Hobbies That You Can Practice Anywhere

Everyone can find thousands of hobby ideas on internet, but in this post, you will find only hobbies that you can do anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home, outside, at school, at work, on a train, any place can become boring sometimes. So, it’s nice to always have something to do, no matter where you are. In this post, you will find many hobbies that you can practice anywhere.

How To Find Hobbies That You Can Do Anywhere?

Analyze what interests you and what takes up your free time, try to figure out what you value most, and be aware of your skills and personality. This way you’ll find the hobby you are looking for more quickly.

Another way to find the right hobby is to look back to what you loved as a child and take a class in what you loved. You can also visit a craft store or hardware store and get some good hobby ideas over there.

A good way is to visit your local library but the easiest way to find hobbies that you can practice anywhere is to browse the below list.

List of Hobbies You Can do Anywhere


Yoyoing is a wonderful hobby that you can practice anywhere. Yoyo is a very inexpensive toy that you can just put in your pocket and take it anywhere. With yoyo, you’ll never be bored again when you wait for your train and have nothing to do.


It simple nine-by-nine grid, it is Sudoku. But it’s not just another numbers game, it’s one of the most popular numbers games in the world. You can solve Sudoku while waiting at the airport or in your bed, while having fun with solving you will improve concentration and boosts your logical thinking.


Crossword puzzles are one of the most popular hobbies that people do in their free time. Solving crossword puzzles will help you to enhance your term knowledge and analytical thinking. Buy your crossword magazine and bring it with you anywhere you go, many people solve crosswords at night just before they go to sleep. There are numerous online crosswords available as well.


There are countless reasons to learn juggling, it’s fun, it gives you a physical workout, and entertains other people at the same time. You can juggle anywhere and don’t need a lot to get started, you can just use old tennis balls, oranges, or anything else.


There are only a few techniques that make up the fundamentals of knitting. If you master at least one technique you’ll have a wonderful hobby that you can practice anywhere. At the same time, you’ll be able to produce handmade gifts for your friends or family.

Knot Tying

You only need two feet of rope and you have a hobby, you can tie knots. Knot tying is a wonderful puzzle to work through, and you can do it anywhere. So next time when you leave your home don’t forget to put a small rope in your pocket, or you can use the one from your hoodie.


If you love to create illusions performing magic can be a great way to impress your friends. You can do magic at almost any place, whether is it while spending time outside or when you’re alone in the car. Use books to learn new tricks, begin with tricks using everyday items.


While on the go use your smartphone to take some photos. Go to the beach or someplace you have never been before and make beautiful landscape pictures or take pictures of your room. Taking pictures will teach you how to be creative and give you the opportunity to meet new people.


Read a book or magazine article, after all, read tweets, websites articles, or blogs. Read wherever you are, in a restaurant, during the movie, or on the train. Stress and countless other issues will just slip away when you lose yourself in a great reading.

Rubik’s Cube

If you don’t already own Rubik’s cube you should get one. It’s the 3-D combination puzzle invented by a professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. While solving Rubik’s cube you may improve patience, reflexes, and memory. Play with your Rubik’s cube when you are alone or when you’re with friends and family.


“Should I Stay Or Should I Go” and “Ring Of Fire” are two of many easy singing songs that you can sing anywhere. Singing is good for your mind and your body, sing when in the car and sing when you’ve stressed, singing is known to be a stress reliever.

Playing Music

Sure you can’t bring a violoncello all the time with you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play music anywhere. Some small instrument that goes in the pocket would be better, like a harmonica. There you go, playing harmonica is a nice hobby that you can practice anywhere.


Always bring the sketchbook and pencil with you so you can sketch anywhere, right after you get the idea. Sketching has the power to transform your creative life. If you use a smartphone consider drawing and painting apps as well.


Do you like Star Wars and other science fiction movies? If your answer is Yes then you should think about worldbuilding. Construct an imaginary world, this is what worldbuilding is about. You can build worlds anywhere, in your bed, while waiting on food, or even in the woods.


Take five minutes of your day for yourself, you can do it anywhere, all you need is a simple relaxation strategy. It’s not that hard, you can do it right now. Ready? Breathe it out, release physical tension, connect to nature, and relax.


With a little practice and patience, anyone can beatbox. Use your mouth, throat, and nose and start crafting music, probably you’ll need some time to master the skill, the good thing is that you can practice anywhere and at any time.

Playing Cards

If you are bringing the deck of cards always with you, then you can play with cards anywhere at any time. It’s an inexpensive way to spend free time and keep the mind occupied. Learn to perform tricks with cards, so other people can benefit from your hobby as well.


Just sit with your feelings and thoughts and do nothing, you can meditate any time you want and anywhere you want. While meditating you’ll train awareness which will offer you the potential to transform your view on life.


Planking is an unusual hobby that you can do anywhere, actually the more odd place you choose the better. Planking is an act of lying in a face-down position, creative players always find the most original location. You can also take a photo and share on social media your style of planking.


If you like listening to rap music then you should try to rap yourself as well. The best thing about rapping is that you actually don’t need anything to do it and you can do it anywhere. The only thing you need is your voice, sense for the rhythm, and a little creativity.

Hobbies You Can Do On Your Smartphone

Nowadays we carry our phones everywhere we go and there are numerous things that can be done on a smartphone. You can listen to music or podcasts, you can scroll social media platforms, visit dating sites, you can watch movies or learning a foreign language, you can even play Tetris. As long as your battery is full you can use your phone anywhere any time and do so many things.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of hobbies that you can practice anywhere. I tried really hard to cover as many hobbies as I could but I’m pretty sure that there are more hobbies that can be done anywhere, you can suggest your hobby idea in the comments. Feel free to share the list with your family or friends, you can share it on social networks as well.