Hobbies For Boys (from 6 to 11 years old)

Sometimes kids suddenly don’t know how to spend their free time (especially during quarantine). Usually, boys like cycling and playing with toys, some like collecting sports cards or reading. In this post, you’ll find many good hobby ideas for kids, especially for boys. In the first part of this listicle, I will also give you some quick tips on how to find a hobby for boys.

How to Find Hobbies for Boys?

There are many hobbies to choose from, but only a few will be suitable for your little boy. Following are some tips that can help you find a suitable hobby.

Notice skills and strengths your little one already has and introduce a relevant hobby. Suggest him to make a list of hobbies that he is interested in, stay open to new ideas, and give him the time he needs to choose a hobby.

Of course, every little boy is different, so when choosing a hobby, discuss his interests and personality.

Kids should always explore new things and shouldn’t be disappointed if they don’t find the right hobby immediately. Every boy can find a hobby that makes him happy, just make sure he is constantly trying new things.

Don’t stop search for new hobbies, visit the library or search online. Check the following list of hobbies for boys and choose the one that seems to be the best.

List of Hobbies for Boys

The following list of hobbies for boys isn’t meant only for the boys, but also girls can take up these. You’ll find many indoor and outdoor hobbies, so pick the hobby that you’re passionate about the most.

Outdoor Hobbies for Boys


Swimming appears to be a very beneficial hobby for boys, it’s cheap as well. You only need to find a swimming pool, get a swimsuit, swimming goggles and you’re ready to swim. Sign up your kid in the swimming club, swimming can teach them self-discipline and determination. It’s a great choice even for six-year-olds.

Metal Detecting

Boys who like the game treasure hunt will also be interested in metal detecting. There are many user-friendly metal detectors that are designed especially for kids. Many adults and kids find this hobby really exciting and fun, if you’re inspired start searching for jewelry, coins, or any other metal.

RC Vehicles

There’s no doubt that RC vehicles are one of the most popular hobbies among boys, especially ten-year-olds. You’ll find cars, boats, trains, and planes, there are also other models like RC tanks or RC tractors. Many people buy ready-to-run models, others make them from scratch.


Among boys, BMX cycling and mountain biking are particularly popular. I’m sure you can get a good bike for a reasonable price, cycling isn’t an expensive hobby. Find easy trails and take your kid on a ride, actually, cycling can be a wonderful hobby for the whole family.


While playing soccer boys can develop motor skills and meet peers. While being part of a soccer team, kids learn about teamwork, self-discipline, and how to stay focused after losing the game.


Skateboarding offers great physical and social benefits. At first, it may seem difficult, but most boys should master the skill pretty quickly. On the other hand, don’t take it lightly and prepared for some falls while learning the skill. Always wear protective gear such as pads and helmet.


I’m sure you have heard about slacklining, it’s a pretty similar hobby to tightrope walking. The only difference is that slackline webbing is stretchy, dynamic, and broader. Slacklining demands a lot of skills, walking from one end to the other isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s a popular hobby among teenage boys as well.


If your kid is at least seven years old consider photography. Even a basic smartphone is enough to start making beautiful pictures and learning about photography. Sure, good equipment will make your pictures better but first, you need to learn about essential skills. If you find out that photography might be the right hobby for your kid consider photography classes.


Fisking can be the right hobby even for nine-year-olds. For those boys who like spending free time behind the water, fishing should be the right hobby. It’s an inexpensive hobby, fishing equipment is cheap, you can also borrow a fishing rod from your friends. Before you let your boy go fishing make sure he has a fishing license.


If you know the rules of basketball and soccer you will have no problems when starting with Ultimate frisbee. It’s a playful, competitive, and challenging hobby that has unique dynamics. Frisbee is a cheap hobby that the whole family can enjoy.


Convert waste paper, cardboard, cans, or plastic into a variety of new useful things. It’s a creative hobby for the whole family, so set up a recycling container near your trash can. Also, set up a compost pile and recycle food waste into usable soil.


What about gardening, or maybe growing plants on a balcony? It doesn’t matter what you grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers you’ll surely learn a lot about the processes of growing plants. While gardening kids will discover the beauty of nature.

Indoor Hobbies for Boys


Introduce some easy-to-read books and promote reading, especially when your kid is around eight years old. Reading will improve communication and language skills and help with expressing thoughts. If you want to make things a little more interesting, find the genres that your kid likes the most.


Puzzles are simple, right? All you need to do is put pieces together, well puzzles are the perfect hobby to build concentration. Search for printable puzzles online or find jigsaw puzzles on Amazon or eBay and buy them. When successfully solving a puzzle you’ll feel good about yourself, puzzles help with self-confidence.

Rubik’s Cube

You should introduce Rubik’s cube to your kid, I’m pretty sure you know what it is. It’s the most popular 3-D combination puzzle that can help to improve patience, reflexes, and memory. Rubik’s cube is a cool puzzle that you can bring and practice with anywhere.


If your kid has a lack of discipline or needs more structured days think about enrolling your little boy in karate class. Martial arts can teach many important life skills… self-restraint, focus, and respect. With karate, we can redirect aggression in a beneficial, constructive, and helpful way.

Listen to Music

I bet your kid has at least one favorite song, encourage your kids to search and discover new songs. Help them to find a new genre, you’ll find great new songs which you have never heard. If you don’t know how to find new songs I suggest visiting music platforms like Spotify or Soundcloud.


Toy cars, sports cards, and other toys are the most popular collectibles among boys, some eight-year-olds also collect rocks and seashells as well. Kids often have different motives for collecting, some want to differentiate themselves from others, others enjoy the process of collecting. One thing is for sure, collecting promotes focus and patience, kids will also gain counting and categorizing skills.


There are a million reasons to take up juggling, it gives you a physical workout, it’s fun, and also entertains other people. You don’t need a lot to get started, just use old tennis balls, bananas, or anything else you can find in your surroundings. Juggling improves motor skills, rhythm, coordination, balance, and it’s great for fitness.

Duct Tape Projects

There are countless ideas for duct tape projects online, you will find out that you can make almost everything using only duct tape and a little creativity. Duct tape wallet, sword/shield, shoes, and drums are just a few of the most popular ideas. Duct tape projects are great for kids of all ages, also for seven-year-olds.

Online Lessons

Find online lessons and let your kids learn about their passion. You’ll be able to find online lessons for literally anything. While spending time in the room., kids can learn how to play guitar or how to build models. Online lessons are great, especially for eleven-year-olds.

Play Video Games

Nintendo Labo, Super Mario, Rayman Legends are some of the most popular video games among kids. Search online and find video games that are beneficial for your kid, make sure that you limit the playing time.


Leathercraft, woodcraft, papercraft, boys who like to build things should take up crafting. There is so much to create, RC models, paper rockets, paper ninja stars, toy car balloon racers, and much more. While crafting, boys have a chance to create, explore, and learn about patterns, concepts, and shapes.


I hope you have found this list of hobbies for boys helpful. In case you still haven’t find the right activity check the list again, find indoor and outdoor hobbies, and search from there. There should be more hobbies that boys would enjoy, visit a library or search online, sooner or later you’ll find the right hobby.