Hobby Ideas by Interests (Craft, Art, Sport, …)

The best way to develop new skills or getting creative is to start with a new hobby. A good way to find a new hobby is to follow your interests and your personality type.

This is why I have made a long list of hobby ideas for every possible interest, so in this post, you will find crafting hobby ideas, hobbies for art lovers, technology-related hobbies, hobby ideas for nature lovers, and many more. You will find lots of good suggestions, even if you are searching only for a pastime to overcome boredom.


How to Find a Hobby Ideas You Love?

Make personality assessments and figure out which hobbies might be the right for your interests and personality type. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator will give you a deeper insight into your personality type and The Strong Interest Inventory will help you identify your key interests. After taking an assessment search for the right ideas and start trying new things.


List of Hobby Ideas Grouped by Interests

Below is a huge list of hobby ideas that can help you make the most of your free time, develop new skills, or just escape boredom. Everyone should find one or more ideas that fit their interest, from kids to teenagers, adults, and the elderly.

Some hobbies are popular among women and others among men. Choose a hobby that makes you happy, and don’t let stereotypes lead you.

Let’s get started!

Hobby Ideas Related to Crafting


Blacksmithing is not a good hobby idea only for men but for women as well. So, create things from wrought iron or steel. There are numerous products you can create, like furniture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and cooking utensils, weapons, and even religious items.

Book Restoration

Repair and renew old books. Book restoring could be a great hobby for rainy days, it includes cleaning, mending, filling damaged pages, and rebinding.


There are many beautiful things about bread making. The way it enlarges, from minor grains, the way it fills a room with its unique smells, the way it tastes after the process is over. In case you don’t know where to start find some tutorials online, here is one you can start with.

Candle making

It is a simple process, start with measuring the wax, then melt the wax and add fragrance oils. Attach the wick and pour the wax, secure the wick, and add more wax if needed, finally cut the wick. Watch this video for more instructions on how to make a candle.

Candy making

The following is for those who are looking for hobby ideas for kids. When making candy at home you need to know that there are two factors that affect the taste of your candy the most: the procedure you follow and the ingredients you use.

Car fixing & building

Many car owners do minor repairs by themselves, it can be a great hobby related to mechanical engineering. Almost everyone can change and repair tires, you will save some money at the same time. If you need help with procedures search for online tutorials.


Do you love milk and milk associated products? Get into the craft of making cheese. There are many ways to produce cheese with diverse flavors and consistencies. If you want more information visit the American cheese society website.


Do you wish to make your own clothes? You don’t need to be a seamstress to make your own clothes. Creating your own custom apparel is the best way of making your own fashion style.

Coffee Roasting

Do you like the way how coffee smells? Have you ever thought of roasting coffee? It is the process of transforming coffee beans from green to brown. There are different ways to make it, and different procedures affect the flavor.


Coloring is not only a childhood pastime, everyone can pull out the crayons, colored pencils, markers, and experience countless health benefits of this relaxing hobby.  Also, it is one of the best hobby ideas for women during pregnancy.


Want to start with old school hobby related to art and craft? Crochet isn’t a hard craft to learn. All you need to know are a few stitches, after you are familiar with them you can start making a wide variety of useful products. Crocheting is a great hobby idea for moms.


Cross stitch has been around for ages, and it is one of the simplest forms of hand embroidery. It is often available as kits, but you can come up with your own project as well, all you need is fabric, thread, and other basic supplies.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Home improvement and maintenance can be costly, and plumbing repair can cost hundreds of dollars, but if you do it yourself it is free. Build, modify, or repair things by yourself, without any help from experts, it is a fun and useful hobby to have. To find new projects visit doityourself.com

Flower Arranging

The following is a great hobby idea for housewives. The dining room table, nightstand, and home office desk need a nice flower arrangement. Do you agree? If yes then you should start arranging flowers. Select flowers, create a bland of complementary colors, choose a vase and you are halfway to a beautiful DIY flower arrangement.

Drink Mixing

Mixing drinks is a skill set that you should share with others. Invite some friends over and learn how to craft a tasty mixed drink together. With some clever tricks and basic tools, you will be able to make delicious cocktails.


Why do people love woodworking? Woodworking is more than a pastime or hobby, it is the perfect hobby idea for men. Many people like to use their minds and hands to build something unique out of wood. It is a very popular hobby in the US, so there are many woodworking clubs around the country, you can find the nearest one on the FineWorking website.


If you want to design something in steel you need to know how to weld it. It is a process that uses high heat to join metals together. There are science and precise knowledge involved in this hobby. Welding is also a good hobby idea for men.


Taxidermy is the scientific art of preserving an animal’s body. It can be practiced on every animal such as mammals, birds, or fish. In many countries, you will need a license if you’re planning to start with this hobby.


DIY soap is made up of natural ingredients that are better for the skin and for the whole planet. In general, there are four common methods you can use to make soap: cold process, hot process, melt and pour, and rebatching. It is one of the best hobby ideas to earn money as well.


Want to make shoes by your hand? It is not easy but it is not impossible. You will need some skills, tools, and materials like leather, wood, rubber, and other materials.


For those who like visual arts, there is sculpting. Find a quiet space where you can work, after you choose materials to use the proper tools. Be persistent while learning the skill.


You can sew by hand or you can use a sewing machine. Make your own clothing or household furnishings. Use products yourself, or as gifts for family and friends.

Radio-Controlled Model

RC models are not a great hobby idea only for teenagers and kids but also for adults. You can choose from model cars, boats, planes, helicopters, or railway locomotives. Find clubs and events and more information about RC models on modelaircraft.org

Model Railroading

Are you fascinated by transport systems at a reduced scale? Make research and you will find the scale models like locomotives, streetcars, tracks, signaling, and landscapes like, roads, bridges, buildings, urban landscape, and features such as rivers, hills, tunnels, and canyons.


When you fold a piece of paper you will relax and escape the stress.  Make a paper star, origami butterfly, origami boat, or origami vase…Get yourself an origami book or watch origami tutorials, this way you will never run out of ideas.


If you love working with metals you should consider metalworking. You can create assemblies, individual parts, or large-scale structures, options are endless. Prepare to learn new skills, processes, and tools.

Model Building

Create physical models either from kits or from materials acquired by yourself. The following are some popular ideas; live steam models, model aircraft, model cars, building models, model figures, model rockets, ship models, matchstick models.

Model Engineering

Do you have the lathe, the mill, the shaper, and the drill press? Well, you can start with model engineering which is a great hobby idea for engineers as well. It is building a proportionally-scaled miniature working presentation of full-sized devices.


Do you remember friendship bracelets? These are created using this method. Whit this technique of knotting you can create many macramé jewelry or decorations. It is a popular hobby idea for girls and women.

Leather Crafting

Make leather into works of art or craft objects like wallet, file folders, iPad Case, mousepad, …Learn shaping techniques, coloring techniques and provide for main tools like swivel knife, veiner, beveler, pear shader, seeder…

Lego Building

The following hobby idea is not only for kids and teenagers but also for adults and seniors. Lego is a line of plastic construction toys and is one of the things in life you never grow out of. You will find numerous Lego themes, for instance, if you’re a Batman fan you will be amazed by the Batmobile model kit, and so on.


Make your own knife, use processes like investment cast, stock removal, forging to shape, welded lamination. Learn about forging and blanking. Use carbon steel or stainless steel, alternatively, you can use bronze, copper, brass, or iron as well.


Knitting is another great hobby idea for women. So, create a textile or fabric. Yarn, Metal Wire, Glass/Wax are basic materials you can use. You can knit by hand or by machine. There are different methods of knitting for achieving different effects.

Knot Tying

Do you know how to tie a tie? If you have a boat then you need to know how to make knots, there are also fishing knots and climbing knots, or even surgical knots. Learning about knots is fun, in this video, you will get to know seven of the most essential knots.

Home Improvement

If you are looking for hobbies related to design think about home improvement. Renovate or remodel your home. Upgrade an existing home interior like electric and plumb. Build your own furniture, remodel masonry or roofing, work on your garden, or make additions in the garage.


Use glassblowing to make homemade glass bottles or any other glass product. You will need a healthy lung, blowpipe, furnace, annealer, bench, and some other tools.

Gingerbread House Making

Making a gingerbread house is fun and exciting but no simple task. There are many ideas online you can follow, from more simple to complex ones.


Decorate your clothes or other materials, use a needle to apply thread or yarn. If your world is more colorful you can use also other materials such as pearls, beads, quills, or sequins.

Lock picking

Try to unlock a lock without the original key. Don’t associate this with criminal intent, it is a simple hobby. You may have heard of Locksport, It is the sport of defeating locking systems.

Pressed Flower Craft

Dry flower petals and leaves in a flower press to flatten and used them to ornament your wall or in some other craft projects. Join the IPFAS, which is an international pressed flower organization that promotes pressed flower art.

Kombucha Brewing

The following is another hobby idea for all men and women. Did you know that with a few very basic ingredients and techniques you can make a fizzy drink? Kombucha tastes like a green apple mixed with sour stone fruits with an underlying sweetness.


Make your own drink using the home brewing technique, the most popular is beer brewing, but you can also make wine, mead, cider, and other alcoholic drinks. You will need to learn about the basic brewing process like malting, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering, and others.


Make a book, box, or card and preserve and arrange your personal and family history. Use photographs, artwork, and printed media.


Make strips of the paper, roll, shape, and glue them together so you can create decorative designs. Make beautiful greetings cards, pictures, boxes, eggs, models, jewelry, …


Join at least three layers of fabric together. Stitch them by hand or with a sewing machine. Quilting is of the first examples of upcycling, as it uses remnants and offcuts for the creation of new products.


Do you like challenges? It is not only for kids and teenagers but also for adults. Ready? Manipulate at least three objects at the same time and learn to juggle, use any object you can find in your room, but the most common props are balls, clubs, or rings.


Use linen, silk, gold, or silver threads and make lace, it is a delicate fabric made in an open weblike pattern. Sure you can use yarn or thread as well, alternatively, you can use fine copper or silver wire as well.


Make vessels out of clay or any other ceramic material. After you are happy with your design of vessel fire it at high temperatures to get a hard, durable form. You can choose from earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain.


Just like knitting, crocheting, felting, weaving is also a method of production textile. It can be a good hobby idea for men, and women, it is also a hobby that can make money on the side.


Spend some quality time in the kitchen. There are plenty of tasty and fulfilling recipes you can bake right away, if only you have the right ingredients. In case you have no idea what to bake, check some baking Ideas on tasteofhome.com.


Everybody knows gardening, but have you heard about gardening underwater? If you have an aquarium try aquascaping, it is the craft of arranging aquatic plants, rocks, or driftwood.

Fly Tying

If you are passionate about fishing, make artificial fly. To imitate fish prey you will need various furs, feathers, threads and hooks, and the appropriate materials. You will also need some basic equipment like a vise, and pliers.


Refinish surfaces and materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic, and paint. Apply the paint or finish topcoat on any object or product. But be careful, don’t do it on antique furniture, it could notably reduce the overall value.

Iceboat Racing

Do you live near the Baltic Sea? You probably have heard about Iceboat racing. An iceboat or ice yacht is a sailing craft supported on metal runners for traveling over ice. Ice Boats can go more than 150 miles per hour, it is a dangerous sport a hobby that is not for everyone.

Model Aircraft

Do you like model making? Model an aircraft or small scale replica of an existing aircraft. You can choose between two basic groups, which are flying and non-flying. If you want to compete with your model consider some competitions. Find more from the governing body for air sports FAI.

Radio-Controlled Car Racing

Get into radio-controlled cars, it is a great hobby idea for men. There are electric models and fuel-powered models, you can also choose between on-road and off-road models. In case you want to race with your car visit the International Federation of Model Auto Racing.

Radio-Controlled Model Playing

Do you already have an RC vehicle? Go outside or stay indoors and play with it, make trails and barriers, and have fun while playing.

Tether Car

The tether cars are attached to the center pole and race on a circular track, the cars race one at a time. You cant have this hobby in your room, but you will find tracks in United States, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, and many other countries.


Science-Related Hobby Ideas

Satellite Watching

Observe and track artificial satellites that are orbiting Earth, it is one of the best hobby ideas in lockdown. To pinpoint you will need only data-sharing, many of the satellites are visible with the naked eye. There are many clubs that collect observations, some also issue awards for observations.

Amateur Astronomy

Use binoculars, or telescopes and observe celestial objects in the sky. You could even make some contributions in doing science, such as by monitoring variable stars, sunspots, or by discovering transient astronomical events, like comets. Who knows, maybe you win Gordon Myers Amateur Achievement Award someday.

Amateur Meteorology

Learn about atmospheric sciences and weather forecasting. Study weather events like cyclones and tornadoes, try to build a weather observation station. Become an NWS Cooperative observer volunteer.

Amateur Astrology

Study movements and positions of celestial objects. Predict people’s future (romantic relationships and economic fortunes) based on the position of the sun, stars, moon, and planets. If you are interested visit Digital International Astrology Library.

Computer Programming

Would you like to design a computer program just like Internet Explorer or McAfee Antivirus? If you are not a software engineer you will have to learn about analysis, algorithms, programming languages before you start to design.


Construct and analyze protocols that prevent third parties from reading private messages. In order to understand cryptography, you will have to study mathematics, electrical engineering, computer science, communication science, and physics. For more information visit Derek Bruff’s blog.

Electronic Games

I am sure you already have an electronic game in your apartment. Video games are the most common form today, but there are also other common forms like handheld electronic games, standalone systems (pinball, slot machines, arcade games), and non-visual games (audio games).

Tinker With Electronics

Start to tinker with electronics and build new gadgets. Choose between radio, micros, computer kits, PCs, and other electronics. The easiest way to get started is to look for some sort of a kit, Arduino or SparkFun are good places to start.


Manipulate with particular factors and demonstrating the outcome and provide insight into cause-and-effect. Experiment with anything you want, you could experiment with water or wind, you could experiment with a musical instrument.


Do you feel responsible to preserve the past for future generations? Study your family history and trace your lineages. You can do this by interviews, historical records, other records, and genetic analysis.

Sports Science

Are you curious about how the human body works during exercise, and how sport and physical activity affects body and soul? Learn about exercise physiology, sport psychology, anatomy, biomechanics, biochemistry, and biokinetics. A good place to start with sports science in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine.


Hobby Ideas for Animal Lovers


There are approximately ten thousand species of birds around the world, you probably won’t see them all. But every bird that you see for the first time will fill you with light even if you don’t know their names. Join your local birding club, you will find it on the American Birding Association website.


Search for reptiles like snakes, lizards, and amphibians. The most popular technique is searching under rocks and logs. Join a reptile club, to find the one in your area, browse the following listing.

Whale Watching

A small percentage of big fish still exist. You still have the chance to watch whales, dolphins, and porpoises in their natural habitat.


Fishkeeping is one of the most popular hobbies related to pets. After a stressful day, sit down and watch your fishes, it is much better than TV, it is therapeutic actually.

Butterfly Watching

Butterfly watching is a great hobby related to animals. Some people say that butterflies are flying flowers, that can lead you to the bright side of life. Join any butterfly watching club and connect with like-minded people.

Horseback Riding

A man on a horse is larger than a man on foot, the back of a horse is the best place to heal a broken heart. If you are new to the hobby you will need a riding Instructor, joining some horseback riding club will also help at the beginning.

Pet Adoption & Fostering

Check Petfinder.com and find a way to provide a shelter for a homeless dog or any other pet. Adopting a dog won’t change the whole world, but for that one dog, the world will change completely.

Herp Keeping

Feeding and breeding reptiles and amphibians can be a fun hobby. Before taking any other action it is vital to take the time to properly research their needs, like diets, environmental needs, adult size, life span…


Hobby Ideas for Collectors


Want to gather the most groceries and save as much money as possible? Use coupons to redeem a financial discount or rebate. Where to find them? Search in the newspapers, magazines, coupon databases, or search online and use printable coupons.

Stamp Collecting

Collect postage stamps and other related objects. Philately is one of the most popular hobbies of all time. Philatelist is commonly used to mean a stamp collector, but a philatelist does not have to collect stamps. There are numerous organizations for stamp collectors, you might be interested in the American Philatelic Society.

Action Figure

If you like films, comic books, military, video games, or television programs you probably have your favorite characters. Collect action figures and display them in your room or elsewhere. You will find many ideas on action figure websites and blogs.


Do you want a hobby related to history? Collect items because of their aesthetic or historical significance. Focus on antiques that show some degree of craftsmanship, collectability, such as a desk, chair, or an early car. It is one of the hobby ideas that can make money as well.


The next hobby is for you if you like animals but don’t want to have a dog as a pet. Ant keeping is for you if you like science and experiments. So, capture, care, and observe ants and ant colonies.

Art Collecting

If you decide to collect art focus on a period, such as modern art, or a region. But you can choose also only one artist and collect everything regarding his or her work. In case you want more information about art collecting I suggest visiting the art-collecting website.

Book Collecting

Looking for hobbies related books? Book collecting is not an expensive hobby, you will find countless new books every day, and thousands of bookstores, including Abebooks, Alibris, Amazon. To save space you can collect books in audio format as well, Audible, Google Audiobooks, Librivox can help you with that.

Button Collecting

Collect various types of buttons. It is simple, use a household container, and store buttons in there, use them when you need them. If you are more serious about the hobby you can use The National Button Society forum and get more information about the history of buttons.

Cartophily (Card Collecting)

Collect cards, trading cards are usually associated with sports, baseball cards are the most popular. But you will find also cards that feature cartoons, comic book characters, television series, and film stills. You can search for many cards on the Trading Card Database website.

Coin Collecting

One of the best hobby ideas for the elderly is coin collecting. So, collect coins or other forms of legal tender. You could purchase coins as an investment, or you could find it yourself with a metal detector. Most collectors gather coins purely for pleasure and don’t expect profit. Find more on the United States Mint website.

Comic Book Collecting

Want to share a hobby with Samuel L. Jackson? Well, collect comic books and related items like artwork and collectibles. There are many websites dedicated to helping collectors manage comic collections, Comic Book Database is one of the most popular.

Deltiology (Postcard Collecting)

Study and collect postcards, deltiology is one of the largest collecting hobbies. In many countries all around the world, you can find Postcard clubs that you can join, many are listed on postcard.co.uk website.

Die-Cast Toy

Collect die-cast toys, these are collectible models that are produced by using the die casting method, these are made of molten lead or zinc alloy. To find more information visit Diecast Collector which is a British magazine dedicated to collecting diecast toys.

Digital Hoarding

You may have heard about compulsive hoarding, but you may don’t know that you collect electronic material that is no longer valuable, it is called digital hoarding. If you want your computer to collapse keep collect digital clutter, otherwise erase everything you don’t need.


There is something about the dolls, otherwise, people wouldn’t collect them. Dolls have been used in traditional religious rituals for centuries, the earliest ones were made from wood, clay, bone, ivory, leather, or wax. For more visit the antique doll collector website.

Element Collecting

Following is a great hobby idea related to chemistry. Collect the chemical elements and make a collection for no practical reason. You will enjoy finding peculiar uses of chemical elements while engaging in amateur chemistry. Studying the properties of the elements can be fun and useful. In this article from acs.org, you can read about element collector James L. Marshall.

Ephemera Collecting

Collect advertising trade cards, catalogs, greeting cards, posters, prospectuses, defunct stock certificates, tickets, or even airsickness bags. To start your collection ask family members or friends to save it. For more information visit some online collector catalog, a good place to start is on the Ephemera Society of America website.

Fusilately (Phonecard Collecting)

You can still collect telephone cards these days. Because of the progress of technology, the prices for collectible phone cards has fallen drastically. Maybe this is the right reason why you should start to collect phone cards, it has become a cheap hobby. Find more on the telephone card collector website.

Knife Collecting

Collect knives, dedicate your free time to storing and maintaining your knife collection. You can gather an assortment of all different knives or you can specialize in some areas, maybe bayonets, pocketknives, or handmade. Join some of The Knife Collectors Club.

Lotology (Lottery Ticket Collecting)

Collect lottery tickets or scratchcards. It can be a cheap hobby, you don’t even need to buy the ticket, all you have to do is to tell your friends to save them for you.

Movie and Movie Memorabilia Collecting

Want a hobby related to movies? Collect costumes from movies, scripts, props, advertising posters. You shouldn’t have problems with finding those items. Many popular movies sell collectible items via online movie memorabilia stores, and other web auctions. Find more on how to start to collect movie props.

Fingerprint Collecting

Collecting fingerprints is not only for forensic scientists. Human fingerprints are nearly unique, detailed, difficult to alter, which makes them interesting for collecting. Everyone can collect fingerprints, just ask your family members and friends, I’m sure they will help you.

Perfume Collecting

Do you love fragrant essential oils? Collect perfumes, you have numerous options to choose from, the best way is to focus on one area. You can collect only plant-based perfumes or animal source perfumes. For more information about perfumes visit the experimental perfume club website.


Collect different items related to matches, like matchboxes, matchbox labels, matchbooks, match covers, or match safes. Matches are a cheap choice if you struggle with the decision of what to buy as souvenirs from other countries. Plus you will simultaneously build your collection. Find more on matchbox collecting on the Wagner Match website.

Pin Collecting

Do you often wear a pin on clothing or attached to a bag, then you probably already collect pins. You may use it as an ornament or because of affiliation with an organization or community. If you decide to start collecting pins you should visit the Olympin Club website.

Radio-Controlled Model Collecting

What do you do after you build one RC vehicle? Probably build another one. Many RC enthusiasts collect RC cars, a lot of them also build and collect model trains. There are races as well, so if you want to experience the competition find an RC club, like Dirtrunners.

Rock Tumbling

Simply pick up a rock and another one and another one, …and make a collection. Collect also minerals, and fossils and study them. Join clubs and groups and compare your collection with other collectors. There are many rock and mineral clubs in the US, you can find them on the rocktumbler website.


Scutelliphily is the hobby of collecting badges or patches. There are many collectible patches, the most popular are police or service patches, fashion patches, scout patches, space mission patches, political and sports stickers, walking stick labels, or car window pennants.

Sneaker Collecting

Sneaker collecting is a hobby of the acquisition and trading of sneakers. Sneakerheads often collect shoes made for specific sports, most often skateboarding or basketball.

Slot Car Collecting

Start collecting slot cars. Numerous slot car tracks have been made to this date, if you have luck you can find more than a hundred years old toy. You should find slot car enthusiasts on the Austin slot car club website.

Sports Memorabilia

It doesn’t matter what’s your favorite sport, you can always collect trophies, sports cards, equipment, autographs, photographs, and other memorabilia.

Tea Bag Collecting

The following is a great hobby idea for seniors. Tea Bag collectors collect also other items related to tea, like boxes, labels, cans, cups, or teapots. It’s like any other collecting hobby, it requires patience and detailed observation.

Ticket Collecting

The ticket is a collectible item as well, the value of the ticket is mainly based on the event connected to it. Rarity, theme, or country of issue is also important criteria. Collectors often trade used tickets on online marketplaces like eBay or collectorsweekly.com

Toy Collecting

Do you still have a childish dream of getting every single thing you want? Star Trek, Star Wars, Barbie, Polly Pocket, G.I. Joe, Transformers, or marbles and Kinder surprise are popular toys that are collectible even if you are an adult.

Map Collecting – Cartophilia

Do you still buy a map when you travel, even if you have a GPS system in your car? Most people collect transit maps unintentional, but some collect them because they want to have a collection of all possible maps.

Video Game Collecting

Collect and preserve video games, video game consoles, and other related memorabilia. After their discontinuation, most video game consoles and games, are considered to be collectors’ items. You can narrow your search to games holding characteristics you enjoy, such as a certain genre or featuring a specific character.

Vintage Cars Collecting

If you have a passion for automobiles start collecting vintage and classic cars. But getting a vintage car collection up to reputable proportions requires countless financial input and numerous hours to track each car.

Vintage Collecting

Search for retro clothing at local boutiques or on websites like eBay or Etsy. Focus on one era that holds recognizable value and collect every clothing you can.

Vinyl Records Collecting

Do you want to listen to songs that didn’t make it to streaming? Many buy their first vinyl because they want to listen to their favorite artist repeatedly, but some build their own collection as well. A good way to collect vinyl is by joining some record clubs such as Vinyl Me, Please.

Antiquities Collecting

Kitchenware, clocks, jewelry, furniture are the most popular antiques that antique collectors are looking for. In case you want to find rare, incredible, and valuable antiques you should visit some flea markets and online marketplaces like eBay and …

Fossil Hunting

Collect fossils and study them, amateurs collect fossils because of fun and for their scientific value. Commercial trade in fossils also existed, so it is possible to make money with this collecting hobby as well.

Insect Collecting

Collect insects and make insect collections. Catch them with the use of funnels, pitfall traps, bottle traps, and other passive types of insect traps. Once you have the insect use preservation methods such as dried preservation, liquid preservation, or any other methods.

Magnet Fishing

If you want to engage in environmentalism or treasure hunting try magnet fishing, it is about searching the outdoor waters for magnetic objects. With the use of the magnets, you will be able to find discarded bicycles, coins, car tire rim, and valuable items as well.

Metal Detecting

Get a metal detector and detect the existence of metal close by. Metal detecting enthusiasts usually searching for metal objects buried underground. There are metal detecting clubs all around the world for hobbyists to learn from each other, you can find the club near you on the metaldetector.com website.

Mineral Collecting/ Stone Collecting

Collect, identify, and display mineral examples. A lot of minerals are gorgeous and are collected for their aesthetic value. Most mineral collectors often specialize in collecting only specific colors and forms of minerals, some will travel great distances to find the sample they are looking for.

Rock Balancing

Spend some time outdoors and start with rock balancing, which is an art of naturally balanced rocks in various positions. There are five different styles, which are Classic balance, Rock Stacking, Counterbalance, Arch, and Freestyle.

Sea Glass Collecting

I’m sure you have noticed sea glass, the common colors are green, brown, and white. If you want to collect some sea glass make sure you hunt after large waves or a storm, this way you should be more successful.

Seashell Collecting

Seashell collecting is another collecting hobby you can do on vacation. You don’t need any equipment to make a seashell collection, it is a budget-friendly hobby. To find seashells easily go early in the morning and search where the sand is wet.


Hobby Ideas for Art Lovers


Do you have a room with good acoustics and looking for a hobby related to music? Are you enthusiastic about high-fidelity sound reproduction? Try to reproduce the sound of a live musical performance.


Looking for unique hobby ideas? Become a graffiti artist and display your art or political views in public locations. It can be simple written words or beautiful wall paintings.


Hooping is dancing with a hoop, which can be made of metal, wood, or plastic. Rotate the hoop around parts of the body including the waist, hips, chest, neck, shoulders, and other parts of the body.

Sand Art

Model sand into an artistic form, such as sand sculpture, sand brushing, sandpainting, or sand bottles. All you need are the two basic ingredients, water, and sand. Sand art is not only for children, there are also sand-sculpture contests for adults.


Videography is one of the best hobbies related to art. Take your smartphone or camera and capture video. Save it on your electronic media or even streaming media. Also, get into video production and post-production.

Bullet Journaling

Organize your scheduling, to-do lists, reminders, brainstorming, and other organizational tasks into a single notebook. All you will need is a pen and a notebook, there are commercially produced notebooks for bullet journaling as well.


Start with calligraphy, which is a visual art related to writing. It is the design of lettering with a brush or other writing tools. You will find calligraphy in the forms of wedding and event invitations, religious art, announcements, birth and death certificates, and other written works.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is another hobby idea for everyone, men and women. It can be fictional and non-fictional including forms as novels, biographies, short stories, and poems. Screenwriting and playwriting fit under creative writing as well.


Cosplay is a performance art in which enthusiasts wear costumes and other accessories to represent a specific character. Favorite sources include comic books, anime, cartoons, television series, and video games.

Digital arts

Become a digital artist and use technology as part of the creative process in the production of art. Make digital photography, raw audio and video recordings, digital painting, motion graphics, music visualization.


Play recorded music for an audience or yourself. Use audio equipment to mix at least two sources of recorded music together and create seamless transitions between recordings. Use vinyl records, or mix music from laptop, cassettes, or CDs.


If you would like to get into some visual art you can start drawing. To mark a medium like paper you will need some drawing instruments such as pencils or pens. You can use also various kinds of paints, inked brushes, colored pencils, crayons, charcoal, chalk, and other drawing tools. For more information, I suggest checking the following video from SchaeferArt.

Fashion Design

Apply designs and aesthetics to clothing and its accessories, such as necklaces and bracelets. You can design clothes that are functional or aesthetically pleasing. Create designs for men, women, or children.

Graphic Design

Communicate through the use of photography, typography, iconography, or illustration. Create symbols, text, and images to form visual representations of messages and ideas.


Provoke laughter and provide amusement. Use jokes to affiliate relationships, reduce tensions, and amuse others. Use humor to make light of stressful situations and brighten up a social atmosphere.


Do you like to watch David Blaine shows? Start with one of the oldest performing arts in the world. Entertain audiences by tricks or illusions of seemingly impossible feats.


Apply paint, pigment, or color to a solid surface. To apply the medium you can use a brush, knife, sponge, or airbrush. Choose between the naturalistic, photographic, abstract, narrative, or symbolistic way of painting. Learn more about drawing, composition, gesture, narration, and abstraction.

Playing Music

If you like to listen to music you should think about playing some musical instruments also. Choose between piano, guitar, trumpet, or some other instrument. Visit websites like YouTube and find tutorials that will help you with the early stages of learning.

Pole Dancing

Combine dance and acrobatics and start with pole dancing. It is not just erotic dance, this hobby has its form of artistic exercise, practiced in dedicated dance studios and gyms. There are also professional and amateur pole dancing competitions all around the world.


You can sing arranged or improvised and you can do it everywhere. Like everything in our lives singing requires dedication, time, instruction, and everyday practice. If you practice regularly your voice will become clearer and stronger.

Stand-Up Comedy

Become a stand-up comedian, and compose and perform a grouping of humorous stories, jokes, and one-liners. You can also use props, music, or magic tricks to enhance your acts.

Wood Carving

Take a cutting tool such as a knife or a chisel and make a wooden figure or some other wooden object. To do it right you would need the right wood as well, perhaps the two most usual kinds of wood used for carving are basswood and tupelo. Find some ideas online or search for magazines like Woodcarving Illustrated.


If you have well-developed imagination and physical expressivity consider acting, it can be a great hobby idea for man, and women. To become a good actor you will have to develop your body and work on your voice and on your mind.


If you are interested in traditional animation, draw images on transparent celluloid sheets, photograph and exhibit them on film. Most animations today are made with a computer but you can use also other common animation methods such as the stop motion technique.


Would you like to develop novels, role-playing games, films, video games, comics? Construct an imaginary world and develop an imaginary setting with coherent qualities such as history or geography.

Listening To Music

If you are looking for a non-physical hobby, listening to music might be the right choice. When you listen to music you like, you will start to feel good, music is an easy way to transform your mood. So, choose your favorite band or author, lay back, and just listen to the sounds you like.

Listening To Podcasts

Podcasts are similar to radio discussion programs or news, but some use other formats such as comedy shows, lectures, or audiobooks. Subscribe and download podcasts and listen to them on a smartphone, computer, or on an MP3 player.

Watching Movies

Visit IMDB or some other movie platform and find the movie you want to watch. Use online services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime to watch your favorite films.


Karaoke is one of the most fun and popular ways to spend free time. You will find a huge variety of karaoke equipment that will allow you to sing along the song, synchronized subtitles will help you with that.


A sketch might record something that you see, it might be used as a quick way of graphically demonstrating an image, or idea or it might record or develop an idea for later use.


Write down your memories, there are no rules in journaling, you can be your weirdest and most curious self. The pages can be for your eyes only. Journaling is a strategy that can help you to become better at what you do.


Form minerals, stones, or gemstones into decorative items such as engraved gems, cabochons, or faceting designs. Use the techniques of grinding, cutting, and polishing.


Swing tethered weights through a variety of geometric and rhythmical patterns. You can also dance or sing while swinging your poi. You can make your own Poi from various materials with different weights, handles, and effects.


If you have a good sense of rhyme and rhythm start rapping. Rap is an art in between prose, poetry, speech, and singing. Rappers also use alliteration and forms of wordplay that are usually found in classical poetry.


Start with alternative medicine called energy healing. Use a technique of hands-on healing or palm healing. You can buy a certificate for less than 100 dollars online and become a reiki master in just about two weeks.


If you love music, dance, or drama start with theatrical entertainment called cabaret. You can start performing in some pub, a casino, a hotel, a restaurant, or a nightclub with a stage.


Start with cardistry, which is the art of card flourishing. This hobby appears very hard to execute and is meant to be visually impressive. You can start with one-handed cuts or two-handed cuts and continue with fans and spreads.


Confectionery is a great hobby related to food. So, if you love foods that are rich in carbohydrates and sugar, dive into the art of making confections. You can start either with baker’s’ confections or sugar confections.

Knife Throwing

I’m sure that you have watched some stage performance where the knife thrower ties an assistant to the target and throws the knives to miss them. Well, don’t try this at home but you can involve in the art of throwing knives on a target.

Marching Band

Do you know how to play woodwind, brass, or any percussion instrument? Join some marching band and start performing while marching.

Baton Twirling

Get a metal rod and start with baton twirling. If you like a color guard or rhythmic gymnastics this should be a great activity for you.


Hobby Ideas for Technology Enthusiasts


If you love technology and like to spend your time outdoors try geocaching. Use a Global Positioning System and hide-or-seek containers, which are usually waterproof and contain a logbook and pencil.


Freeze a moment and taking a picture. You will be surprised how rich reality really is. All you have to do is to take your smartphone out of your pocket and start with photography. In the following video, you have the chance to learn the basics of photography.

Shortwave Listening

Listen to shortwave radio broadcasts located on frequencies between 1700 kHz and 30 MHz. You will find entertainment programming and international news, or you can collect official confirmations that document their reception of remote broadcasts.

Car Riding

It is simple, just sit in your car, turn on the radio or your favorite music, and take a ride. You will find out that driving can be relaxing and a great way to escape stress.


Are you passionate about the aircraft industry and mechanical flight? Well, you can become a recreational pilot, first, you will have to find a pilot school. After you find your school you will have to take an introductory training flight, apply for FAA Certificate, and start flight training lessons.

High Power Rocketry

Want to start with a hobby related to engineering? High-power rocketry is similar to model rocketry, but high power rocketry uses higher impulse range motors. In order to fly high-powered rockets, you will have to apply for certification, but this is not the case with model rocketry.

Radio Controlled Model

These days you can model any kind of RC vehicle, so you can choose from scale railway locomotives, planes, cars, boats, helicopters, tanks, and many more. The RC hobby is a very popular hobby among teenagers and adult men in the US.


If you are searching for recreation on snow consider some snow scooter. If you already have it don’t forget that in many countries a driver’s license is required to drive a snowmobile. Take care of your safety as well, always wear a helmet and a snowmobile suit.

Vehicle Restoration and Preservation

Are you looking for hobbies related to cars? Remove, replace, and repair the parts of a vehicle and restore automobiles, you can focus on mechanical or cosmetic repairs. If you are interested in preservation visit The Antique Automobile Club of America website.

3D printing

3D printing is one of the best hobbies related to technology. So, construct a three-dimensional object with the use of a 3D printer. With 3D printing, you will gain the ability to produce very complex shapes that would be otherwise undoable to create by hand.


Want a hobby related to the internet? Start with your own informational website or blog. First, you will have to buy a domain and hosting, after you have everything set up ( how to start a blog) start publishing the content you are passionate about.

Amateur Radio

Use radio frequency spectrum for exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, or private recreation. In case you want to become a ham radio operator, you will need to hold an amateur radio license. For more information visit the International Amateur Radio Union website.


Shape, plan, broach, saw, and grind. If you want to make things yourself you will have to use those and other machining operations. Machining is one of the most common hobby ideas for men.

Robot Combat

Maybe you are familiar with Robot Wars or Battlebots, yes, it is robot combat competitions. If you are a technology enthusiast think about building a combat robot by yourself.

Video Game Developing

Dive into the process of developing a video game, it’s another hobby related to computer. There are game development software such as Unity platform and Unreal Engine, Steam and Uplay. You can start with an Indie game, which usually takes less time and money.


Hacking is illegal, hackers Identify weaknesses in computer systems and exploit them to gain access. But ethical hackers work in agreement with organizations to uncover security vulnerabilities.

Virtual Reality

Get involved in a simulated experience that is completely different or similar to the real world. Virtual reality can incorporate entertainment such as video games or education like medical, or military training.


Hobby Ideas for Sport Lovers

Air sports

There are many air sports and hobbies related to aviation. I will mention just the most popular, which are aeromodelling, ballooning, drone racing, hang gliding, parachuting, paragliding, power kites, and general aviation.


Use a bow and shoot arrows, archery can be a recreational activity or a competitive sport. The most popular form of competitive archery is target archery. When you perfect your shooting technique you can become an instructor as well, for more information visit National Field Archery Association (NFAA).


Throw, run, catch, hit… Baseball is a simple game that will bring back a little boy in you, it is America’s national pastime and a great hobby for many enthusiasts. To some people, this game represents a religion.


Go on the court and practice, invite someone with you, because teamwork is the beauty of this sport. Basketball is one of the most popular team sports on the planet because people love to watch the game as well.


BMX riding is one of the best hobby ideas for teenage guys. Only if you keep moving you will keep your balance. BMX racing is a physically demanding sport and can be dangerous and self-destructive as well. To get started in BMX racing visit the UsaBmx website.

Board Sport

Pick up some sport that is played with a board. For those who prefer water sports surfing, standup paddleboarding, windsurfing or kitesurfing is a great hobby idea. If you prefer boarding on the land you should consider skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding, or sandboarding. For adrenaline junkies there is skysurfing.


One of the best hobbies related to exercise is cycling. Only one ride can get you in a good mood, this is the magic of cycling. If you are really passionate about cycling even the rain won’t stop you. It is a good hobby idea for everyone, kids, and adults, actually it is a doable hobby idea for the whole family.

Flag Football

Start with flag football, it is a noncontact version of American football where the defensive team needs to remove a flag from the ball carrier to end a down. For more visit the NflFlag website.

Flying Disc

Try games played with discs, there are so many variations to choose from. You can get into Ultimate frisbee, Disc dog, Disc golf, Freestyle Flying Disc, and other games like Kan-jam. If you want to know more about this sport visit the World Flying Disc Federation website.

Freestyle Football

Express yourself through creatively juggling a football, this hobby combines football tricks, acrobatics, dance, and music. You can do it as a pastime but there are competitions as well. Want more information? Visit the World Freestyle Football Association website.


Want to join some team sport? Consider handball, it is a contact sport that can be very exciting and addictive. Even if handball is a minor sport in the US you can still find great players over here, check more on the USA Team Handball website.

Inline Skating

Try roller skating, it is an exciting activity and relaxing pastime, in-line design allows for greater maneuverability and speed than traditional roller skates. You can choose between many disciplines like artistic, freestyle, off-road, speed skating, and more. You can also join the inline skating club in your area.


Do you want exciting aerobic endurance training? Consider jogging, this way you will increase physical fitness with less stress on the body. To do it the right way you will need to run long distances at a slow or easy pace.


Want to get into some extreme sport? Have you ever think of kiteboarding? You can do it on the water, on land, or on the snow. If you are an adrenalin junkie harnesses the power of the wind and have fun with the power kite.


Lacrosse is ingrained into America’s culture and our lives. It is a fast-paced game and physically demanding. If you like constant movement and running lacrosse is for you. In case you want to know more about the game check the US club lacrosse website.


Would you like to skateboard but don’t have the skills? Consider longboarding, since longboards have larger wheels and lower wheel durometers, they are more stable and have more traction.

Martial arts

Martial arts can help with physical, mental, and spiritual development. Martial arts are usually more than a hobby, it is a passion and lifestyle. Boxing, Karate, Kung Fu, Judo, Taekwondo, Krav Maga are just a few most popular martial arts.

Motor Sports

Join some sport that involves motorized vehicles, It could be car racing, motorcycle racing, kart racing, motorboat racing, hovercraft racing, air racing, or snowmobile racing. Consider also drone racing, radio-controlled model racing, and slot car racing.

Mountain Biking

Does driving on rough terrain excites you? Get yourself a mountain bike and start mountain biking. Choose from cross country biking, trail riding, all-mountain, downhill, or freeride. While mountain biking you will gain bike handling skills, self-reliance, and endurance.


Netball is a popular female-only sport that is played around the planet. It seems similar to basketball but netball has whole other rules. Find more on the Netball America website.


Polo is one of the oldest team sports in human history. So, if you have a horse and some friends that also own the horse you can organize a polo game.


Consider rugby, but be careful, if you’re not a big and smart player, you will get hurt. If football is a contact sport, rugby is a crash sport. Rugby is a fun hobby idea for young adults.


Running will boost your physical and mental health, running will allow you to set your mind free. It is possible to run anywhere and you don’t need any particular equipment to get started.


If you want to teach yourself discipline and determination join the rowing team and accept the harsh reality of this sport. Your success is limited only by the magnitude of your drive to reach it.


Want to join some team, try soccer. It is one of the most popular sport worldwide. The game lasts ninety minutes, the ball is round, and if you want to win you need goals.

Water Sports

There are many water sports you can start with, you are able to choose water sports, in water sports, and underwater sports. The most popular are swimming, water aerobics, water polo, jet skiing, fishing, freediving, and scuba diving.


Rent the shoes and try to find the right ball for yourself. Don’t press the ball against your nose and even if you don’t knock down any pins, make a pretty pose. In case you want to join a bowling club visit the BowlsClub website.

Cue Sports

Invite your friends out and play billiards. Prepare your cue stick, let one finger stay and point the way with the other, strike billiard balls, and watch them move around a billiards table.


Dance like there’s nobody watching, dance when the sun is shining and dance in the rain. Dance at least once a day and love your life. If you want to take your dancing skills to a higher level join some dance classes and instructions.

Ice Skating

Don’t wait until it gets warmer, you have to go ice skiing when it’s cold outside. There is another option, indoor ice rinks, there are also ice rinks made of plastic skating surfaces. If you want to ice skate you will find the way to do it, check the Ice Skating Resources website.


Want to improve your balance, agility, and motor coordination? Start practicing acrobatics, you have a lot to choose from. The most popular acrobatics are juggling, kitesurfing, acro dance, acro yoga, artistic cycling, for more check the following list of acrobatics activities.


Want to overcome the unachievable? Start with powerlifting, it is about lifting the impossible. But don’t take it lightly, It takes a day to learn and a whole life to master. Interested? Check this list of powerlifting clubs on the UsaPowerlifting website.


Start with Jukskei, it is a team game from South Africa, where you have to knock over a peg that is planted in a sandpit. For more about it visit the Kalaharicc website.


If you like tennis you should try Pickleball sometime, it is a fun sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. There is also the International Federation of Pickleball, you can visit their website here.


Quidditch is an imaginary sport or hobby invented by J.K. Rowling for her fantasy novel  Harry Potter. In a real-life edition of the game, players use brooms but instead of flying, they run. Want to know more? Watch this informative video about Quidditch.

Race Walking

If you like jogging but want to try something different, I suggest trying racewalking. It is a long-distance discipline that is similar to running, but in racewalking, one foot has to be in contact with the ground at all times.


This is racket sports similar to tennis, badminton, or squash. In racquetball, there is no net to hit the ball over, and no tin to hit the ball above. Also, the court’s walls, ceiling, and floor are allowed playing surfaces.

Roller Derby

Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams, each team has fifteen members. It is an interesting roller-skating hobby where players are playing both offense and defense at the same time. It used to be a fairly popular sport during the 1960s and 70s.

Water Polo

Water polo is a team sport played in all-deep water so that players can’t touch the bottom of the pool. The game is made up of four quarters in which teams try to score goals into the opposing team’s goal.


Volleyball is played by twelve players that are separated by a net, each team consists of six players. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team’s court. Volleyball is usually played with the hands, but players can push or strike the ball with any other part of the body.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate is a team sport played with a flying disc. The team tries to move the disc into the opponent’s end zone. The players can only move the disc by passing it, the team scores when they catch the disc in the other team’s end zone.


A triathlon consists of swimming, cycling, and running over several distances, it is an endurance race. It’s hard and it isn’t easy, it is what makes it a great activity.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay target shooting is a sport involving shooting at special flying targets named clay pigeons. A safe alternative for beginners is laser clay pigeon shooting that can be done outdoors or indoors.

Tennis Polo

Toccer is a field sport where players use a tennis ball to throw it into a goal, which is defended by a keeper who uses a racquet. The game may also be played in a way all players have racquets. It is an exciting game that implements the elements of handball, football, and lacrosse.


Ride and perform tricks with a skateboard, skateboarding can be a way of transportation, recreational thing, or art form as well. When first starting with skateboarding, it’s recommended to use skateparks, which have been built specifically for skateboarders.


Start with skiing and glide on snow. Skiing can be a recreational activity or a competitive winter sport. It is not a cheap hobby, you will need equipment such as skis, boots, poles, helmets, ski suit, ski goggles, skiing gloves.


Softball is similar to baseball, but the game is played on a field that has base lengths of 60 feet. The ball used in softball is not soft and is 3 inches larger than a baseball ball.


Squash is a racket sport, where two players striking the hollow rubber ball onto the playable surfaces, which are part of a four-walled court. The aim is to hit the ball in a way that the opponent is not able to return the ball.


Start with surface water pastime and ride on the forward part of a moving wave. You will find suitable waves in the ocean, lakes, or even rivers. If you don’t have the time to travel, search for artificial wave pools.


If you’re looking for a noncreative hobby search no more. Swimming is like meditation while moving. It is a good hobby also for people with arthritis, injuries, and other conditions. Don’t fight with water, share the same spirit as the water, and water will help you move.

Table Tennis

Ping-pong or whiff-whaff is a sport in which players use a small racket to hit the ball, back and forth across a hard table divided by a net. Play is very fast and requires quick reactions.


Tennis depends on your mental and physical skills, if you want to play tennis well you have to be a good thinker. It can be played by everyone who can hold a racket, as well as wheelchair users.


Judo is a modern Japanese martial art, where the objective is to immobilize or otherwise subdue an opponent. It is one of the best ways to use both spiritual and physical strength.


If you want to start with some martial art considers jujutsu. There are many styles and ways that techniques are performed. Some jujutsu techniques were used to develop modern martial arts and combat sports, such as judo, Sambo, ARB, or mixed martial arts.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is similar to paintball or airsoft but this sport uses infrared-emitting light guns to tag targets and register hits, those targets are worn on each player’s chests.


Hobby Ideas for Fitness Lovers


In case you want to try a new exercise fitness program go with Zumba, it is an aerobic workout and total-body cardio. You can find Zumba classes online and exercise in the comfort of your home.


Start with yoga and provide the light of consciousness into the unlighted corners of your body. Practice the pose your body avoids the most. Search for some yoga classes online.


Get into the art of controlled movements, start with pilates. It is a popular exercise especially in Canada, Australia, and the United States. Pilates can build strength, improve flexibility, and develop endurance and control in the body.


With gymnastics, you will develop your arms, legs, shoulders, back, and chest. Choose from Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Tumbling, Aerobic, and Parkour.

Tai chi

Some people describe Tai chi as meditation in motion or “medication in motion.” The movements of Tai Chi are normally circular and never forced, this exercise can be easily adapted for anyone, even for people in wheelchairs.

Skipping Rope

Jump rope is an exercise tool designed to jump over an oscillating rope so that it passes under your feet and over your head. It can be a great hobby for one person or for the whole family.

Hula Hooping

Hula hooping isn’t just for kids, it can be a great exercise for anyone. This simple piece of equipment can diversify your fitness routine and give you a perfect workout. Also, it can be a great way to spend time with your family.

Weight Training

It’s never too late to start with weight training. In the beginning, you can use your body weight for many exercises. Later you can use free weights, looped resistance bands, mini-bands, sliders, or other home fitness equipment.


If you want a hobby related to fitness and tweak the way you look, you should start with bodybuilding. Don’t expect enormous improvements overnight, but if you stick to your diet and workouts results will certainly come.


Hobby Ideas for Nature Lovers


Go to the countryside and have a long, vigorous walk on trails or footpaths. Hiking will improve your quality of life, after a stressful week, hiking over the weekend seems to be a really good idea. You may also try a thru-hike, backpacking trip on a long-distance trail like Appalachian Trail or the Camino de Santiago in Spain.


Airsoft is similar to paintball but airsoft pellets don’t leave visible markings on their target, so the hits are not always crystal clear. You will be able to find many airsoft communities like American Airsoft Club, they are always accepting new members.

BASE Jumping

In contrast to skydiving, base jumpers are performing from fixed objects. Base jumping is hazardous and is definitely one of the most dangerous extreme sports on the planet. Basejumper website suggests that you think ten times before making a base jump.


If you like hobbies related to the environment spend time outdoors in nature. Use a tent or a recreational vehicle and spend a night or two away from home. Combine hiking and camping, camp by yourself, or join some camping community like Nort America Camping Club.


For those who enjoy wilderness paddling a canoe is a perfect hobby. Nowadays canoeing is a popular recreational activity that is not hard to explain, it is distance, adventure, peace ad solitude. Want to know more? Visit the American Canoe Association website.


Hiking down a canyon is walking, climbing, jumping, abseiling, swimming…if you are an outdoorsy person canyoning is definitely for you. For safety, you will need some gear like static or semi-static ropes, helmets, wetsuits, special shoes, and other climbing hardware.


If you want a hobby related to biology dive into caving and explore wild cave systems and study caves and the cave environment. Caving is similar to mountaineering or diving, it is an original exploration and physical exercise at the same time. Caves can be dangerous places, but you can minimize risks by using safety techniques.


I am sure you have heard about water dowsing, it’s an attempt to locate groundwater. You will need a Y-shaped rod, or two L-shaped ones, although some dowsers use other equipment as well. Want to try? Find more about it on the American Society of Dowsers website.


Let’s fish, fishing is the best way to relax, a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work! To become a good fisherman you have to think like a fish, no matter how strange it gets.


Search for minerals, fossils, gold, and other precious metals, or mineral specimens. You can combine the search with an overnight camping trip and make an unforgettable experience. Keep in mind that in many countries fossicking is protected by a number of laws that vary from state to state.


Are you passionate about wildlife and nature? Become a hunter, hunting is not just about killing the animal, it is about respecting the animals and helping to control the populations.


If you want to try some water hobby you should consider kayaking. It is similar to canoeing but in a different sitting position. If you are fishermen you might try kayak fishing as well.


Outdoor and Indoor climbing…Maybe you are in love with ascending mountains and you don’t even know. When you first starting with mountaineering, search for local alpine clubs, I’m sure they will provide resources and social activities. The International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation is a good resource as well.

Mushroom Hunting

Gather mushrooms in the wild and prepare a delicious and healthy meal. A lot of mushroom species are eatable but some are seriously hazardous or deadly when consumed. Make sure you have all the right information before consuming any mushroom, visit mushroom the journal website to continue searching.


Are you passionate about shooting? Get into Paintball, you will need a low-energy weapon powered by compressed air, protective masks, and other barrel-blocking safety equipment. By joining some community you will be able to borrow all the equipment. For more visit the National Collegiate Paintball Association website.


Would you like to start with adventure sport? Well, rafting can be a great hobby to get your feet wet, but you will have to accept the risk and the will to work in a team. You will be able to find many rafting clubs, the best place to start your search American Whitewater webpage.

Road Biking

Road cycling is fun, but in order to stay safe, you will have to obey the same rules and laws as other vehicle drivers. Every bicycle can be used on the roads including recumbents bikes. If you decide to join some cycling club visit the usacycling website.

Rock Climbing

If you are fit and like climbing consider rock climbing, climb up, down, or across natural rock and rock walls. Because of the increased risk of injuries you need to think about safety measures first. Learn about climbing techniques and get climbing equipment to provide safety. Find more at the American alpine club website.


Become an artist that uses the wind as a medium, start sailing. You will quickly realize that sailing isn’t all sunshine, smooth seas, and beautiful beaches, it’s also incredibly challenging and demands a lot of hard work. Want more information about sailing? Visit the national governing body for the sport of sailing.

Scuba Diving

If you decide to start scuba diving you will have to take diver training first. This is crucial to understand the basic principles and procedures for the use of equipment. You can start with scuba diving only after you received a diving certification card.

Tandem Skydiving

Consider tandem skydiving, all you need are minimal instructions and you’ll be ready to make your first tandem jump. The instructor will guide you through the whole process, from exit through freefall, piloting, and landing.


Slacklines differ from tightropes and tightwires in the amount of tension applied in the time of use and in the type of material used. There are many styles of slacklining, such as Urbanlining, Tricklining, Highlining, Slackline yoga, and Rodeo lines.


Buy or make your own snowshoe and go walking over snow or go snowshoeing. Snowshoes will distribute the weight over a larger area so that your foot does not sink completely into the snow. Check how to make snowshoes in this video.

Stone Skipping

Throw a flat stone across the water in such a way that it bounces off the surface. Watch how many times a stone bounce and how far a bouncing stone can travel across the water before it sinks into the water.


Walking will enrich your soul, takes away stress, clear your mind, and open up your eyes. When you are searching for something new go for a walk, only a ten-minute walk will give the answers you are looking for.

Tour Skating

If you are living in the Netherlands, Alaska, or any other Nordic country go for a tour skating. There is nothing more beautiful than tours over open ice on lakes, marshes, or rivers. To stay safety you will need equipment such as ice claws, an ice pike, a throwing line, a backpack containing a change of clothes in dry bags.


Agriculture and Horticulture Hobby Ideas


Buy or make your own hive and maintain bee colonies. Collect honey or other products such as propolis, flower pollen, or beeswax. Join some beekeeping club, you can find them on this webpage.


Another hobby related to agriculture is composting. Recycle organic materials otherwise considered as waste products and make a soil conditioner. Convert organic waste into useful and substantial products.


Looking for hobbies related to farming? Raise animals for meat, fiber, eggs, milk, or other products. Grow plants for food, for materials, or for decoration. Cultivate mushrooms or any other fungi, which you can use for food, medicine, or construction materials.

Flower Growing

Do you need a hobby related to gardening?  Make your home a happy and bright place and plant flowers. In order to grow up healthy flowers, you will need good soil, a proper location, and most importantly the right flowers for your needs.


Meet nature in your yard and start gardening. It’s another great activity to relax, along the way you will learn patience and awakeness as well. Gardening is one of the most useful hobby ideas you can think of.


Are you interested in herbal remedies? Study pharmacognosy and the use of plants for medical purposes. Herbal medicine also includes bee and fungal products, as well as shells, minerals, or certain animal parts.


Do you have arborvitae, bay laurel, or myrtle in your backyard? If you do have any of these plants think about topiary. It’s the art of forming living sculptures.


Have you ever think about making your own wine? You can make red wine, white wine, or rosé. Some of the most popular types of wines are Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc.


Can plants grow without soil? The answer is yes, hydroponics is a method of growing plants in an aqueous solvent, by using mineral nutrient solutions. Plants commonly grown hydroponically include tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, and lettuces.


Want a hobby related to plants? Grow a miniature tree that is planted in a canister. First, you will have to decide between indoor or outdoor plants. The most common outdoor bonsai are juniper, pine, and spruce trees. If you want to have indoor bonsai look for jade plants, Hawaiian umbrella trees, and ficus trees.


Educational Hobbies


Probably the most common hobby related to education is learning. So, learn new knowledge, skills, or behaviors. You will find sources in books, magazines, movies, videos, or on websites. When learning new things you will work on personal development, employability, and self-sustainability.


Use microscopes and observe objects that cannot be seen with the naked eye. You will need to buy a microscope and learn how to use it. For more information about microscopy check microbehunter.com.


Animal Farm, The Little Prince, The Lord of the Rings are some of the most popular books that everyone should read at least once a lifetime. If you prefer reading magazines you should try Forbes, Time, Rolling Stone, or any other magazine based on your interests.


Collect, organize, and analyze the information you have and increase your understanding of anything you want. If you are a science enthusiast do scientific research, if you like history do historical research. In case you are an art lover make some artistic research, you can even get into documentary research.

Visit Trade Fairs

Visit trade fairs such as ANUGA or Berlin Music Week and recognize companies and groups showcase their latest services and products.  There are many trade fairs that are organized every year, you can find them on 10times.com.

Urban Exploration

Explore buildings such as abandoned ruins or hidden parts of the urban environment. But be careful, this hobby involves several risks, such as physical danger and the possibility of punishment or a fine.

Board Games

You will find numerous board games, I’m sure you have heard of Catan or Monopoly. Board games will help you with creative and strategic thinking, teamwork, and cooperation. It is a great way to connect with friends and family.

Book Discussion Clubs

Join a local book discussion club and meet people to discuss a book that they have read. The reading groups usually take place in libraries, bookstores, private homes, or online forums.

Crossword Puzzles

Solve clues, form the answers, and fill the squares with the right letters. You can find printable crossword puzzles online or you can buy them in your local shop. If you want a creative hobby you can start with crossword construction.

Foreign Language Learning

I’m sure you have studied at least one foreign language in school. Keep on learning this language or choose the one you like the most. French, Spanish, or Italian are not the only choice you have, there are many languages that you can start learning.

Wikipedia Editing

Anyone can edit and improve almost any page on Wikipedia. You can do it in two different ways, you can do it in classic wikitext, or in (VE) VisualEditor.

Rubik’s Cube

I’m sure you know 3-D combination puzzle, Rubik’s Cube is still widely used and popular all over the globe. Check the international governing body of the Rubik’s Cube called World Cube Association, on their website you will find competitions worldwide that you can join.


Solve a maze and find a path from start to the finish or try to build your own one. You can build outdoor mazes, with hedges, turf, corn stalks, straw bales. You can build it also indoors with books or mirrors.


Try to solve some puzzle, you have many to choose from, such as jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, mathematical puzzles, mechanical puzzles, and many more.


There are many chances that you know quiz “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, you will even find an online version of it. Also, many websites have quiz sections, take time and try to solve them, this way you will test your knowledge about a certain subject.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Start with jigsaw puzzles and assemble oddly shaped interlocking pieces into a complete picture. By attaching a backing with adhesive you can use completed puzzles as a form of artwork as well.


Study postal history and postage stamps. Research and collect stamps and other philatelic items. You can find many philatelic societies online such as the Royal Philatelic Society London or the American Philatelic Society.


Are you interested in things outside the Earth’s atmosphere? Study the laws of celestial objects such as planets, moons, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and comets. Maybe you are fascinated by phenomena like supernova explosions, gamma-ray bursts, or quasars.


If you are passionate about life and living organisms you should get into Biology. You can even create a community or small organization to study life science and use the same procedures as traditional research institutions do.


Learn how molecules and atoms interact via chemical bonds to shape new chemical compounds…If you want to get involved in a science-related hobby start studying and experimenting with chemistry.


Are you wondering how a battery works? Many types of batteries are designed based on electrochemistry. Those who enjoy chemistry might also be interested in the interplay between chemical change and electrical energy.


Start studying lands its features, and the phenomena of the Earth. Focus on people and their cultures and communities, or study patterns and processes in the natural environment.


Study the past events and interpretation of information about these events. You have numerous choices, many amateur historians are interested in world history or people’s history, choose a historical field that interests you the most and dive into it.


Many of us didn’t like mathematics in school, but over the years many also find it a useful and essential skill to have. Fields such as engineering, medicine, or finance actually cannot exist without mathematics. So, if looking for hobbies related to finance or economics try mathematics.


Are you interested in mind and behavior? Study the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior, and explore the biological and physiological processes.


What do you know about motion and universal gravitation? Do you understand the theory of relativity? If you want to understand how the universe behaves you should dive into physics. Learn about the work of Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and other important representatives.


Hobby Ideas Related to Beauty


Have you ever heard about Kevyn Aucoin, Rick Baker, Way Bandy… they are all well-known make-up artists. Make-up can be a great hobby, especially for girls and women. Use your body as a medium for your artistic side.

Nail Art

If you want a hobby related to fashion start to decorate, paint, and embellish the nails. Nail art is a wonderful hobby idea for women that can be applied to toenails and fingernails. Use Instagram, YouTube, or any other social platform and learn how to do interesting designs at home.

Jewelry Making

Make brooches, rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. Making your own jewelry can be a great hobby, also you get to wear what you create.

Perfume Making

Join local or online perfume making classes and start with this chemistry-related hobby. Use plant sources, animal sources, or other natural sources and make your own perfume.


Need a dose of vitamin D? Sunlight can increase mood and promote feelings of stillness. So, prepare some drink, and expose yourself to the sun, make sure to use sunscreen.


Waxing is another beauty related hobby. It is a hair removal technique that uses a covering of a sticky substance, such as wax. It can be an affordable method for hair removal but be careful, you should never wax sensitive or sunburned skin.


Other Hobby Ideas and Pastimes

Aircraft Spotting

Visit the nearest airport and track the activity of aircraft, use your smartphone or camera, and take some photos. After you choose your desired spot get a camera in one hand and a flight plan in the other.

Bus Spotting

Just like aircraft spotters, bus spotters spend their free time outdoors, but they chase their favorite buses. You will find Bus spotter societies as well, some of them also organize “fan charters”.

Amusement Park Visiting

Visit Walt Disney World, Canada’s Wonderland, or any other amusement park. Check this list of amusement parks around the world.


Do you enjoy watching the activity on the canals? If you harbor an interest in canals and canal life you have a new hobby, it is gongoozling. It is one of the most unusual hobby ideas on this list.


If you like trains rather than aircraft or buses make an effort to spot and take a picture of a certain train or a whole rolling stock.


Develop your mental muscles and start meditating, meditation will help you to reveal the most profound dimensions of the world in which you live. It is one of the best hobby ideas even for the visually impaired.

Ghost Hunting

Have you ever watched a documentary television series Ghost Hunters? Well, you can become a ghost hunter yourself. Get a camera and infrared thermometer and start to investigate different locations.

Hobby Horsing

Looking for the best hobby ideas for teenage girls? Hobby-horsing is a popular hobby for girls in Finland. It is an activity where girls make a puffy stuffed horse head on a wooden stick and race with it. They compete in dressage and show jumping.

Hobby Tunneling

Dig tunnels, you can do it by hand, or by using the equipment. Work of digging may help you to think and solve your problems in life, it can be a great form of exercise as well.

Kite Flying

Making and flying kites is a fun way to spend your free time on a windy afternoon. It can be a great activity to do with your friends or family. To avoid troubles always fly your kite in open spaces, away from power lines and trees.


If you watched the movie “Role Models” or “Knights of Badassdom” you know what LARPing is. Live-Action Role-Playing is creating characters and acting out various fictional scenarios in real life. It is one of the best hobby ideas to make friends.


Hide small and weatherproof boxes in public places and issue clues to finding the box, you can do it on websites, or by word of mouth. Letterboxing combines elements of art, puzzle-solving, and orienteering.

Museum Visiting

Stop watching TV or browsing the internet and get a little education and culture. Visit an art, history, or science museum. It is one of the best hobby ideas for older adults. Check the following list of the most popular museums.


Improve your navigation skills, and navigate from point to point with the use of a map and compass. If you are inspired check World Games, or World Police and Fire Games.


I’m sure you came across documentaries about Yamakasi, which is the name of the original group of parkour practitioners from France.

Parkour is jumping, climbing, balancing, and running, and is usually practiced in urban spaces, but it can be done anywhere. You can practice it alone or with friends.


Do you enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, woodcraft, hiking, aquatics, backpacking, or sports? Join a voluntary non-political educational movement called scouts.


Use any ranged weapons like a crossbow, bow, slingshot, or blow tube. Join some shooting clubs and start to learn different shooting techniques.


Visit some local shop or e-commerce websites. Browse the available services or goods and purchase items suitable for your needs.


If you like air hockey, bocce, bowls, or curling you should try shuffleboard. It is a game where players use cues to push weighted discs to a marked scoring area.


Want to know how to survive a catastrophe? Actively prepare for emergencies, or disruptions in the political or social order. Gain survival skills and knowledge and become self-reliable. Learn how to stockpile food and water, and build survival retreats or underground shelters.

Card Games

Get a pack of playing cards, gather a family, and play some card games. There are so many traditional card games such as Cheat, Tarot, Bridge, Hearts, Gin Rummy, and Poker.  Card games are a great hobby idea for the times in quarantine.


Want a hobby idea you can do at home? Clean your room, house, your clothes, or your car. Remove dirt, infectious agents, or other impurities. In order to clean different objects or environments, you should use different methods.

Word Searches

Do you like puzzles? Try with the word search, this is the puzzle where you have to find the word hidden inside the box. Check thewordsearch.com and start right away.

Watching Television

When you run out of ideas you can always watch TV. When you have free time search for the program you like the most, get some popcorn, and relax on the couch. Also, check hobbies you can do while watching TV.

Social Media

Visit some social media platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, or Twitter. Connect with some old friends and arrange a gathering.

Video Gaming

Start with some arcade console or PC game. There are numerous to choose from, Fortnite, Cyberpunk, and Minecraft are some of the most popular these days.


Remember Yoyos? It is a great old school toy that will give you the challenge to master a few tricks such as freehand or looping.

Fantasy Sports

Rotisserie is an online game where you can assemble imaginary teams created of proxies of real players of any sport.


Go shopping at a thrift store, flea market, or garage sale, and find used items at lower prices. Thrifting is a much more affordable practice of shopping, and also a good way of supporting the waste-free economy.

Read Webtoons

Have you ever heard of Webtoons? These digital comics were invented in South Korea. Each episode is presented in one vertical strip and during chapters, some also feature animation and music.


Call your friends and invite them to your place, serve them some drinks, and have a pleasant chat. You can put on the table coffee, tea, juice, but if you drink alcohol don’t overdo it.


The kendama is a traditional Japanese toy similar to the classic cup the ball game. It can be held in many different ways so that limitless tricks can be performed.


You will find three lines on almost every hand, these are life line, heart line, and head line. If you want to know more get into chiromancy, study the palms and start with fortune-telling.


If you like lawn games try horseshoes. Invite friends to play with, get four horseshoes and two throwing targets. It is an excellent hobby idea for retired men.


Mahjong is played with a set of 144 tiles marked with Chinese symbols and characters. This table game is similar to the card game rummy, it’s a game of strategy, calculation, and skill.


Marbles are a great hobby idea not only for kids but also for the whole family. I’m sure you have at least one marble in your apartment. Play any marble game such as Marble Toss or Marble Bounce Game. You can even search online, find unique models, and start collecting them.


I hope you enjoyed browsing my hobby ideas. I’m sure you found at least one idea for your future hobby or pastime. Make the most of your free time and start with a hobby that goes along with your interests.