Hobbies For Girls (from 6 to 11 years old)

Sometimes, girls don’t know how to spend their free time (especially during quarantine). Usually, girls like singing and watching cartoons, some like playing musical instruments and reading.

In this post, you’ll find many good hobby ideas for kids, especially for girls. Also, if you are asking yourself how to find a hobby for girls you’ll get some quick tips in the first part of this listicle.

How to Find Hobbies for Girls?

There are thousands of hobbies that you can choose from, but only a few will be suitable for your little girl. I have some useful tips that can help you find the right hobby.

Of course, every girl is unique, so when choosing a hobby, discuss her interests and be aware of her personality.

Tell them to always explore new things, maybe she won’t find the perfect hobby immediately, she shouldn’t be disappointed because of that.

Every girl can find a hobby that makes her happy, just make sure she never stop trying new things.

Every day search for new ideas for hobbies, visit the library, or search online. Browse the following list of hobbies for girls and choose the one that sounds the best.

List of Hobbies for Girls

The following list of hobbies for girls isn’t meant only for the girls, but also boys can take up these. Choose between indoor and outdoor hobbies and start searching from there. Pick the hobby that you’re the most passionate about.

Indoor Hobbies for Girls


When girls are eight years old they can begin reading. Promote reading and introduce to her some easy-to-read books, find the genre that she likes the most. Reading will improve language and communication skills and help her to express her thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.


Woodcraft, leathercraft, papercraft, girls who like to do things with hands should take up crafts, this way they have a chance to explore and create. Girls can create mini flower pots, painted umbrellas, easy origami puppies, or toilet paper roll butterflies. While crafting girls will learn about concepts, patterns, and shapes.

Making Candles

Find some beginner’s guide on how to make your own candles and learn the essential skills for making beautiful candles. You will be surprised that you can make candles at home with equipment you already have in your apartment.

Recycling Waste

Encourage recycling and convert waste cardboard, paper, plastic, or cans into a variety of new useful things. Recycling is a creative hobby that can be fun for the whole family, also, girls will learn nature-friendly skills.

Duct Tape Projects

You can find thousands of ideas for duct tape projects, using only duct tape and creativity, you can make almost everything at home. Some of the most popular ideas are jewelry, furniture, clothes, home decor, shoes,…


Kids love singing, so choose her favorite song, turn on the volume, and let her sing. A great option to start singing is karaoke songs that are easier to sing, songs like “I Can See Clearly Now” or “Ain’t No Sunshine” should be the right choices. When she is seven years old consider singing classes as well, this way she’ll progress much quicker.


Crossword or jigsaw puzzles, puzzles can be a great hobby for anybody regardless of age. Finishing a puzzle makes us feel like we have done something productive. Search for printable puzzles on the internet or find some jigsaw puzzles on eBay or Amazon.

Online Lessons

If your little girl wishes to know more about anything, search for online lessons and let her learn about her passion, you’ll be able to find online lessons for literally anything. Use online lessons to learn about anything, for instance: she can learn how to play musical instruments or how to speak a foreign language, she can do it anywhere.


Following is a great hobby for nine-year-olds and older. Cooking at home is a good way to avoid fast food. Find some easy and good recipes online and start cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. Cooking can uplift your kid’s confidence and mood, also, the whole family will get to enjoy a delicious meal.

Hula Hoops

Hula hoop has changed many lives, bodies, and souls, so why don’t you introduce hula hooping to your kids. It’s a great workout, and a great way to impress friends. It’s one of those hobbies that you can do anywhere and anytime you want and it’s inexpensive as well.


For those who like arts and looking for a creative hobby, I suggest painting. Start with the “paint by number” technic, it’s a great approach for beginners. Search for tempera colors, a surface, a brush, a palette, and paint something beautiful, it’s a great hobby even for six-year-olds.


A scrapbooking will help to save your memories into something more organized and physical. So, gather your pictures, basic equipment, and make your first scrapbook, it can be the right hobby especially for ten-year-old girls. In case you need some scrapbooking ideas, search for them online and get inspired.


Seashells, Barbie dolls, and other toys are the most popular collectibles among girls, many girls also collect movie posters as well. Collecting will teach your girl to be focused and patient, they will also gain categorizing and counting skills.

Listen to Music

Every girl has at least one favorite song, encourage your girl to discover new songs. Explore a new genre of music, I’m sure you’ll find some great songs that will help you get to know your kid in a different way. Listening to music can be a great hobby for teenage girls as well.

Play Video Games

Not only boys but also girls like to play video games as well. Search the internet and find video games that can benefit your kid, make sure that you limit the time kids spend behind the screen.

Watch Animated Series

My kids watch cartoons in the evenings, they like to watch Popeye, Pokemon, and Scoby Doo, they like these animated series so much, that we have to limit their watching time to a maximum of an hour.
If you don’t know where to find appropriate cartoons search for them online.

Outdoor Hobbies for Girls


Have you heard about slacklining? It’s a similar hobby to tightrope walking, but slackline webbing is dynamic, stretchy, and broader. You may be surprised that walking from one end to the other can take a lot of skills and patience.


Many girls are crazy about photography. Even a smartphone is enough to give you the freedom to show your perspective. Learning about the art of photography should be fun as well, if you agree with that consider photography classes.

Caring For Animals

Kids will become more patient, responsible, and compassionate if you teach them how to take care of animals. When kids build up a relationship with their pets they’ll better understand life. When she is eleven years old consider buying a pet, or encourage her to volunteer at some animal shelter.


Go somewhere in nature and watch birds, if you are close enough take some pictures as well. Sure you can use binoculars and audio recorders, but you can watch birds only with the naked eyes and ears.

Roller Skating

Rollerskating may seem difficult, but most girls will master the skill pretty quickly. Every beginning is hard, so be prepared for some falls. Be sure to wear protective gear such as helmets, elbows pads, wrists pads, and knee pads.


What about the idea of her own garden, or maybe growing plants on a windowsill in her room? You can choose to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers. Suggest to your girl to learn about the processes of growing plants and realize the beauty of nature.


Cycling doesn’t require a huge expense, you only need a bike which you can get for a reasonable price. Cycling is a great hobby for the whole family, so find appropriate trails and take your girl on a ride.


Just like hiking or cycling, swimming is a beneficial hobby for girls, even if she’s seven years old. All that you really need are a swimsuit and swimming goggles. Enroll your girl in some swimming club and let her enjoy swimming at least one time a week.


Stargazing can be a terrific hobby even for the whole family, as long there is a clear night sky you can do it everywhere. So, find an open space, lie down on a blanket and look up to the start. Use a stargazing app and find the names of the stars online, this way your kids will learn about the stars while enjoying the view.


I hope you have found this list of hobbies for girls helpful. If you still struggling to find the right hobby research the list again, decide between indoor and outdoor hobbies, and continue browsing from there. I’m sure you can find more hobbies that girls would enjoy, search online or visit a library, sooner or later you’ll find the hobby you are looking for.