14 Hobbies You Can do While Watching TV

Check out the following hobbies you could do while you’re watching TV, but I am warning you, once you get into the flow, you might not watch television anymore.

When starting a new hobby it is always good to ask yourself what do you want to accomplish with your new activity.

So, having a hobby is a good way to keep you happy and engaged, but you probably have other goals in your mind. Weightlifting, for instance, is a more physically intense activity than Jigsaw-puzzling.

The following list of hobby ideas will be inspiring in case you want to start something that you can do while watching TV.

What you Can do While Watching TV?


Scrapbooking is a great way to help you remember different parts of your life. You could make a scrapbook about a holiday, school years, or even about friendship.

This is a great hobby you can do even while watching TV. You can find free printable ideas on Pinterest, it’s an inexpensive hobby, things you need for scrapbooking are real cheap.


This is a more introspective hobby, however, it can be very therapeutic. You can write down all your feelings, thoughts, happy, and bad moments/memories.

Diary writing can handle everything. It doesn`t matter good or bad. If this is something you would like to do, don`t hesitate to start. Lay down the first word and see where it leads you.


Next is a hobby that is perfect if you are looking for a hobby you can do with your hands.

Knitting is a handy hobby that can help you pass the time! If you travel by train a lot, always have your knitting supplies with you, so you can do it on the train.

You can knit even while watching your favorite TV show, with this hobby you’ll never be bored while commercial time on TV. The best thing about knitting is that you will always have something to give for birthday presents.



Many people prepare food while watching TV. Cooking is a fun way to spend your time and useful life skill as well. Go to the nearest store and buy ingredients and cook your favorite meals.

Don’t make excuses, if there is something you don’t know you will always find endless instructions and recipes online.


With the popularity of TV shows all around the world, baking is becoming more and more popular every year. So, why not baking while watching your favorite cooking TV show?

If you feel like you want to bake something right now go to the kitchen and find out what ingredients you have. There is always the right time to bake, find some recipes online, and try your hands on baking savory or sweet treats.

Start Budgeting

Create a spending budget once a week, and you can do this while watching TV news. Budgeting is a great way to save some money and get your finances in order.

After a year or two of budgeting, you might be able, to begin with, a hobby that you always wanted to start.


With coloring templates, you can get focus and express yourself endlessly. It is very relaxing and suitable for young and old.

You can search online to find the template you like and want to get creative with it. All you need now is some coloring pencils…

Play Online Games

To have some fun you can always visit the local casinos, or even better, just run your computer and bring the casino in your room.

Over the last years, more and more people joined online casinos.  So, you can play games even while watching TV.

Blackjack, poker, roulette… you will find all these online. If you decide to try I advise you to practice before spending any money, first play just for fun.


You know bodybuilding, but do you know that it focuses on control, core strength, self-discipline, singular vision, and focusing on a key.

All these skills could be transferable and relevant in terms of productivity in your everyday life.

If you are a bodybuilding beginner you will find many useful resources online that will help you to get started.


When you start dancing you’ll face many forms of dance and you will find out that you can practice in many different ways.

If you don’t want to visit classes you can start practicing at home, you can dance even while watching your favorite TV dance show.

So put on some of your favorite songs and dance, do this every day. If you want a more structured approach be sure to check lessons on YouTube, there are many, choose the ones you like.

Learn the Guitar

In case you always wanted to learn some musical instruments I suggest learning a guitar. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money you can buy a used guitar and start practicing on it. While practicing music scales you can even do it while watching TV.

The best place to start practicing is online, you will find many good websites with tutorials and guitar tabs. Another good way to start learning is by investing in your private guitar teacher.

After you progress with your playing you can buy a new and more expansive guitar to improve your playings even more.


Puzzles are a hobby that can help improve problem-solving skills and memory. In case you want to take your mind off your surroundings one option is to try jigsaw puzzles.

All you need to do is buy a puzzle, usually, you can choose between three sizes (300, 500, 1000 pieces). You can even make your own if you can’t wait until the game arrives.


I’m sure you know embroidery, it is a set of different types of stitches. From basic ones where you just sew in a line to more complicated stitches like a chain, wheels, or french knots. It is a perfect hobby if you want to do something while sitting.

When you first starting, I suggest that you get a kit, this way you will have a fabric with a printed pattern on it. So, you will just match the colors and fill in the gaps in the fabric.


Yoga is another hobby that you can do in your home, even in front of a TV screen. You probably know that Yoga is good for both your mental and physical wellbeing.

Anyone can get started and improve flexibility, strength, balance, and inner peace. It’s a practice that’s older than our civilization, so there’s information about it everywhere, in libraries or online!

In order to get started right away, you can find many YouTube channels that will guide you through basic exercises.

Did I miss something?

These are just a few hobbies that you can do while watching TV. I am sure there are many more hobbies that you can do in front of the TV, if you have more ideas write your suggestions in the comments below.