20 Fun Outdoor Hobbies For Teenagers (Guys and Girls)

Do you have trouble finding outdoor hobbies for teenagers? Are you asking yourself which outdoor hobbies are best for teens?

Well, you have landed in the right place.

In the previous posts, I have already written about hobbies for teens and I have realized that many of you are interested in outdoor hobbies.

This is why you’ll find a lot of fun, active, and relaxing outdoor hobbies for teens in this specific post.

But first, let me give you some ideas on how to find the right hobby.

How to find the right hobby as a teenager?

Finding a hobby isn’t as hard as it may seem, but if you’re having a hard time finding the right hobby for yourself, consider the below suggestions.

  • search for different hobbies every day,
  • choose a hobby that will make you feel alive,
  • rethink your past hobbies,
  • search for hobbies with your best friend,
  • try something that’s completely different from your previous hobbies,
  • stop asking which hobbies are the best for teens.

Which Outdoor Hobbies Are Best For Teenagers?

Unfortunately, there is no best outdoor hobby for teens. Every teenager is different, some like sports others prefer gardening.

Many of them enjoy cycling, basketball, photography, and spending time with friends.

Because there are numerous things you can do when spending time outdoors it’s hard to pick something, that’s why I made the following list, to make your decisions easier.

List of Outdoor Hobbies For Teenagers


Can you tell a difference between canoeing and kayaking? The main difference is that canoes use different paddling techniques than kayaks.

Kayaks are paddled with a double-sided paddle that allows kayakers to alternate paddling on both sides.

If you’re looking for an outdoor hobby that will allow you to work out and enjoy nature at the same time choose kayaking.


Did you know that regular jogging helps to develop stronger bones? Running has a lot of positive effects, after all, it can also put a smile on your face.

Start with a simple run around the park. After a week or two start increasing the distance and pace. After a month you will be able to run a long distance, maybe I’m too optimistic, but I’m sure it’s possible.


Are you looking for cool physical activity? Congratulations, you have found skateboarding.

It’s a well-liked subculture that has a lot to do with an urban lifestyle, good music, and other arts like graffiti and fashion.

Skateboarding takes a lot of patience, dedication, and work, so don’t expect to learn how to skateboard overnight.

Horseback Riding

Are you a hippophile? Not sure what hippophile means? If you love horses think about horseback riding.

Did you know that riding a horse can have an antidepressant effect? It also requires full-body engagement.

Horseback riding is physically and mentally challenging, It can take years to become a good rider.

Roller Skating

Rollerskating may seem difficult, but many teens master the skill pretty fast. After learning how to stop on roller skates the real fun begins.

Roller skating is an active way to boost your mood! Just make sure that you wear safety gear such as helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads.


Do you want to learn about plants? If you’re doing this for the first time I suggest that you read any helpful guide.

Getting dirty, digging, harvesting, and eating healthy, gardening is a creative outdoor hobby and an excellent way to get healthier.

Grow lettuce, green beans, peas, radishes, carrots, or any other vegetable. With the right attitude, you can become self-sufficient with vegetables in a short amount of time!


Did you know that more than ten percent of Americans cycle on a regular basis? Are you one of them or do you prefer to sit behind the screen?

Cycling is a great way to exercise and travel distance at the same time. Call your best friend and go to his place by bike.

You can cycle alone or with your friends, just make sure to ride safely, follow road traffic regulations, and always use a helmet.


You don’t have to spend money on the telescope, just look up. The longer you look, the more you’ll discover.

If you’re lucky you’ll be able to observe stars from your garden, but it might not be the perfect place.

Move out of town and find a dark spot in the countryside. You will find many amazing places that are just perfect for stargazing.

Butterfly Watching

Are you fascinated by butterflies? Butterflying isn’t as popular as birding, but it’s a better hobby if you don’t like to wake up so early.

You may be surprised, but there are many clubs devoted to this great summer outdoor activity. Want to know more? Visit the North American Butterfly Association website.

Interested but don’t know where to start? Search the net and find handbooks and checklists which will help when starting.


Photography is something that anyone can get into, these days you don’t need a professional camera to make quality pictures.

Experiment with several photography types and expand your skill set, try sports or architectural photography.

Do you like telling stories? Maybe photojournalism is the right hobby for you, it’s a way of telling a story through photographs.

If you like fashion then fashion photography is the right choice, start a fashion website and showcase your photography to the world audience.


Did you know that the use of bow and arrow was developed approximately 70,000 years ago in Africa?

Is this just a boring fact to you or does this fact spark an interest in you? Archery can be a relaxing hobby that is easy to learn, but very hard to perfect.

Bows aren’t so expensive, it usually costs between $100 to $200. If you decide to start with archery you’ll probably improve your focus and patience.


The main point of golf is to reconcile the ball in the hole with the fewest strokes. You may think that golf is an expensive hobby to play because of the cost of the golf kit.

But there are ways to play golf for free. One option is to take a part-time job on a golf course, this way you’ll get free golf for sure.


Basketball is a good active outdoor or indoor hobby for teens and adults. It’s one of the greatest ways to exercise and have fun with friends at the same time.

Invite your peers to a basketball court, make two teams and have fun. Don’t forget,

the whole point of the game is to put the ball inside the basket and prevent the opposing team from doing the same, it’s that simple.


Are you looking for a unique way to move around? Consider longboarding, by the way, it’s much faster than walking.

The wheels of a longboard are large and soft, which means you’ll have faster and smoother rides.

Longboarding is a fun outdoor hobby that is very popular among teenagers, especially in Los Angeles.


I can spend hours alone throwing frisbees back and forth and it’s never boring, for those who like to throw frisbees with friends there are flying disc games.

By the way, have you heard about disc golf? It’s a game based on the rules of golf, for more visit the Professional Disc Golf Association website.

I bet you have heard about Ultimate Freebie, there are also Canine Discs, Guts, and more. Flying disc games are playful, competitive, challenging, and have great dynamics.

On the other hand, It’s fun to play frisbee alone as well.


I don’t play tennis very well, probably because I never mastered my serve. Do you wanna try tennis? Search for the closest tennis court, rent the rackets, and book a court for one hour.

Invite a friend and practice backhand and forehand together. Tennis is a great active outdoor hobby that you need to try, probably your serves will be better than mine.


Do you want an active outdoor hobby? I suggest slacklining. Actually, it’s nothing new, It’s similar to tightrope walking,

but slackline webbing is more stretchy, more dynamic, and broader. It’s similar to straps that are used in the transportation industry.

If you’re looking for moving meditation and balance training, slacklining is a good choice.

How do I find a hobby when nothing interests me?

If you still haven’t found the best outdoor hobby for teens you have probably overlooked many interesting activities. I suggest browsing the list once again, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting.

If you went through the list twice and still haven’t found the right hobby just go for a walk into nature or try out different sports.

Find a peaceful outdoor place and paint something, play guitar, draw a tree, or just try different things until you find something that interest you.