Hobbies for Tweens

50 Hobbies for Tweens (10 to 14-Year-Old Boys and Girls)

Do you want to find some good hobbies for tweens? Well, this post won’t change your life but it will suggest some ideas for hobbies that tweens might like.

As a tween, it can be stressful when looking for hobbies, there are so many things you still have to experience, so you can’t really know what you like and what you don’t. This post can help you with some suggestions…after you browse this list you will get some ideas, choose one hobby and try it. Check hobbies for teenagers as well.

As a parent, you should think about this too, but don’t force your suggestions, let your tween make the final pick. A hobby should be a fun activity and everybody should enjoy it while doing it.

So, let’s start this list of hobbies for tweens.

Hobbies for 10-Year-Olds

The following are my picks for ten-year-olds. These are just a few hobby suggestions, you might want to check other hobbies in this list as well, they are all good for tweens.


Lego bricks are one of the most popular hobbies for kids, even the tweens still enjoy it, it is a great pastime even for adults.

There are numerous different themes you can choose from, you will also find lego sets that will allow tweens to build and design robots.

So, lego bricks can introduce to coding and programming, as you know, these are desirable skills today.

Play Frisbee

If you are a tween who likes to spend time outside get yourself a frisbee and have fun with your friend.

It is a cheap hobby that you can start today, it will improve your motor skills and relax you at the same time.

This is also a great hobby for dog lovers, frisbee is a great solution if you’re running out of ideas on what to do with your dog in your free time.

Your dog will be more than happy about a new game with this wonderful flying toy.

Polymer Clay

Polymer clay is a fun and versatile crafting material that tweens can use to make different crafting projects.

Once you learn the basics you will find that there are countless things you can do with it. It can be used to make practical things like pencil holders or picture frames.

It’s versatile so you can use it to craft even jewelry and other ornaments, so, if you are inspired you should find it online and start your new hobby.

Comic Books

When I was a tween I used to read Asterix and Superman comic books, for me it was great reading to relax after a hard school day.

If you are a tween who likes to read I suggest that you do the same, you will realize that today you have many more comic books to choose from.

Maybe you should go with Owly, Scooby-Doo Team-Up, or Tiny Titans. These are only three suggestions, you should never stop searching for fresh comic books.

The best way to find new ones is by finding new resources like this one.

String Art

String art is an excellent project for tweens and doesn’t require any specific skills or equipment.

All you need is a piece of wood, linoleum nails, embroidery floss,
tape, and an image for outlining. The only tools you will ever need are a hammer and scissors.

You will be surprised how easy it is to achieve a nice-looking finished product, that can be used as a gift as well.

Build a Model Dollhouse

The next hobby is for tweens who like to build things. There are many things you could build and one of them is a dollhouse.

Many tween girls will enjoy this hobby, there are many different designs to choose from and you can get them for a reasonable and cheap price.

In case you are inspired, check dollhouses online and choose the one you like the most, it can be a great birthday present as well.

Hobbies for 11-Year-Olds

The following are my picks for eleven-year-olds. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, you should find one for yourself. But if you don’t find it in this section you should check the rest of this article.

Learn How To Skateboard

Skateboarding is for tweens who love to spend their free time outside. It is also a great hobby for those who are looking to find cool physical activity.

It is not only physical exercise, skateboarding is also a popular subculture that has a lot to do with music, urban lifestyle, and other artistic activities, like making videos.

After watching this video everyone wants to start this cool hobby, but it is not something that you can learn overnight, it takes a lot of work and dedication.

Flower Pressing

This is a great hobby for tweens who like to spend time in nature and want to get to know different flowers.

Go on fresh air, search for flowers you like, and take it with you in your apartment, press it with old books you don’t need any more.

In the end, you will get a great ornament to hang on your wall or a beautiful handmade gift for your family or friend.


For tweens who love music, singing might come naturally, all you need is your body and desire to use your voice as an instrument.

Turn on your radio, choose your favorite song and try to sing along, you could even use backing tracks, you can find those even for free.

But if you want to take your singing to a higher level you should find some great online singing classes.

Collect Things

Many tweens are collectors, when I was 11 years old I used to collect seashells, rocks, comic books, sports cards.

There are numerous things you can collect, you can start with Hotwheel cars or your favorite magazine.

If you end up with a unique collection you can even make money out of it. You will be surprised that some items from the past are worth a lot of money today.

Hobbies for 12-Year-Olds

The following hobbies aren’t only for 12-year-olds, every tween is different, so you should know best what is the right hobby for you or for your tween.

Learn Origami

Origami is a great hobby for tweens who have no problems sitting behind the table.

There are numerous figures that you can make with only a paper, it is a perfect thing to do if you are looking for something you can start right away.

Search online and you’ll be able to find many tutorials that will explain the entire process of making different things for all kinds of purposes.

Upcycle Something

Upcycling is a great hobby for tweens who want to live in a zero-waste environment.

I am sure that you have many products that you don’t use any more,
look around yourself and upcycle everything you can.

In your tween ages, you will outgrow your toys, clothes, or furniture, don’t throw them out, upcycle and use these in some other way.

Plant a Garden

The following hobby is for tweens who enjoy learning about nature and how to benefit from it.

If your family has a back yard ask your parents to give you a piece of land and grow some plants over there.

You could even grow your plants on your window shelf or on the balcony, you will be surprised how fun can be to grow your own plants.

Start a Penpal Relationship

Do you love to write? Well, you could start a penpal relationship, you could do it in an old fashion way or just find a new friend online.

After you have someone to exchange your daily thoughts with, write her a letter and take it to the post office, it could be a fun and knowledgeable experience.

If you don’t want to spend any money just write an email and send it to your new penpal, you could send your writings even through some other online platform.

Learn A New Language

This is the perfect time to learn a new language. If you are serious you should check some online classes, but if you are learning for fun you can do it even while watching TV.

In case if you prefer to learn in the classroom you will have to search for services in your local community.

Here is an alternative…search for some movie or TV program in your preferred language and find the meanings of the words you don’t know in the online dictionary.

But this is not the most effective way to learn languages, for those who are more serious about learning, I would definitely recommend language classes.

Do a 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

The next one is for tweens who love brain games. 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle will occupy your mind and give you a nice challenge.

Jigsaw puzzles are great for your memory and may improve your problem-solving abilities and it is a great mental exercise.

Your IQ will not jump from 100 to 190 just because puzzle solving but having this hobby may impact your grades in a good way.

Learn How To Bake

Baking is not only for tween girls, but also tween boys can learn to bake something. So, learn how to make cake pops or candy.

Search online and find recipes and tutorials, if you cant find ingredients try to improvise or make something else.

But be careful, make sure that your parents know what you are doing, just in case if something goes wrong so they can help, you don’t want to burn your kitchen.

Check more hobbies for 12-year-olds.

Hobbies for 13-Year-Olds

Like I mention before every tween is different, you know best what is the right hobby for you. I had to organize these hobbies somehow and I thought that the following hobbies should be a great fit for 13-year-olds.

Make Jewelry

The next one is one of the craft hobbies that tweens usually enjoy, especially tween girls. If you like the idea watch some videos on YouTube to get some inspiration.

Make bracelets and other jewelry for yourself, your family, or friends. By picking up this hobby you could end up with a great handmade gift for your best friend.

You will need to have some tools and equipment to craft nice jewelry, there are online stores that can provide you with real cheap
jewelry making gear.

Read Something

Go to a library and borrow a book, read when you have some free time. Make sure you return ti in time so you don’t have to pay an extra fee.

Search online and download an ebook, get it on your smartphone and take it with you every time you leave your place, so you can read it even when on the bus.

Go to the shop and buy your favorite magazine or search online and find great websites with enjoyable and readable content.

Read as much as you can, especially in times when you have free time to spend.

Learn How To Crochet

I know, it may seem that crochet is from the other century but the truth is that many people these days do this as a hobby.

Crochet will relax you after a hard day in school and get you great handmade products. After you learn the basic skills you will find that you can do it even while watching TV.

In case you don’t know where to start, search online and you will find many great ideas and resources like this one.

Go For A Swim

You will hardly find a tween who doesn’t like to swim. It is a wonderful hobby that everyone in the family can participate in.

It is a pretty cheap hobby as well, all you will ever need for swimming is a swimsuit and swimming googles.

You can do it in the summer or in the winter. So, after you have done your homework find some swimming pool in your area and go for a swim sometimes.

Learn How To Cook

If traditional cooking doesn’t interest you learn how to make pizza from scratch and you can be creative with that.

You will find a ton of recipes and even tutorials to help you with preparing a meal. Think about it as a surprise for your family, I am sure that your mother will be very proud of your first cooking project.

So, start your new hobby in the kitchen and make sure you don’t burn anything down.

Learn How To Play Tennis

Invite your friend to join you and have fun together while playing tennis. For tweens who like to play individual sports, tennis is a great hobby.

You don’t even need a lot of gear, all you need is tennis shoes, a racket, and a tennis court.

Many tennis clubs also offer to borrow the equipment, just find the nearest tennis club, go there, or call and check what do they offer.

Check more hobbies for 13-year-olds.

Hobbies for 14-Year-Olds

There are so many different hobbies you can start with as a 14-year-old tween. The following are just a few suggestions you could consider if you are on the lookout for your new hobby. Don’t stop searching until you find something that interests you.

Start a Blog

Blogging is a great hobby for tweens who like to write and share their ideas with peers and other followers who share the same interests.

It is a cheap hobby that you can start right now, all you need is a computer and internet connection.

Starting a blog will improve your writing skills and give new knowledge that you will be able to use in your future life.

Learn a Musical Instrument

Every tween likes to listen to music, but those who really enjoy every tone should pick up some music-related hobby.

Learning any musical instrument is beneficial but it’s not something you can learn overnight.

Learning an instrument is not extremely expensive but it can cost some money. When first starting I suggest watching free online tutorials and borrowing instruments.

After realizing this is the right hobby for you then you should take music classes and buy your own musical instrument like piano, guitar or piano.

Start a Vlog

These days many tweens start their vlog, it is like a blog, the only difference is that with vlog you will create video content.

If you enjoy making and editing videos this should be a great hobby for you. Vlogging will provide a great platform for you to connect with others and make new friends.

Along the way, you will learn many different skills that can come in handy in your future career.

Get Into Yoga

Yoga is a good exercise for anybody, from kids and tweens to seniors, everyone can benefit from this great hobby.

In case you realize that you have problems focusing on school topics, I suggest you start doing yoga every day for fifteen minutes.

These simple exercises can help you with your physical and mental health, most importantly it can help you with your school tasks.

Research your Family Tree

This can be a hobby for tweens who have an interest in history and want to know their family better.

Start a conversation with your relatives and learn everything about your ancestors, where they came from, who they were, and what happened to them.

Search your basement and go through old documents and photos. Visit the local archives and library. Search online and visit genealogy websites.

Start a Band

Do you like listening to good music, do you play a musical instrument yourself? Maybe you should start your own band.

If you have friends that play a musical instrument you shouldn’t have problems finding your musical soulmates.

Maybe you have no musicians in your network. Don’t let this stop you, use other strategies to find your bandmates, try with social media.

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Other Things That Tweens Can Do When Bored

  • Watch and collect live specimens
  • Watch Youtube tutorials and learn something new
  • Organize your family’s photo albums
  • Create a Pinterest board
  • Join a Krav Maga class
  • Take an online class
  • Learn how to sew
  • Purge your closet
  • Start a scrapbook
  • Write to a celebrity
  • Think of a business idea
  • Research your dream career
  • Pick up a hobby that don’t involve screens

Did I miss something?

These are just a few hobbies for tweens, I know there are much more hobbies that tweens would enjoy.

Still, don’t know how to find your hobby? Figuring out your personality type will also help you to find the right hobby for yourself.

In this post you will find many hobbies organized by personality types, so when choosing your hobby think about that as well.