Hobbies For 9-Year-Olds (Boys and Girls)

Not only playing video games and watching TV series, but there are also other much better hobbies for nine-year-olds, the most common are playing musical instruments and cycling. In this post, you’ll find many good hobby ideas for kids, especially if you want to find hobbies for 9-year olds. First things first, let me tell you a little bit about how to find a hobby for your kid.

How To Find The Right Hobby For 9- Year Olds?

There are numerous hobbies that you can choose from, but only a few will be suitable for your 9-year-old. Below you’ll find some useful tips that can help you find the right ones.

Of course, every kid is different, so when choosing a hobby, you should discuss kids’ interests and personality type.

Tell them to explore new things and have fun, maybe they won’t find the perfect hobby on the first try, they shouldn’t be disappointed because of that.

Every 9-year old can find a hobby that makes them happy, the key is to never stop trying new things.

Search for new ideas for hobbies every day, search in the library, or online. The simplest way to find the right hobby for your 9-year old is by researching the below list of hobbies.

List of Hobbies For 9-Year-Olds

Hobbies on this list are for both, boys and girls, so 9-year olds should find some good ideas as well. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for outdoor, indoor, or sports hobbies, there are countless options for everybody.

Sports Hobbies For 9-Year-Olds


For 9-year-olds it’s very important that they gain self-control and self-confidence, swimming can help with that. Swimming also promotes self-discipline and provides good feelings after work out. Also, consider joining a swim team, this way your kid will develop key skills of perseverance and motivation.


Soccer is a popular hobby even among girls. Like many other sports, soccer can help to develop motor skills and meet other like-minded kids. While being part of a team, kids will also learn about leadership and how to lose the game and stay respectful.


Who doesn’t like to dance, 9- year olds dance at home in their rooms, but some want to take their dancing to the next level, so they take dancing classes. Dancing can increase kids’ confidence and teach them how to work with other people.


If your kids like tennis and other racket sports consider badminton as well. It’s a cheap and fun hobby, and because badminton is a non-contact sport, there’s a minimal risk of real injuries. Physical activity like badminton can help with the right development of a young body.

Roller Skating

When rollerskating for the first time it may seem difficult, but most 9-year-olds master the skill very quickly. Don’t be afraid of falling, the real fun begins when they learn how to fall properly. To ensure safety, equip your kids with protective gear such as elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and most importantly helmet.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Wintertime is a fun time of the year, mostly because kids can enjoy the snow. Most kids have fun while learning how to ski or snowboard. For younger kids skiing is easier to learn, however, nine-year-olds should learn to snowboard as they already have good motor skills.


There are many benefits of enrolling your kids in karate class. Martial arts will teach your kid all-important and excellent life skills, which are self-restraint, focus, and respect. With karate, 9-year-olds can redirect aggression in constructive, beneficial, and helpful ways.


If you are looking for a hobby that is active, social, and engaging try taking your kid to the tennis court. Tennis doesn’t require a lot of costly gear and provides a great social outlet. 9-year-olds can join different tennis associations so they have a chance to meet players from across the city, state, or country.

Ultimate Frisbee

The rules of Ultimate frisbee can be compared to a cross between basketball and soccer. Playful and competitive, ridiculous and challenging, Ultimate certainly has unique dynamics. It’s a versatile and cheap hobby for kids of all physical abilities and ages.

Outdoor Hobbies for 9-Year-Olds


Gardening is not only for adults but also for teenagers and kids, actually, gardening can be a terrific hobby for the whole family. Teach your kids how to respect nature so they can grow their own foods. Nine years olds should like the idea of their own garden.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is an adventure, it’s a real treasure hunt. The real beauty of this hobby is that you never know what you are going to find, it can be jewelry, coins, or anything else.


I’m sure you have heard about slacklining, it’s a similar hobby to tightrope walking, but slackline webbing is more dynamic and broader. Walking from one end to the other can take a lot of balance, patience, and practice, so don’t think that slacklining is easy.


For those 9-year-olds who like to spend their time behind the water, fishing should be the perfect hobby. It’s a cheap hobby, fishing equipment isn’t expensive and if you don’t want to spend any money you can borrow a fishing rod from your friends. Plan your fishing and make sure you have a fishing license.

RC Vehicles

There’s no hobby like remote control vehicles! There are cars, boats, trains, and planes, you’ll find many other models like RC tanks or RC tractors. You can buy ready-to-run models or you can make one from scratch.


Indoor Hobbies for 9-year-olds

Laser Tag

Have you ever heard of laser tag? Is a fun game that is similar to nerf gun, but instead of using foam dart, laser tag toys use an infrared light that is similar to the TV remote. Laser tag is one of those games that will help to improve kids’ ability to work in a team.


Bowling isn’t just a physical hobby, but it can also stimulate the mind. While bowling, kids have to figure out how many pins they need to knock out and work out their totals. Enroll your kids in structured bowling classes and let them have a fun time while bowling.

Jewelry Making

Make beautiful bracelets, necklaces, rings, or any other accessories to wear yourself or to use for the gift. Jewelry crafts are fun hobbies for many girls and boys, jewelry making allows kids to be creative and have fun while learning about the craft.


9-year-olds like to cook, search for different recipes, do the measurements, and create new flavor combinations. Let them watch how you cook and don’t be scared to give them a little space in the kitchen, they’ll have fun and learn the essential skill at the same time.


Scrapbooking isn’t a great hobby only for girls but for boys as well. Collect pictures you take or browse magazines and save pictures you find there, use them while you’re making your scrapbook. Make different scrapbooks with different themes, like “in the school”, “with my family”, or “holidays”.


Singing is a great hobby for kids, it’ll allow them to express themselves and to be creative. Just turn the radio on and sing along, kids can learn to sing by watching YouTube lessons, also private singing lessons could be a great way to learn how to sing. Promote singing, it’s a perfect way to boost concentration and memory.


Kids usually collect coins, records, stamps, sports cards, rocks, seashells, Barbie dolls, and other toys. Collecting should be a great hobby for nine-year-olds, this way they can develop patience and expertise in a certain field, collecting promotes counting skills and categorizing as well.

Playing an Instrument

Play a musical instrument can be a very beneficial hobby for anyone, kids, teenagers, and adults. Everyone knows that playing musical instruments boosts creativity and self-discipline. When just starting, music tutorials on YouTube can help to learn the basics, consider also music classes, and take your playing skills to a higher level.


I hope you have found at least a few hobbies for 9-year-olds. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for you should research the list again, choose between indoor, outdoor, or sports hobbies, and start browsing from there. I’m sure you can find more hobbies that 9-year olds would enjoy, visit a library or search online, sooner or later you’ll find the right hobby.