with making your own puppet and continue with performing at home later you can organize or join some puppet show.

What else you need to know about hobbies for 12-year-olds?

No matter if you are a tween or parent, in this section, you will find some useful tips on how to find hobbies for tweens or teens. First, let’s take a look at good habits that are important.

What habits should 12-year-olds develop?

Develop good study habits. Don’t fall behind in your work. Expect a lot of yourself, especially academically. Be friendly, especially with adults and kids at your school.

You may not always agree with your parents, but keep in mind that they are trying their best to help you.

Be consistent with your hygiene, shower daily, and wash your hair at least every two days.

Exercising daily and eating a nutritious diet so you can keep your weight at a healthy level. Get enough sleep, at least eight hours a night. Avoid fads that you will be sorry for when you are an adult. Here you can find more tips.

How to find ideas for hobbies?

Analyze the tween’s personality and find out if he already participates in any hobby. Ask him what he wants to do and what makes him feel good about himself.

Brainstorm ideas with your tween and have him make an interest list. Search for hobbies you think your tween might like and suggest ideas for hobbies. Search for hobbies based on personality type.

How to create a positive environment for hobbies?

Structure family life to support fun activities and participate in a hobby of your own. Be supportive, even if your tween’s hobbies seem odd. Respect your child changing interests and remember that your tween may not share your hobbies.

How to help your tween follow through?

Provide opportunities for your boy to participate in hobbies and realize that he may be busy. Suggest an activity with friends and don’t force your 12-year-old boy to do any specific hobby.