20 Fun Indoor Hobbies For Teenagers (Guys and Girls)

Which indoor hobbies are best for teenagers? If you are looking for indoor hobbies for teens you have come to the right place.

In the past, I have already written about hobbies for teenagers and I have realized that many of you are interested in indoor hobbies. In this post, you will find many indoor hobbies that boys and girls will love.

But first, let me give you some ideas on how to find the right indoor hobby for yourself.

How to find the right hobby as a teenager?

Finding a hobby shouldn’t be too hard, but if you struggle to find the right activity, follow the below suggestions.

  • find a hobby that will make you feel confident,
  • choose a hobby that will make you forget about your day,
  • search for hobbies with a friend,
  • remember your past hobbies,
  • and choose a hobby that’s totally different from your previous hobbies.

What is the best indoor hobby for teens?

There is no best indoor hobby for teenagers. Every teenager is different, some likes to spend time reading books others like to play video games.

Many teens enjoy board games, learning an instrument, being with friends, using social media, playing board games, listening to music, and watching movies.

Because there are many things you can do when spending time indoors, it can be difficult to choose one, this is why I made the following list.

List of Indoor Hobbies For Teenagers

Board games

Board games are fun and beneficial, especially for teens. Don’t know where to start? Monopoly, Guess Who, Scrabble, Catan, and Battleship are classics.

Apples to Apples, Card Against Humanity, and Unstable Unicorns are some of the most popular at the moment.

You can even make your own board game, all you need is a little bit of imagination and inspiration.

Yoga & Meditation

Searching for relaxing indoor hobbies? Try out yoga and meditation. Yoga is the fusion between the body and mind, however, you can find many types of yoga. You have probably heard about Kundalini Yoga or Vinyasa Yoga.

Are you interested? Read more about yoga and meditation, search for some yoga classes in your area and enroll for your first session.

Reading books

What book is the last book that you read? If you don’t know you probably don’t read a lot, but if your answer is Harry Potter you should read more books.

I suggest Stephen Chbosky and his classic The Perks of Being a Wallflower. In case you are looking for more classic pieces of literature, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien is also a perfect choice.

Listening to Music

Another good indoor hobby for teenagers is listening to music, music can give perspective and lift you up, and it’s a good hobby for winter or summer days.

When I was a teenager I use to listen to music all the time, my favorite band was Red Hot Chili Peppers and my favorite composer was Frank Zappa.

Learning an Instrument

The most popular instruments among teens are the piano and guitar, but you can choose any you want, maybe a trumpet will be the best for you.

Take classes from experienced teachers or learn on your own. If you stay patient and practice every day I guarantee you will develop your skills very well.


If you are a teen who loves to spend time with animals, fishkeeping could be the right indoor hobby for you. Are you interested to keep fish as a pet? If your answer is “Yes” then you should get one.

Before you buy your first fish just make sure to learn about fishkeeping; watch videos for beginner fishkeepers, read books and online forums.


There are only two types of people; those who play chess and those who don’t play chess. If you belong to the first group don’t ever give up and keep on playing chess.

There has never been easier to find someone to play chess with, all you really need is a computer or smartphone, and an installed chess app.

In case you don’t play chess find another enjoyable indoor hobby, maybe drawing is more suitable for you.


You may think that you can’t draw but you can learn to draw no matter if you are talented or not. Draw something realistic, draw something symbolic, or expressive.

Draw something beautiful or draw something ugly. Use your imagination and draw an object and give it a face or draw an alternate cover to your favorite music album. Did you know that drawing relieves stress and increases wellness?


Are you interested in writing? Do you like telling stories? Do you like photography? Blogging is another good indoor hobby for teens.

It’s also a cheap hobby to start with, you can start on the platform blogger which is totally free. On the other side, your blog can even make you money, there are many ad networks that can help you with that.

Weight lifting

Did you know that 3% of the population lift weights as a hobby? This is probably because weightlifting can help to lose weight and save the joints from injury.

If you want to work on your body think about weightlifting. You don’t even need dumbbells to start, you can use a plastic container with water or a bottle of laundry detergent.


People write for many purposes, some write to inform, others to entertain. Some start writing because they want to explain something or persuade someone.

If you are romantic start handwriting, if you don’t want to waste a ton of paper I suggest keyboarding. If you don’t have the patience for writing find another indoor hobby.

Candle Making

When my friends are coming over and I want the apartment to smell extra clean I usually burn candles.

Last winter I also got myself a candle-making kit and started to make them on my own and I have realized that candle-making is one of the most fun hobbies to do indoors.

Are you interested to make your own candles? It’s not hard to learn how to make candles; to start you’ll need wax, a wick, and a container. After you have all the equipment watch a guide on how to make candles at home.


I’m a huge cheese lover, how about you? Did you ever think about making your own cheese at home? In case you are searching for indoor craft hobbies think about cheesemaking.

Don’t know where to start? If you search online you will find cheese-making kits with all equipment, ingredients, and recipes.

Find some virtual cheese-making classes, learn everything about making cheese and start with cheesemaking.


The next indoor hobby for teenagers is juggling. Why would teenagers learn juggling? Juggling can boost focused concentration, hand-eye coordination, goal-setting skills, and problem-solving skills.

I can’t see a good reason why teenagers wouldn’t juggle as a hobby. What are you waiting for, start to juggle and engage both sides of your brain at the same time!


Are you fascinated by planets, stars, and space? Learn about the laws of physics in space, and start mapping celestial bodies. Start examining terrain, and materials in space, or start searching for life outside Earth.

Astronomy is an outdoor hobby but you can also observe planets indoors as well, especially if you have a good telescope.


Do you know what makes a good photo? Lighting is very important, also lines shapes, textures, and patterns. If you have a passion for art and design think about photography, it’s a hobby that can teach you a lot.

To make great photography you’ll need to develop good creative and technical skills, you’ll learn how to communicate and how to work under pressure.

Plant Care

Do you like plants? You probably know many plants that you can grow and take care of indoors. I’m thinking about Aloe vera, Spider plant, Money Tree, and many others.

Are you interested to take care of plants? You can do it, just make sure to choose plants based on your light, be sensible when watering, and provide the right soil.

Take Online Lessons

I love to learn something new every day, if you are like me online lessons are for you. Skillshare and Udemy are two of the most popular platform where you can learn many skills.

What lessons you can find? You can learn languages, how to play the guitar, how to take better photographs, and many more. Do you want to learn how to brew beer? You will find that kind of lesson as well.

Make Videos

If you like telling stories, you can tell them through video. Video is the most mighty and flexible medium to engage with your audience. With the new technology, it’s getting easier and easier to take videos these days.

Find topics to create videos on and shoot the best video you can. In the beginning, you don’t need a high-quality camera, you can start with your smartphone. If you want to make intros and outros use video editing software, many are free.

How do I find a hobby when nothing interests me?

In case you still haven’t found the best indoor hobby for teens I suggest browsing the list once again, maybe you have overlooked any interesting activity.

If nothing interests you just go for a walk into nature or try out different sports. Play guitar, paint, or draw, just try different hobbies every day until you find something that interest you.