Hobbies For 10-Year-Olds (Boys and Girls)

In one of my previous posts, I have already listed many hobbies for kids. In the following listicle, I would like to focus a little more on hobbies for 10-year olds. So, what you can expect to find on this page? I’ll talk a little bit about how to find a hobby for your tween and give you the whole list of hobby ideas for 10-year-olds.

How To Find The Right Hobby For 10- Year Olds?

Here is what I would advise to all 10-year olds: “Just have fun times and explore what’s out there, don’t be disappointed if you don’t find the right hobby on your first try”.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and always be prepared to accept new challenges. Your kids should try new things all the time, this way they will find the right hobby more quickly.

Every 11-year old is individual, so interests and personality define what hobbies your kid might like.

To find the right hobby you can always visit the library or search for hobbies online, the easiest way to find the right hobby for your 10-year old is to browse the below list of hobby ideas.

List of hobbies for 10-year-olds

Sports hobbies for 10-year-olds


Swimming promotes self-disciplined, greater self-control, and self-confidence, which can benefit every 10-year-old in the future life. It’s also an affordable hobby, all you need is a swimsuit and swimming glasses. If you are planning to go swimming at least twice a week it’s advisable to buy a seasonal ticket, this way you’ll save some money on tickets.


Soccer can be a fun sports hobby for everybody, for boys and as well for girls. While playing soccer your kids will develop motor skills and meet other kids who like the game. Search for some soccer clubs in your area and sign in, this way your 10-year old kid will be able to practice with peers.


Some songs make us want to dance, also 10-year olds love to dance, some also take dancing classes. Your kid may increase confidence and learn to work with other people, dancing can be a great hobby for tweens who like to perform.


Basketball is a great opportunity to meet new people and gain strength, and muscular endurance at the same time. To pursue their dreams 11-year-olds can join some local basketball clubs, or they can invite friends and play basketball with them at home.

Outdoor hobbies for 10-year-olds


Photography can be an educational hobby for 11-year-olds. There’s no need to have expensive equipment, even a smartphone will give them the opportunity to express themselves by taking pictures.


10-year olds need to move their body, and for those who don’t like competitive sports, hiking can be the right choice. It’s a great hobby for the whole family as well. When you have free time to spend, find a good trail and enjoying a hike in the fresh air.


If your kid likes to spend time outdoors, gardening sounds like a good idea for a hobby. While gardening 10-year-olds will learn about the processes of living things and start to realize the beauty of nature.

Drone Flying

Everybody likes to play with radio-controlled toys. Drone flying is one of the best hobbies for 11-year-olds that can get them outdoors. If you’re interested buy your first drone and practice your flying skills.

RC Vehicles

If you prefer remote control vehicles over drones you have a lot of models to choose from, there are cars, trains, boats, and RC planes. You can buy ready-to-run models but you can build them with your own hands and develop a unique RC vehicle.

Rock Climbing

If your 10-year old kid climbing up the walls consider actual rock climbing venues. Rock climbing can be practiced outdoors or indoors. Maybe you are worried about safety, well, If you take care of proper equipment, you have nothing to worry about.


I’m sure you have heard of airsoft, actually, It’s a game that is similar to paintball. The main difference is that airsoft rifles run on electrically wound spring and look far more realistic. Airsoft games will allow you to spend time outside and to stay physically active.


BMX, road cycling, mountain biking, track cycling, choose your style and start with cycling, and if you don’t want to ride a bike alone think about tandem cycling.


Geocaching is a contemporary treasure hunt. You’ll need a GPS, so you’ll be able to track down hidden treasures called geocaches. Geocaches are waterproof containers that contain a treasure that can be anything, in most cases nothing expansive.


When you’re deciding to start skateboarding don’t buy a toy skateboard as cheap boards might break easily. If you’re lazy or want to have something special consider an electric skateboard. After you figure out the basics decide which foot you want to put forward and start practicing skateboarding.

Indoor hobbies for 10-year-olds

Playing an Instrument

Playing a musical instrument can be a terrific hobby for many kids, tweens, and teenagers. Playing any kind of instrument can help with self-discipline, sequential thinking, and boost creativity. Visiting music classes can help kids to keep practicing in the right way.


Among kids, sports cards, Barbie dolls, and other toys are the most popular, 10- year olds like to collect also movie posters. Collecting will teach your kid to focus and be patient, collecting promotes counting skills and categorizing as well.


Word puzzles, pattern guessing, riddles, math puzzles, logic puzzles, no matter your kid’s age, interest, or skill level, you can always find puzzles that they will enjoy. If you don’t know where to start searching for puzzles for kids I suggest visiting the library or searching online.


Singing is a wonderful way to express yourself and be creative, it can also strengthen memory and concentration. For those 10-year-olds who like to listen to music, singing could be the right hobby, think about singing lessons as well.


Scrapbooking is not only for 10-year-old girls but also for boys. So, what you need and how to start this hobby? Save pictures from magazines and newspapers, when you are ready you can make a collection of your favorite photos, design them in your unique layout.

Doll Making

There’s something special about dolls, but have you ever think about making one yourself. You can customize an existing doll or create your own from scratch. Along the process, kids can learn to focus and how to work with a sewing machine.

Mosaic Making

Creative kids love to make mosaics art, actually, it’s a fun activity for the whole family. Mosaics are great fun to put together and beautiful to look at, and the best thing about mosaics is that all the materials you need should be simple to find around the house.


Fishkeeping is another way to entertain your kids, it’s also a great hobby to teach them about responsibility, love, life, and death. Fish are relatively cheap to feed, don’t smell, and don’t make any noise, which makes them an ideal first pet.


Nowadays cooking is a popular hobby among many 10-year-olds. While cooking your kids can learn about measurements, cooking time, and different flavor combinations. Let kids have a little space in the kitchen, this way they can learn how to prepare a tasty meal.

Build Models

Scale models are a fantastic way to teach kids the importance of working through a project to the end. Choose between planes, trains, cars, ships, so buy your first model kit and build scale models.

Nerf Guns

10-year-olds are definitely not too old to play with Nerf toys. N-Strike, N-Strike Elite, N-Strike Mega… there are a lot of Nerf blasters to choose from, so get yours and have fun while firing discs, foam darts, or foam balls.


With budgeting, 10-year olds will learn a beneficial skill for a successful life. For one month track your expenses and income and set your financial goals, divide them into short-term and long-term. It’s actually a simple concept that many people find difficult to practice.


There are many amazing painting ideas that will help your kids find lots of inspiration! With only paint, brush, and paper, kids can express their creativity and learn about different aspects of the world.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you always dreamed about starting a YouTube channel you need to take action, ready or not, just start. While working on your channel you’ll gain experience in getting in front of the camera and using an editing program. YouTube channel will let you meet new people and offer a chance to make extra money.


Create a robot, race car, or flowers, with lego bricks the options are limitless. You can check also licensed themes such as Star Wars, Minecraft, or Scooby-Doo. Lego bricks are not a great hobby just for ten-year-olds but also for anybody else, from little kids, adults, and seniors.


I hope you have found this list of hobbies for 10-year-olds helpful. If you’re still on the lookout you should browse the list again, choose between indoor, outdoor, or sports hobbies. Everyone knows that there are many more hobbies that 10-year olds would enjoy, suggest your favorite hobby ideas in the comment below.