14 Best Hobbies Related to Computer/and Technology

Computer games are the first hobby that I get in my mind when I think about computer-related hobbies. Some may think that being on the computer is waste of time, well it could be but you can also find many computer hobbies that will help you get new skills that can lead to a new career. For this reason, I have put together this list of creative hobby ideas that involve computers and technology.

Computer Hobbies List

Nowadays people are turning to technology like laptops, tablets, and smartphones, for entertainment and information. In fact, handheld devices and computers are commonplace in society today.

As a result, many hobbies that were once considered tangible things are going online. This is why I have decided to put together this list of hobbies that you can do with your computer.

It is funny but you can do this while outdoors. Let’s start with surfing the internet.


If you have a passion for writing, building a blog should be the right hobby for you. All you need to start blogging is a computer, an internet connection, and some basic technology skills.

When first starting with a blog you should buy a domain and web hosting, which is 30 $ a year, but if you don’t want to spend any money you can start with a free domain at blog services like Blogger or WordPress. After choosing a template start with creating content and learn about formatting it, this way you will build your audience.

When you have traffic on your blog you can apply for Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, and many more affiliate programs that will earn you money from advertising.

Check out more computer hobbies that can make you money.

Surf The Web

It is fairly likely that you already surf the internet every day, you might not be surprised if I told you that you will always find exciting and new things to study.

You might already search about things you are passionate about, read posts on Reddit, watch videos on YouTube. Every day you can find a lot of websites that will help you to understand things better.

Web Design

Web design could be a great computer-related hobby. Running and building your own website is not as hard as it was before. With blogging platforms ( Blogger, WordPress) and other content management systems almost anyone can build a professional-looking website without knowing anything about technology.

But not everything is just easy, there are some challenges like setting yourself apart from the crowd, to be successful you will have to have a smart approach when it comes to the strategies and designs.

At some point you will have to accept that web design is a competition, you will have to outperform your competitors, from rankings in Google to conversion rate. To be successful you will need to put user experience in the first place, this way you will gain authority in your niche.

Computer Games

I am sure you have played some sort of online game, like Nintendo Switch. There are numerous video games that you can play over the internet and connect with multiple players from locations across the world. You can play text-based games or games with complex graphics.

Some games require special hardware (game controllers or joysticks) or a high-speed internet connection. When you decide which game you want to play, download it through the internet or get it on CD or DVD.

Free-to-play online games represent a new era of gaming, these games are accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Many free games will let you communicate via text or audio chat, so there is a possibility that you will learn a new language while playing computer games.

But there are other benefits like relieving stress and enhanced brain development.


Have you ever wondered if you could create an app or website yourself? If you have the will to sit on a chair and learn, you can! You can learn the basics of programming even if you don’t create fully-fledged software.

Before anything, you need to go through some questions to help you get started with programming. First, which programming language should you learn first? Popular programming languages (C#, Java, Ruby, Python) share the same fundamentals, so, whatever you choose, the most important thing is to start learning it!

Second, what are good resources you can use to learn to program? Learnstreet and Codecademy are great sites for learning scripted languages, also a great way to learn to program are tutorials, you will find them even on YouTube.

Game development

At some point, we all spent time playing video games, but if you’ve ever dreamed about creating your own game, maybe you should get started with a new geeky tech hobby.

So how to start developing a video game. Find courses in video game design that will help you create your own game, this way you’ll have all the necessary tools you need to get started.


Sure you can pick up some pen and start writing on a piece of paper but over the years writing has become computer-related activity. So, in case you want to become the next Grisham, Hemingway, or Vonnegut, or just want to write better posts for your blog you need to have good writing skills.

Writing takes hard work, no writer is perfect and everyone can get better. In order to become better, you should read great writers, if you won’t read you will never know how to do it the right way.

Try to write every day, like any other skill, if you don’t practice you can’t get better. Background noise will cause you problems while writing, so it is important to clear distractions and work without interruption.

3D Modelling

3D modeling is another computer-related hobby that you can do in your free time even if you are not an engineer. So, what is the purpose of 3D modeling? 3D models can be used in architecture, engineering, illustration, like3D printing, virtual reality, video games, movies, commercial advertising, and so on.

To start to create a virtual three-dimensional model you will need proper software. There are many different 3D modeling programs, for beginners I would recommend 3D Slash, Clara.io, or SelfCAD.

It can be hard at the beginning as you have to learn so many new skills, so find some simple and helpful tutorials on YouTube and start with small projects.

If you stick with it enough time and learn the needed skills, it can be also a great opportunity for a new job.

Photoshop Pictures

For those who are into photography, this is another great computer-related hobby. Pictures are a major part of our lives these days, most are in digital format, so you always have the option to edit it.

For this reason, many use Photoshop, I am sure you know what it is, but for those who don’t know;

Photoshop is a sophisticated digital editing tool and synonymous with image editing itself as well. In the beginning, learn about Photoshop and Its shortcuts so you’ll be able to use the software’s full potential, you will find a lot of good tutorials on the web. You will even find free alternatives like Canva.

Organizing Data

Here is another productive computer-related hobby that you can do in your workplace as well. Maybe your computer is a mess like mine, I have files all over my desktop and folders crammed with app installers from a year ago. I am always looking for some file that I cant find. Well, if you are like me you need to have some system in place.

Data organization is not really a hobby but you can pull some rewarding feeling out of it if you do it in the right way. Let’s take a look at some basic data organizing strategies.

You can organize data on your computer in three main ways; date-based, file type-based, or client or project-based. There are good and bad sites for each method of organizing data, maybe you will find the best way to use a combination, for example, organize everything by date but within each date grouping it by the project.

I ensure you will feel great after you have all your data organized.

Watching Films

This is no technology-related hobby but nowadays we all watch movies on a computer. I am sure that you already watch films from time to time. However, have you ever think about delving deeper than usual.

I mean, look at the writing, cinematography, or set design. If this sounds appealing to you educate yourself on movies.

Did I overlook something?

These are just a few hobbies that involve computers. Do you miss some computer-related hobbies that haven’t been included on this list? Comment your ideas for hobbies below!