hobbies for 14 year olds

Hobbies for 14-Year-Olds (Boys and Girls)

No matter if you are a 14-year-old or you want to help a 14-year-old you will find a ton of suggestions for hobbies on this page. Any kind of hobby will greatly enrich a tweens life. Hobbies can teach valuable skills, increase physical activity and social interaction, provide stress relief, and of course be enjoyable!

Teenage age is about building friendships and spending time with peers. So any activity where tween can spend time in a useful way with friends is good. Sport, dancing, music, scouting, a group of friends helping out in a community, or going to a summer camp as an assistant animator for small children could be great fun.

Teenagers often don’t know what interests they have- and it is nothing wrong with that! Support him and let him get better in what he wants to do.

Hobby suggestions for 14-year-olds:

The following are some ideas for 14-year-olds that need some good way to pass the time other than watching TV or playing games.

Girls will enjoy this list too! The following activities shouldn’t be considered only for boys, also, teenagers of all ages who are looking for fun things to do should browse this page as well!

Gain age recommendations with common sense. You will know more about your tween’s readiness. Browse the following suggestions hobby for teenagers and pick the one that suits them the most.

Hobbies that don’t involve screens


Wooden Model Kit – Click on the image and check the price on Amazon

All you need is a small woodshop where you can make cool projects. Something marvelous about this craft is that fine work isn’t limited to talented, seasoned pros with decades of experience. Beginners can make beautiful work, too, even if they don’t know a dovetail’s pin from its tail.

RC car/plane/boat

With improvements in the performance of motors, batteries, and electronics RC models grew substantially from the 2000s. A wide variety of models and styles are available. A radio-controlled model is a steerable model with the use of radio control. All types of model vehicles (cars, boats, planes, helicopters, and scale railway locomotives) have RC systems installed in them. “Radio Controller” gives you a great hobby for indoor or outdoor.

Kite Making

Making a kite is an easy craft project you can finish in one afternoon. All you need are two sticks, string, a bag, and scissors and you have a kite! Kites are fun to make and fly and are a great hobby for 14-year-olds.


Back in the day, yoyos were known to be two circular discs attached together with a piece of string in between. But today, they are now equipped with metal and even ceramic bearings, lights, and sounds. Start yoyoing, it can be a fun indoor hobby!

Try out cooking

Take a break from the TV, turn off your phone, and avoid other distractions so you have a real chance to connect with the person you’re sharing a meal with. By avoiding screens and eating with others, you’ll also help to avoid mindless overeating. The simple process of cooking at home can be empowering and improve your mood and self-esteem. It is very practical, women love a man that can cook and it could open doors for your future.

Writing stories/poems/songs

Read books and blog posts on writing, take classes, ask authors questions. Observe what’s going on around you. Snippets of conversation you overheard, the car you witnessed going the wrong way down the freeway during rush hour, all these could spark a story. The best writers are sharp observers.


Want to feed the hungry, tutor kids or deliver medicine to the elderly? You can even volunteer at an animal shelter. Look for organizations that will help you find a great place to volunteer! Even if you already volunteer, search on and you’ll find chances that you didn’t know existed.

Learn an instrument

Playing a musical instrument has many benefits. If you play the guitar you might be interested in BandWorks. They place kids with similar music taste and skill levels together and help them to perform songs, sometimes they have even a final performance.

Learn a language

People who speak more than one language have better memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, increased concentration, the potential to multitask, and better listening skills. The many cognitive benefits of learning languages are obvious.

If you speak more than one language you will have the chance to engage with the world in a more instant and relevant way. In today’s interconnected and interdependent world, proficiency in other languages is an essential skill.

Start painting/drawing

What do you need to start drawing? Only two things: a stack of printing paper and a pencil or a ballpoint pen. After you have the equipment, the first thing you need to learn is seeing the world as angles and shapes.

Through the use of different colors, you can express yourself without the use of words. This hobby can help you communicate your feelings. Therapeutic benefits, creativity, concentration, and perseverance. It is never too early or too late to start painting, unleash your creativity, and start today.


Skateboarding takes time, dedication, and some guts, hardly anyone learns this at day one. On your first day, you’ll do nothing more than just practice balance and perhaps a short ride. The basics of skateboarding are keeping your balance and enjoying yourself. This comes with trial and error. First, get the right gear for learning to skate, after that learn to stand on the board.

Join organized group

I wish I would have joined more organized group stuff when I was your age. Clubs at school, swimming team, baseball, stuff that I actually liked instead of what I thought I was supposed to like. Benefits: Meeting new people, learning new skills, Getting better at time management, Gaining experience that could help you in the future, Improving confidence


Get some free lessons from bowling centers and join a league. Bowling is a fantastic activity no matter what your motive. It’s perfect for unwinding and spending quality time with family and friends, while on the other end of the spectrum, league and tournament bowling are competitive and exciting.

Hobbies that involve screens

Learn something new

You may have heard that the brain is like a muscle, so just like other muscles, you have to work out the brain by learning new things. A few decades ago, when you wanted to learn something new, it meant spending a couple of evenings at a local school and taking a class. But today with the entire world of knowledge just a few clicks away, it has never been easier than it is right now to learn something new every day.


Try genres and authors you don’t know, find the once you like, and follow them. You will expand your vocabulary and imagination, and develop skills that will last for a whole life. With books, you can do no wrong. The following are books that a lot of 14 olds enjoy: The Bumblebee Flies Anyway, The Chocolate War, Johnny Got His Gun, Watership Down.

Learn how to code

Try to learn to program. It’s one of the most useful skills to have in our society. Start off with python in codeacademy. Learn different software since you have a pc. Try taking up programming, not only is it a great time-sink but you can turn it into a very profitable career.


If you only have a cell phone camera, you have what you need in order to take great photos. To start with photography go outside with a camera for an hour, take some shots of anything, people, landscape, plants, animals. Come home, load it up on your computer, and start with designing.


Hobbies that don’t involve screens

Hobbies in nature for 14-year-olds

Go for walks

Walking keeps our bodies and minds healthy, giving us a breather from the stresses of daily life and the space to gather our thoughts. Exploring open countryside also brings us closer to nature, giving us time to notice how the raindrops cling to a spider’s web or listen to the wind in the trees.


Turn off the video games. It’s time for a different kind of fun-fishing. With just a bit of gear, a fishing license, and the information, you’ll be able to get on the water and try yourself at catching some fish by this weekend. What are you waiting for? Put up the bats, balls, and other stuff.


Move by your own two feet and carrying only what you need for the day on your back, you can discover the beauty of nature at whatever pace you’re comfortable with. You don’t need any specific skills to hike, you just need to be able to walk and have some orientation. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in nature, get a good workout in, and recharge your batteries. Hiking is a wonderful way to relax in the outdoors.


Find a club where you can take lessons from a live person, as this is the best way to learn. Then pick the right equipment and find a bow that fits you well. You’ll also want to try out different angles and target types, master the basics, and practice as often as you can when you first get started.

Archery requires skills of precision, focus, control, repetition, and determination. It is available to be practiced by all, no matter age, ability, or gender, and is a widespread pastime.


Exercising while socializing, focusing while relaxing, challenging while calming. Golf is a sport that is suitable for all ages and all abilities and is renowned for bringing people together. Playing golf is great fun, but also offers a wide range of mental and physical benefits like mental well-being and reducing stress and anxiety.


Soccer is a fun and competitive game. It is the most widely played sport in the world. Some people called it “the beautiful game” because of its shining mixture of team play, technical skill, and individual contribution.

What else you need to know about hobbies for 14-year-olds?

If the tween doesn’t know his interests yet, he should be the one looking for a hobby.

As a parent, you would ideally like him to find a hobby that he can develop some expertise.

So, if you want to help to find an activity use some below insight to help your tween to explore their interests and find their perfect hobby.

What habits should 14-year-olds develop?

Develop good study habits. Don’t fall behind in your work. Expect a lot of yourself, especially academically. Be friendly, especially with adults and kids at your school that are quiet and have few friends.

Keep in mind that parents are trying their best to help you reach adulthood as a happy person.

Shower daily and wash your hair at least every three days. Keep your weight at a healthy level. Exercising daily, eat a nutritious diet, and get enough sleep. Avoid fads that you will be sorry for when you are an adult like tattoos or piercings.

How to find ideas for hobbies?

Analyze tween’s personality and find out if he already participates in any hobby. Ask him what he wants to do and what makes him feel good about themselves.

Brainstorm ideas with tween and have him make an interest list. Search for hobbies you think he might like and suggest ideas for an activity, check more hobbies for tweens.

How to create a positive environment for hobbies?

Structure family life to support hobbies and participate in a hobby of your own. Be supportive, even if your tween’s hobbies seem odd. Respect his changing interests and remember that your child may not share your hobbies.

How to help 14-year-olds follow through?

Provide opportunities for your tween to participate in hobbies and realize that your 14-year-old boy may be busy. Suggest an activity with friends and don’t force him to do any specific hobby.