22 Hobbies You Can Do While Sitting

In order to improve your well-being and health, you need outdoor activity every day. But, you will spend some time indoors sitting as well. So when you get a moment to sit down, try to do something productive. There are many good hobby ideas that you can do while sitting and most of them you can do at home right now!

Of course, you can watch TV while sitting but why not use this stationary time to engage in some interesting hobby? In this post, you will find many hobbies that you can do while sitting down.

Common Hobbies You Can Do While Sitting


You are probably fishing from your childhood years if you live near a river. If fishing is your hobby you should catch and release the fish, but if you are camping, fishing could be a great way to acquire food.

In order to master this hobby, you will need to know about different rods, baits, and hooks.

Don’t forget to search for information about fish behavior, you will find many great websites that will provide good resources.


Reading can help you discover new words, learn about different things, and explore new ideas and cultures. Search online and find the list of classic novels, choose the one you like the most and start reading it.

Yes, you can read while sitting, but your mind will definitely move around.“reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” is a well-known quote of Joseph Addison, and I can agree with that in total.


Writing is one of the best hobbies you can do while sitting. There is always a good time to start writing, you can write a poem, short story, novel, or even a blog.

This is a good way to express your feelings through written words and channeling your creativity.

If you search Google you will find courses on making a poem or writing fiction.


Assembling puzzles is a great way to relieve stress after a busy day because it also teases and encourages your brain and memory activity.

It is one of my favorite sitting hobbies. Puzzles will relieve your mind of daily frustrations and teach you how to solve problems.


People of all ages can start this creative pastime. Colouring will let you express yourself, as well as give you focus and relaxation.

You can start right away, you only need coloring pencils which you probably have at home somewhere, and some templates, you will find free printable templates on many webpages.

Learn a Language

Learning a new language is always fun and brings you knowledge that you will never regret. Of course, you can learn a language while sitting but to master it you should change your environment.

You can start by deciding what language you want to learn and plan a holiday destination in that direction.

That is a great way to force yourself to learn and speak the language you desire to know.


The so-called »game of kings« will take a lot of training to master. But it is not impossible.

Many websites will give you an insight into the fundamentals of the game. There are also many books written about playing and how to get good at it.

To get started you don`t really need a cheeseboard. But don`t forget to actually play it and keep practicing. Remember, the more you play, the more you develop your sense of how to move the figures on the board.


Have you ever think about hosting a bingo party? If you are looking for a hobby that all can participate in, the Bingo game is the right social activity to start.

Everyone knows a 75 ball Bingo game, it has always been a favorite pastime game among friends and family.

It will definitely bring people to unwind and relax and maybe win a little money or some prize.


Gaming and making videos can go hand-in-hand, games are pretty good material for a video topic, the gaming community is really wide.

But if you are not intrigued by video games you can still go with board games. Or you might think about gaming in the opposite way and even start designing them.

Gaming is a fun hobby and can represent many activities not only sitting behind a computer.

Cigar Tasting

Take up cigar smoking if you want a fancy hobby, you will be able to taste different cigars and distinguish their flavors. You will learn about the finer points of cigars and what you should look for when smoking one.

It’s like spirits or wine tasting, but the good thing about cigar tasting is that it’s not that expensive.

For instance, you can get a whiskey glass with a cigar holder for less than 30$. Cigar tasting doesn’t require much energy.


If you are looking to start a hobby that you can do with your hands consider knitting or sewing, this activity will allow you to spend less money on clothes and birthday gifts. With knitting you can be creative, you can create sweaters, scarves, shawls, and bonnets.

As long as you have the materials you can create pretty much every piece of clothing. The clothes you create are more personalized so it can be a great handmade gift for your family or friends.


Leatherworking is for anyone who likes to play around with leather. You can make numerous craft products that you can use by yourself or you can use them for commercial purposes.

When you are just starting, I suggest you make easy leather products like belts, bags, or wallets, after you get familiar you can shift to more complex projects.

So If you decide to start this hobby you will need to buy some basic tools and material, after you have all that is needed, just start with searching for ideas and tutorials.


If you want to improve your math and strategic skills and discipline consider poker. This is a card game that will teach you also patience, and logical thinking, and you will be able to apply strategies.

After you become good at playing you can join tournaments and earn some money as well.

If you are inspired, search for poker rooms in your area, and play some poker games with other poker enthusiasts. But if you don’t want to leave your home you can still play online poker. Find more hobbies that you can do at your home here.


This is a great hobby if you like to build things. Because of the materials used, pottery is a more delicate form of item building compared to leatherworking and metalworking.

With this hobby, you get to craft items such as clay pots, vases, and plates, which you can use yourself or use as a gift for family and friends.


If you enjoy working with photography and images, consider videography as well. It is the best way to preserve important moments and memories.

If you want to devote more time to this hobby, you need to try to make a movie as well. If you are passionate enough you might become the next Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino.

Wine Tasting

Do you enjoy the taste of wine? Improve your senses and turn wine tasting into a good hobby. You can share your passion while having a nice conversation with your friends or you can drink it alone while watching TV.

Wine tasting is not only checking the flavor, it is also checking the wine’s look, smell, taste, and aftertaste. To recognize the best wine you will have to examine every mentioned aspect of the wine.


In case you want to start some computer-related hobby consider coding. There are not many hobbies as practical as coding, and you can do it while sitting as well.

In case you are looking for a more general view of coding, you should find some good information online.

Find some course that will give you an introduction to web development and that’ll cover the basics of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Coding language is a skill that many want to learn.

Data Visualization

A hobby that will for sure lit a spark in people that like graphical representation of data. If you start pursuing this hobby you will discover how to create different images, charts, and maps.

Also, you will learn and help to enlighten people about data sets. You will gain skills that will boost your creative and analytical muscles.


If you have some paints or paintbrushes around your apartment, you can easily start a new hobby. Express yourself in a different way and develop new skills.

This is another hobby that you can do while sitting. If you have any questions you can listen to some tutorials online and begin to master your technics.


If you like to express your opinions and thoughts on specific topics but don’t want to write a blog you can still take up podcasting.

All you need to begin with this inexpensive hobby is a computer, microphone, and maybe soundproofing equipment.

Don’t take this hobby lightly, in order to make a good podcast you will have to be consistently committed and sacrifice a lot of time.


Do you care how we came this far and how the world progresses and changes through time? Then this hobby could be your cup of tea. Especially if you like to read, there are numerous books available about world history.

Think about the era you are interested in and read all about it. And if you prefer to listen, there are many spoken words and podcasts available online nowadays.


You can collect everything, from stamps to classic cars. It is satisfying to accumulate a complete set of coins, books, or cards from all over the world.

If you stick to collect valuable things you will get the chance to make decent money over time.

In case you don’t have anybody to talk to about your collection, I am sure you will find some collecting enthusiasts on forums or elsewhere on the internet.

Go-Kart Racing

Sit in your go-kart and let the race begin. Go-Kart racing is a hobby that shouldn’t be only for kids, this can be invigorating and fun for all.

Look for some go-kart places, find the ones that have go-karts that can go over 30 mph. When you are choosing a go-kart complex make sure to give them a call and set a reservation.

If you are in luck, your friends may be the only drivers on the track, so you can have a real race.

Did I miss something?

These are just a few sitting hobbies. I am sure there are more hobbies you can do while sitting. In case you have any good hobby ideas you can share your suggestions in the comments below.