Hobbies For Family

It’s hard to come up with new unique hobby ideas for family, that’s why I have put together this list of hobbies which the whole family can enjoy. It is crucial for every family to fill their free time with hobbies. Cycling, swimming, or dancing could be great for all, fathers, mothers, and kids as well, but maybe your kids want to do something different. Below are many hobbies that families can do together.

Indoor Hobbies for Families

Draw Pictures

Use charcoal, pencil, or graphite and create your own drawings, every member of the family can do it.
In case you don’t know where to start search online and you will find many tutorials on how to draw pictures.

Read a Story

Reading stories to your kid is a wonderful hobby for families and a really important thing to do as a parent. First, read the story to yourself, when you have a feel for the rhythm read it to your child. Stories will help your child to improve language skills and give them a love for reading.

Clean The Garage

Clean the garage, it could be a great hobby for all the family. So here is how to approach it, first take everything out, decide what to keep, and tidy up everything. Make a plan on what to do with the things you don’t want to keep, you can donate them, get rid of them, or sell them.

Make a Kite

Make a kite with your kids, it is such a wonderful hobby for the whole family. It’s not hard to make it, and it’s surely worth the time. All you will really need to make a kite is a sheet of newspaper, wooden dowels, string, masking tape. After you finish you will love to watch your kids playing with their homemade kites.

Play Leapfrog

Leapfrog is a game for the whole family, actually, at least two people are needed to play it. So, how to play leapfrog? The first player crouches down, the second player runs up to the crouched one and leaping over like a frog. On landing, this player immediately stoops down so that the third player has to leap over the first and second. It can be played indoors as long as outdoors, It is a fun game that can go on as long as you wish.

Play A Board Games

From classic board games to newer ones, options are nearly endless today. Board games are a wonderful hobby for the whole family. So, if your family spends indoors a lot you might be interested in trying out a new board game to keep the whole family entertained.

Put Together A First-Aid Kit

Sure you can buy a first aid kit in your local drug store, but you can also build one by yourself and the whole family can help with building. Designing it for specific purposes, like camping, hiking, or boating. Determine where do you plan on keeping the kit, maybe in your house, in a car, backpack… Make a list of items you want to include, you might think of absorbent compress dressings, adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment packets…

Blow Bubbles With Bubblegum

Blowing bubbles with bubblegum is a fun activity for kids and for the whole family. With a little practice, everybody can do it. Here is how to do it; with a tongue roll the gum into a ball and push it through the gum. Breathe air into the gum, then pull your tongue out of the layer of gum. Keep blowing until the bubble bursts.

Make Homemade Ice Cream

With just a few ingredients, you can make homemade ice cream. Put the mixture together in the morning, refrigerate it so the kids can have delicious dessert the same evening.

Bake Cookies

Cookies can be very easy to make, and the whole family can participate in the process of preparation. When you are planning on making cookies, find the easiest cookie recipe online, prepare the ingredients and let the fun begin.

Make A Homemade Pizza

All you need for pizza dough are basic ingredients such as yeast, flour, water, olive oil, and salt. While waiting for the dough to be ready, everyone can start chopping fresh vegetables, prepping tomato sauce, or grating the cheese you’ll put on top. After the pizza is ready to bake, bake it for 15 minutes, after that the whole family can sit behind the table and enjoy the tasty creation.

Play Cards

Blitz, Cheat, Egyptian Ratscrew, Fan Tan are just a few card games that the whole family can enjoy, so if you are looking for fun card games you have many great choices. All you really need is a deck of playing cards.

Have A Scavenger Hunt

Prepare a list and define specific items, which kids need to gather. Scavenger hunts are inexpensive, easy, and can be done using things you already have in your surroundings. You will find many different scavenger hunts online, after you find the right one, get your creativity flowing.

Put A Puzzle Together

Put pieces together in a logical manner and reach the solution to the puzzle. You can choose from many different genres of puzzles such as word-search puzzles, crossword puzzles, number puzzles, logic puzzles, or relational puzzles. So, if you search online you will find rebuses, riddles, sudoku, tangram, and many more.

Make a Collage With Magazine Pictures

Make nice-looking pieces of art out of magazine clippings, it can be a great hobby for the whole family! Collect magazine pictures that you like, cut out preferred elements, and layout your design. If you don’t know how to start, find some ideas online and start making wonderful mixed media collages.

Watch a Movies

Visit IMDB and find some great family movies such as The Lion King, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Home Alone. You can find these and many more on NetFlix, Disney Channel Original Movies, Amazon Prime, or any other movie-watching platform.

Design Birthday Cards

Don’t pick up a generic store-bought card, its better to make birthday cards yourself, your kids will be more than happy to help. Your friends will appreciate the effort you put into just for them. You can find numerous ideas online, you will be able to choose from simple, quirky, and clever designs. Also, you can find many Online Card Makers, check the following one on Canva.

Discover Your Family History

Search and learn about your ancestors, where they came from, who they were and what happened to them, and time travel through your family history. The best way to start this hobby is an online genealogical database.


When you just start with this popular hobby you don’t need DSLR, all you really need is a smartphone. Many people think that photography is an easy way to create art, but it’s much more than a click of a button. Perhaps It will take a ton of trial and error, but slowly you will start learning more and more about things that can improve your photography.

Build Models

If you want to build something with your own hands you should try the satisfying hobby of model building. You will have a chance to put the model together using screws, glue, small nails, or a combination of the three. The easiest way to start with a model building is by purchasing a model kit that consists of unassembled parts that are needed to build a model.

RC Cars, Boats, Airplanes

RC vehicles are something everyone of all ages can take part in at their own level, so it can be a great hobby for the whole family. In general, you can choose from RC cars, RC boats, RC trains, or RC aircraft. In addition, you will find any of these types powered either by nitro, gas, or electric.


Outdoor Hobbies for Families


Cycling is simple, fun, and offers many benefits for the whole family. This great outdoor activity enables you to spend quality time with your family, and it is a healthy hobby as well. It can help to make your mind more serene and allow your kids to explore their surroundings.

Make a Picnic

Picnics are a great way to have a fun-filled day together as a family. Make some potato salad, hot dogs, watermelon, or no-bake cheesecake. Grab your blankets, picnic basket, and pack up the car and take your kids on a picnic!

Plant an Herb Garden

If your family puts focus on nutritious, fresh, and delicious meals you should start with herbs gardening. Herbs are easy to grow plants and most don’t require a lot of maintenance, also, dried herbs can be used well past their harvesting. Most herbs are meant for use, but they can serve for decoration as well. If you are inspired and want to start right away you can buy them online or in retail stores.

Go To A Movies

Most families watch their favorite movies at home but there are still many reasons why buying a ticket for the movies is still worth it. You will be able to watch a film on a big screen and there is also a massive speaker system in the cinema.

Visit A Local Museum

Museums are a great destination to visit for almost every family. Whether it’s history, science, music, art, in every museum there’s always something to learn from the experience of visiting. So, museums are a significant way to broaden our knowledge of the world, which can be very beneficial especially for the kids.

Fly A Kite

Flying kites is a fun way to spend free time at home on a windy day. If you like to do things by yourself you can also help your kid to make the kite at home. After you get it off the ground make sure to always fly it in a wide and open field.

Attend A Local Sporting Event

Basketball, football, or baseball event, if you are a sports-loving family visit some local sporting event. You will find out that the vast majority of sporting events are inherently family-friendly, so there’s a big chance that you’ll meet also other parents and make new friends.

Go To A Concert

Another option is to visit some concerts. Sure you can go to a concert alone but it’s far more exciting to take the whole family with you. Don’t get me wrong, not every concert is going to be family-friendly, but if you do your homework you will find many concerts that can bring a lot of fun for the whole family.

Go Hiking

Hiking during the week or on the weekend is a perfect way to go outside, you can choose to hike in an urban park or wilderness area trail. I’m sure you will find a lot of fun while discovering the beauty of nature, also, when you come back to your apartment everybody will feel much better.

Visit The Library

Visit your local library and browse their collection of books, I’m sure that everyone will find something interesting to read. Almost every library has a dedicated children’s section as well, usually, there are also toys. While your kids discovering everything that the library has to offer you can enjoy the library café as well.

Go Swimming

Swimming is a great activity for all the family, the kids will love to play in the water, swimming will benefit parents as well. You will get your body moving and your heart pumping. If you have problems feeding your kids, swimming will help, they will be definitely hungry after playing in the water.

Go To A Lake

Make a trip and visit some lake, there are many lakes to choose from, the most popular are Tahoe, Michigan, George, Superior and many more. You will be able to fish, sunbathe, hit the trails, so head to your closest lake, and say hello to your next family adventure.


Stargazing can be fun for the whole family, so take something to lie on, some food and drink, and drive your family to some good spot. On a clear night, there are a lot of inspiring things to be seen with the naked eye alone, to make things more interesting you can use binoculars or a telescope as well. Take your smartphone with you, Google Sky Map is a great app that can help you stargazing.

Go Fishing

Many parents will tell you that fishing is the best way to spend your free time with your family. It’s so much fun to watch kids all gather around the fish they caught. Don’t let your kids be sitting and watching TV all day, take them fishing and create great memories for all the family.

Gather Wildflowers

Take your family in nature and gather wildflowers, most likely you will come across Bachelor Buttons, Cardinal Flower, or White Water Lily, you will find out that some flowers also have medicinal uses. If you have a chance you can even make your wildflower garden.

Visit A Zoo

If you want to expose your kids to the broad variety of animals that exist on our planet take them to the zoo. Not only kids but also parents can learn many interesting facts about the animals and their natural habitats. Many zoos also offer visitors to join tours, presentations, feeding expos, and more.

Create A Snow Sculpture

Building a snowman is a great way to spend some quality time with the family. Maybe you can try creating something different this winter, something like a snow sculpture. Use your imagination and build something out of snow, snow sculptures are fun to make.

Play Tennis

Enjoy a Saturday afternoon with your family on a tennis court, tennis is an excellent sport for families. So, gather the whole family on the court and have fun playing the game together. To make the game even more interesting choose orange, red, or green balls.

Go Camping

Re-connect with each other through a shared experience and take your family camping. Sharing the same RV, tent, or cabin will unite and strengthen family bonds. Also, change of environment can create a whole new perspective for everybody.


I hope you have found some hobbies for families that are right for your family as well. Sure there are many hobbies that haven’t been mentioned on this list, if you miss some important activitys for families you can share your suggestions in the comments below.