Hobbies For 8-Year-Olds (Boys and Girls)

Do you want to know what activities can an 8-year-old do and how to entertain your kids?

In this blog, I have already listed many hobbies for kids. In this listicle, I would like to focus a little more on hobbies for 8-year olds. In the first part, I’ll try to explain how to find a hobby for your kid, and in the following, I’ll suggest many hobby ideas for 8-year-olds. Let’s get into it.

How To Find A Hobby For 8- Year Olds?

Choosing a meaningful hobby for your kid isn’t always easy. Discuss and try to understand their motivations. Realize that kids need more time to figure out their thoughts and feelings.

Every 8-year old is an individual, so be aware of interests and type of personality when searching for a new hobby.

Recognize their strengths and skills and suggest a hobby they may be good at. Ask them to make a list of hobbies that they would be interested in. Don’t be pushy and stay open to new ideas until your kid chooses a couple of hobbies.

If you are 8-year old reading this, here is what I have to tell you: “Just have fun and explore new things every day and don’t be disappointed if you don’t find the right hobby right away”.

Ask questions all the time and be prepared to accept new challenges no matter what. Kids should try new things every day, this is how they’ll find the hobby faster.

Visit the library, ask other parents or search for hobbies online, just continue reading this page, it’s one of the simplest ways to find hobbies for your 8-year old boy or girl.

List of hobbies for 8-year-olds

The following list of hobbies is for both, 8-year old boys and girls. Decide between outdoor, indoor, or sports hobbies and continue your search from there. Before choosing, analyze the preferred hobby for its overall benefits.

Sports hobbies for 8-year-olds


Eight-year-olds can have fun and learn while practicing gymnastics, it is a group of sports that can help your kid develop in a physical, mental, and social sense.


In rugby classes, you kids will learn how to build character, respect each other, and how to work in a team. 8-year-olds will learn how to rely on their peers and make friendships with teammates.


Swiming can teach useful skills to every 8-year-old. Promote swimming, this way your kid can gain self-discipline, greater self-control, and self-confidence, to achieve those great life skills swim at least twice a week. All you’ll ever need is a swimsuit and swimming glasses, it’s not an expensive hobby.


If your 8-year old like to perform you should consider dancing. Many kids love to dance, lots of them take dancing classes as well. Dancing may teach your kid to work with others and also increase their confidence.


If you’re serious about skateboarding, don’t buy a toy skateboard, as they might break quickly. For those who want to have something special, I would suggest an electric skateboard. If you already have a skateboard just figure out the basics, practice, and start enjoying skateboarding.


Ballet is particularly popular among girls, but boys can also twirl and dance across the floor. While visiting ballet classes eight-year-olds will learn about the culture and the art of discipline. It’s a great way for them to meet other children and teachers, and learn how to perform in front of the audience.

Outdoor hobbies for 8-year-olds


Every 8-year-old should move the body a lot, but not all kids like competitive sports, if your kid is one of them, hiking can be the right alternative. All you need to do is to find a good trail and enjoying a hike in the fresh air, it’s a great hobby for the whole family.


Photography is a useful and educational hobby, every 8-year-old can learn many essential skills while working on their photography. When just starting you don’t need expensive equipment, a simple smartphone with a camera will be enough to take your first beautiful pictures.


Gardening is a good idea for a hobby, especially for kids who like to get their hands dirty. 8-year-olds will learn how to respect nature, about the processes of living things, and how to make their own food.


Road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking, BMX, there are many more styles your kid can choose from, also, tandem cycling should be a perfect hobby for father and son or for the whole family.

RC Vehicles

Piloting RC vehicles is fun not only for kids but also for parents. There are RC cars, trains, boats, and RC planes. Most purchase ready-to-run models but some also build them by themselves, so if your 8-year-old likes to build models suggest building an RC vehicle.

Indoor hobbies for 8-year-olds


If your seven-year-old kid likes art and art-related things consider painting, which is one of the most beneficial indoor hobbies. Make sure to choose tempera paint, it is water-soluble and non-toxic. In the beginning, you can use printable templates or coloring book pages which are available online.


Woodcraft,  Kids who enjoy artistic expression should take up crafts. Eight-year-olds who engage in the craft have a chance to create and explore. Crafts are a great way to learn patterns, shapes, and concepts.

Playing an Instrument

Playing a musical instrument isn’t a great hobby just for kids, but also for teenagers and adults. Playing an instrument can boost creativity, help with self-discipline, and sequential thinking. Visiting music classes can result in quicker progress.

Rock Tumbling

Collect as many beautiful rocks as you can and turn them into gemstones, later on, you can use those to make jewelry, decorations, or crafts. Rock tumbling is a simple hobby, all you need are some rocks and a tumbler. It’s not a great hobby only for the kids but also parents can enjoy the process.


If your 8-year-old likes to play various roles consider enrolling in the theater. Some people say that theater brings a book to life and can turn fiction into reality. While engaging in theater, your kids will be exposed to literature and history, and learn how to care for others.


With singing kids can express themselves and become creative, it can also strengthen their concentration and memory. If your kid enjoys listening to music and art in general consider singing lessons.


Every kid can start painting, you only need paint, brush, and paper, painting is a great way to express creativity and learn about different aspects of our lives. In case you have no idea what to paint I suggest searching for some suggestions online, consider online painting classes as well.


Sports cards, rocks, seashells, cars, and other toys are the most popular collectibles among kids, many 8- year olds like to collect movie posters as well. Collecting is an important hobby because it can teach your kid to be patient and focused, with collecting kids will gain categorizing and counting skills as well.


Scrapbooking is not only for girls but also for boys, and it’s one of the best hobbies for eight-year-olds. You’ll need pictures, you can use pictures of yourself or from magazines and newspapers. Use those pictures and make a great collection of your favorite photos, if you are creative you can make a unique layout.

Nerf Guns

8-year-olds will find playing with Nerf toys very exciting. N-Strike Mega, N-Strike Elite, or N-Strike,… there are tons of Nerf blasters to choose from, kids will definitely have fun while firing foam darts. It’s such a fun hobby that many parents will join the game.


Assemble a race car, flowers, or robot, with lego bricks you can make numerous things. There are also many different themes such as Minecraft, Star Wars, or Scooby-Doo. Lego bricks are not a great hobby just for 8-year-olds but also for younger kids, teenagers, and adults.


I hope you have found this list helpful. If you’re still struggling to find the right one browse the list again, choose between outdoor, indoor, or sports hobbies, and start searching from there. If you are missing some hobbies that 8-year olds would enjoy, suggest your ideas in the comment below.