30 Hobbies For When You’re Bored (For Kids, Teens, Adults)

Bored? Don’t get lost in social media or news, try some fun hobbies instead. If you are searching for hobby ideas for when you’re bored you have come to the right place.

It’s natural to get bored sometimes. Boredom is a pressure to move, it is an imposed state that pushes us to think about things we may have overlooked.

Boredom drives us to take productive actions, like reading, writing, or challenging the mind with chess. Boredom can lead you to something creative and fun.

If you can’t come up with some hobby ideas I will suggest a list of fun things to do that will make your time go faster.

At home, at work, at school, it happens to kids, teens, and adults, don’t be stressed because you are bored. Browse the following hobbies and take action.

Hobbies To Do When Bored: For Kids

The following fun hobbies will keep kids busy, bellow you will find computer-related hobbies and hobbies that don’t involve screens.


Painting is one of the best hobbies to do when bored. Use whatever surfaces to paint on; canvas, paper, glass, wood, or any other surface.

Choose the colors and decide what you are going to paint, after finishing the painting, frame it, and hang it on the wall in your room.

Build With LEGO

Boredom can be a sign that something is a waste of time but this is definitely not the case with the Lego bricks.

Lego will make the time go faster and teach a variety of skills. Many kids and adults love to play with this fun toy. It’s a great father-son activity as well.

Flower Pressing

To deal with boredom constructively you will need inner resources, but you can rely on external stimulation as well.

Flower pressing is a great choice if you are a parent and searching for hobbies for your kid as well.

Bake Cookies

There are many hobbies to do at home when bored, but if you are looking for indoor activity try to bake something. Baking is fun, so why not bake some cookies for your family or neighbors.

It is not only a great hobby for when bored but also for the times you want to do something productive and useful.

Write a Letter To Your Teacher

For those kids who enjoy reading and writing, I suggest writing a letter to a teacher or to someone else. You can do it in the old fashion way and use a pen and paper or you can use a computer and type.

There is a chance that after writing the first sentence you won’t feel bored anymore. After your teacher read your letter she will like you even more.

Learn Magic Tricks

Want to learn some magic tricks with cards, with your phone, or with a spoon? Learning magic tricks has never been more accessible than today.

Go to YouTube and search for some magic trick tutorials, watch the video to the end, try to learn the trick. Magic tricks are dynamic and fun, so this hobby can help you when you are bored.

Hobbies To Do When Bored: For Teens

Check out the following fun hobbies for bored teenagers. These boredom busting hobbies will keep teens busy, you will find hobbies that don’t involve screens and computer-related hobbies as well.

Decorate Your Bedroom

Feeling trapped is linked to boredom, so maybe you are bored because you feel trapped.

If you are bored at home, there is a big chance that you are in your bedroom right now. Clean and decorate your room while listening to your favorite music.


Almost everyone suffers from boredom at least once in a lifetime. Some people will find juggling as a great hobby for the times they are bored.

It doesn’t require any special equipment and it is great for teens who want to learn new skills.

Play Frisbee

The following hobby is for you if you like spending your time outside and get bored very often. Get yourself a frisbee, go outside and play with friends or family.

While playing frisbee you will discover nature, keep your eyes open, you will realize that there is so much happening.

Start a YouTube Channel

Boredom is a comprehensive experience, it can lead to a great experience as well. These days many teenagers start their YouTube channel.

There is so much you can do a video about. If you read this post through you can even make a video about hobbies for when bored.

Try Geocaching

People who need more excitement, variety, and novelty, are at risk of boredom. If you find yourself in this description you should check the following hobby.

Have you ever heard about geocaching, if you haven’t you should check more about it. Geocaching is a great hobby for teens that leads to some fun times.

Read Something

If you have problems with the attention you are probably at risk of boredom. Reading is a great hobby that can help you with that.

Many teens love to read, if you are bored you should read too. It doesn’t matter if you are bored at home or at school, you can read anywhere.

Reading will help you with your memory and overall mental health. If you a curious why do we get bored I suggest that you read the article from Shahram Heshmat from Psychology Today, find the article here.

Learn To Play An Instrument

Teenagers usually miss control over what they want to do, you can change that by playing music. If you are bored in your room you can always take your guitar and have fun while playing it.

Learning to play music will get you to the dimension of sound, so you will be able to manage the time a lot better.

Make Soap

Too much of the same thing can lead to boredom, so you need to do something new. Have you ever try to make your own soap?

Soap making is a fun crafty hobby that will definitely drive away boredom. After finishing the process you will get a nice homemade soap as well.

Bake Bread

In early human history, boredom wasn’t an option, this is because our ancestors had to spend most of their time securing food.

In case you are bored at home and want to do something functional to feel better, I suggest that you bake bread. A wonderful smell all over the apartment will make you feel cozy.

RC Cars

Radio control vehicles is a hobby of endless possibilities, you can build or drive cars, trucks, planes, boats, tanks, and many more. It can be a great hobby not only for teenagers but also for adults.

Maybe you’ll start this hobby because of boredom, but once you get hooked it can become a real passion. It is not only for teens, many adults enjoy this hobby as well.

There are many quality resources online you can use when you first starting with the radio control hobby.

Hobbies To Do When Bored: For Adults

The following boredom busting hobbies will keep anyone busy. You will be able to find indoor and outdoor hobbies, so check out below fun hobbies for bored adults.

Listen to Podcasts

These days everyone listens to podcasts, it is a great hobby for when you are bored and have nothing to do.

In case you are a history buff, I suggest “It’s a Continent“, but if you like comedy better then you should go with “Dear Joan and Jericha“, for more suggestions check this post.

Paid Survey

So, you are sitting behind the computer or scrolling on your smartphone and feel bored. Maybe this is the perfect time to sign up for paid survey sites.

This can be a great hobby that can make some money on aside, you will find that also teens can participate if they are at least 13 years old.

So, next time your teenager asks you for money let her know that she can earn with paid surveys.

Watch Online Documentaries

Don’t know what to do at home in the evening? Watch documentary films, if you know where to look you will find countless online documentaries ready to watch right now.

There are free sites like YouTube or Vimeo and you have paid options like NetFlix, iTunes, or Amazon.

After you choose your platform you will find numerous documentaries on every topic you can think of, you can even find documentaries about boredom.

Play Cards

Lack of flow can lead to boredom. Flow is a state of total immersion in a task, with playing cards you will likely achieve the feeling of the flow.

When everything seems to be boring, cards may be an answer. Playing cards with family or friends is a fun hobby that can help you escape boredom.


In case you lack self-awareness you are more open to boredom, so you have to try different hobbies. Try also with fishing, but don’t do it unless you have one or two hours of free time.

Fishing will lead you outside on fresh air, and if you catch a fish you will feel excited which will help to escape boredom.

Metal Detecting

Get yourself a metal detector, learn about metal detecting, and find the best places for searching the metal. First, you will have to buy a metal detector or you can make one yourself.

Go metal detecting every time you are bored or when you have some free time. It can be pretty exciting to find lost jewelry, coins, or watches.

Oh, one more thing…make sure you are familiar with the laws in your country, in some, you will have to apply for a metal detecting permit.


Prioritize your spendings and do budgeting every week. It is a helpful hobby that will help you to focus on things that matter the most.

Budgeting is particularly important for bored college students, they usually have a limited budget to spend. So, if you still have no weekly spending plan check some budgeting apps.


When you are bored take your smartphone or camera and take some pictures, it is a great activity even for bored couples.

After you have pictures you like, uploaded it to the computer and use photoshop to add some special effects to them.

Restore Old Furniture

Restoring old furniture is a fun and creative hobby, it will definitely help you to escape boredom. Restoring doesn’t cost money but can give fresh pieces of furniture.

Do Yoga

Yoga is a great hobby to do when bored, in just fifteen minutes you will stretch your body and mind. Practicing regularly will help you to stay focused, so you will hardly feel bored again.

You can do it at home or while working in the office, it will help you to stay motivated and focused.

Bird Watching

Take your binoculars and watch birds, you can do it from your apartment but I suggest going to the fresh air.

If you have the right equipment and are patient enough you can even take pictures of birds. While watching the birds you will learn all about different species and forget about boredom.


Sewing is a great hobby to take up when you’re bored at home.

Learn the basic sewing patterns, sit down and sew something quick and easy like a face mask or sunglasses case.

For those who are more serious about sewing, I highly suggest buying a sewing machine, you will be able to find cheap and high-quality machines online.


Knitting is not only for bored moms, everyone can do it, even bored husbands. Just like sewing, knitting is a great hobby when you have nothing to do.

It is a great hobby even if you are bored while traveling, actually, it is a hobby you can do anywhere you want, even while watching TV.

Puzzles (jigsaw, crosswords, sudoku)

If you are feeling lazy solve some puzzles. It’s a great hobby that will keep your mind busy, it doesn’t matter if you choose a jigsaw, crosswords, or sudoku, these will all help you to escape boredom.

Did I miss something?

These are just a few hobbies to get into when you’re bored. I am sure that there are more hobbies to fight boredom. In case you have some hobby ideas to share write them in the comments below.