20 Hobbies For Lazy People (Without Energy, Skill, Patience)

Are you a lazy person, or do you just all feel lazy? Maybe you don’t want to spend your energy on anything, or you don’t have any patience or skills. So, if you find yourself in these descriptions and looking for new hobby ideas you have come to the right place.

On this page you will find many hobbies for lazy people, also I have listed activities that you can do while sitting or watching TV. I’m sure that one of the following hobbies will inspire you to do something in your free time, and help you overcome laziness as well.

Hobbies That Don’t Require Energy

The following are hobbies that don’t require much energy, these are good for when you just don’t feel energized. The best thing is that you will gather some energy after doing it.


Do you know why you feel lazy, maybe you are stressed. Well, meditation can provide mental and physical health benefits.

It will empty the clutter from your mind and make you more confident and productive.

You can take it up even if you feel lazy at the time, but when you finished you’ll be able to achieve more and you’ll be more focused.

Listening to Music

I can’t imagine living without listening to music, it is a hobby that doesn’t require any additional energy or skills, all you have to do is listen.

Whether you favor Bach or Rolling stones, it works even for the times you are lazy and don’t have the energy to do anything. Visit some popular music platform and listen to your favorite music right away.


Daydream when you face your lazy time. You would be surprised, but daydreaming is not easy, it is hard work according to neuroscientist Dr. Muireann Irish.

So, travel through different parts of your brain and collect bits of information and connect them together! After practicing daydreaming you will end up with creative thoughts.

To do daydreaming you don’t need anything, all you need is your mind. You can do it anywhere; on the bus or in your bed, you can do it alone or with your friends. It is a great hobby for lazy people as well.

Cloud watching is a great hobby for lazy people, all you have to do is to turn your lookup. Sometimes clouds are white and sometimes they are grey.

Sit somewhere under the clouds, make yourself comfortable, prepare yourself a drink, and try to guess the weather.

Notice the different shapes and colors of clouds, use your imagination, find objects you see in the clouds and come up with a story.


Look out of your window at night, if you can’t see anything just find the place where the sky isn’t covered in smog and watch the stars.

All you have to do is lay back and simply marvel at the universe, the longer you persist, the more stars you’ll begin to recognize.

Hobbies That Don’t Require Skill

If you don’t want to learn a new skill but still want to pick up a new hobby you might be interested in following hobby suggestions.

Collect Something

People start to collecting unconsciously but sometimes it is a decision. Most of us usually collect something to remember vacations, but you can collect anything, even bizarre things like navel fluff.

You can collect even by color or shape, these days many people also collect vinyl records. All you have to do is pick something you like and collect it in your place, so you can be lazy in many aspects but still improve your collection.


Reading is a great hobby for when you are bored. If you don’t read regularly, maybe today is the right time to start this hobby. Read anything; book, magazine, tweets, Facebook updates.

Reading will open your mind and allow you to travel the world without even leaving your reading table.

So reading shouldn’t be too hard even if you consider yourself a lazy person. In case you don’t know where to start, here are books you should read especially if you love novels.


I know that you don’t have the time to exercise, but I am sure you can find it even if you are too lazy to start.

Think about it this way, you don’t have to learn new skills to do it, you don’t have to prepare yourself to start. All you need is a little will to move your body.

You can do exercises even when you are sitting or lying, so search the web and find the right exercises for the times you feel lazy.

Hobbies That Don’t Require Patience

Not everyone has the patience to practice every day to see the progress in the far future. My next hobby suggestions will give you instant pleasure, so if you don’t have the patience these are for you.


It doesn’t matter if you are lazy or not you still have to eat, no matter you are students living alone or mom and dad with family.

So, if you don’t feel like doing anything you can cook something. Don’t be lazy and get ingredients, prepare the right dishes, and cook the meal. I’m sure you will feel great after the job is done.


Are you unpatented and don’t want to learn something new? Use the skills you already have, everyone likes to walk so why don’t pick up hiking as a hobby.

So, find the right trail near your place, get your shoes on and go on a hike. After a good hiking experience, you will gain more life energy even if you felt lazy before the start.


Even if you know nothing about yoga, you are probably aware of how many mental and physical benefits this exercise can bring.

You can do it at home and you can do it at work in your office. You can do it alone or with your friends.

It is a great hobby, even for lazy people. Think about it, most of the time you can just hold the position.

Watch Movies

You probably don’t have enough time or energy to go to cinemas to watch movies, but you can watch movies at your home even if you don’t feel like doing anything.

I suggest you visit IMDB.com and choose the movie you may like and check if you can find it online. A good place to search for popular movies is NetFlix as well.


Are you an animal lover but don’t have enough time and patience to take care of a dog?

Well, think about fishkeeping, fishes are relatively easy pets to keep even if you are a lazy person.

With fish, you don’t have to go for a walk every morning and you don’t have to train it to pee in a certain spot. If you are inspired get yourself an aquarium and choose your first fish.

Hobbies You can do While Sitting

The next hobbies are for the ones who don’t want to move around and just want to do the hobby while sitting.


You have a lot to choose from; crossword, mechanical, logic, math, word search puzzles, sudoku, and trivia. Puzzles are great time burners even if you feel lazy, you can do it even while in bed.

All you need is a smartphone and internet connection and you will find different puzzles on a variety of websites.

Board Games

If you have a friend at your place and you both feel lazy I suggest picking up some board game.

I am sure you know Monopoly or Scrabble but there are many others you can pick up and have fun with while spending your free time with a good company.

You probably have some in your apartment already, so think about that. Sit behind the table and let the fun begin.

Play Video games

Playing video games is fun like any other hobby for the times you feel lazy. Some people are considering playing video games a waste of time, but others accepted this hobby for the times they have nothing better to do.

For most games you don’t have to put in a lot of physical activity, all you need to do is sit, grab your computer mouse and you are in the game.


Origami is a great craft for everyone, even for lazy people. All you need is hands, imagination, and some paper. So, sit down and transform a sheet of paper into a sculpture.

Possibilities with this hobby are endless, from home décor to cute animals, angels, gift box or Christmas trees.

Hobbies You can do While Watching TV

For the times you feel lazy watching TV could be a great hobby, but with all the commercials it is also boring. So, here are some suggestions for what you can do while watching TV.

Play Sudoku

I am sure you know sudoku, but I will still explain it. It is a numbers game based on specific rules in which you have to solve each of the blank spaces in a puzzle.

Search for some old newspaper in your apartment and look in the end pages, usually, you will find sudoku puzzles over there.

In case you can’t find it this way you can always search the internet and find the one that you can print.

Surf the Internet

Do you have some questions, Google it! Do you want to chat with your friend? Visit Skype, Facebook, or Twitter. These days you will find the answer to every question you ask while surfing the internet.

You can easily do it while watching TV as well, it is a great hobby for when you are lazy or have nothing to do during your free time.

Teach Yourself A Language

Do you want to learn French but you are too lazy to do it? Have you ever think about learning a language while you are watching TV?

You can do it… get yourself a dictionary and find some french movie on the program. This way you can learn new words right away even if you are too lazy to take language classes.

Things To Do To Avoid Being Lazy

Sleep from six to eight hours each night, this way you will be ready to tackle the day ahead. Make sure you sleep enough but don’t overdo it.

If you feel lazy in the morning, take a minute or two and make your bed, this way you will gain some motivation which will lead you further.

Going outside is very important to our bodies and minds, in the fresh air, you will forget about your laziness.

There is a chance that your smartphone or computer is adding to your laziness, so make sure you have a real conversation every day.

Don’t stick to the same bad habits every day, get out of your comfort zone, and challenge yourself to do every day activities differently.

Creating an action plan will help you done something, be realistic about how much effort and time are needed to meet your goals.

Ask for help, this way you will improve your chances of success, you will also connect with others, they can motivate and encourage you.

When you’re just not feeling like doing the work you probably turn to some distraction like social media… so make your distractions less accessible.

You’re less likely to feel lazy if you eat high-protein foods, these will keep your blood sugar stable and increase your energy.

Spend more time with loved ones, they can provide you with the energy and help you to improve your mood and the drive to get things done. For more tips on how to overcome laziness check this article from WikiHow.

Did I Miss Something?

These are just a few hobbies for lazy people, I am sure there are more fun activities that are good for lazy times. If you miss some suggestions, white your ideas in the comments below.