20 Hobbies for Geeks/Computer-Related and Other Good Hobbies

Do you consider yourself a geek? Well, each and every one of us has probably done something that could be considered geeky. In this post, you will find some hobby ideas for geeks.

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Best Hobbies for Geeks:

The following are some of the best hobbies for geeks. In the first section, there are hobbies for tech geeks after that you will find suggestions like geocaching, board games, and many more.

Hobbies for Computer Geeks

This section is for geeks who are passionate about computer science. Below you will find hobbies like creating a blog, beta testing, or learning C++. Start scrolling so you can find even more hobbies for computer geeks.

Video Games ( DnD, Retro Gaming )

Retrogaming is a popular hobby among some computer geeks. Vintage retrogaming, are basically games played on the original hardware. Retrogaming emulation is a newer system that stimulates the old gaming system. Ported retrogaming allows older games to be played on modern hardware through compilations or ports.

One popular game that geeks like to play is Dungeons & Dragons. This video game is storytelling where you tell a story together with your teammates, guide your heroes through quests and battles with deadly foes, and more…

If you are interested to explore the world of Dungeons & Dragons you will find also novels and board games.

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Many computer geeks do programming as a hobby. So what is computer programming all about? It’s a science hobby, so before developing anything you have to analyze, think, and then proceed.

Getting stuck and solving problems makes programming fun and even challenging. It can also be a fantastic way to master a new programming language.

It is a great hobby that can lead to a new career. But coding requires a lot of work, so you will have to solve many questions before turning a passion for programming into a career.

Learning C++

This is another hobby for tech geeks. C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It could be used to develop games, browsers, operating systems, and more. It also supports different ways of programming like object-oriented, procedural, and functional.

It might be a 30-year-old language but there’s still plenty of jobs for developers with this skill. Many other computer languages inherit a lot of functions from C++, so if you want to operate with other languages like Java and C#, then knowing C++ can be very helpful.

Start to learn it slowly and wisely. Read a recommended book and progress at a rate that you can handle. Don`t jump ahead of yourself. And if you run into information that you have already learned, read it anyway. You never know, you might learn something new.

Collecting Data

To be a good data collector you need to be a geek. You need to be passionate about it because you’ll likely spend a lot of time measuring, observing, classifying, counting, and quantifying what you see, and once you’ve collected your data you’re going to have to analyze it.

It’s not difficult to collect, but if you don’t observe a few basic rules of data collection then you’re in a world of hurt when it comes to preparing and cleaning your data.

How you can benefit from data collecting? You will possess more knowledge of general things. It will remove boredom and make you spend your leisure time in a useful manner. Collecting data will develop the knowledge of writing so you can become a freelance writer or a journalist.

If you are writing a novel or a book, then these written collections will help during the construction of fiction. The information collected may help you with a general knowledge quiz or essay writing competition.

Create a Blog

Every computer geek knows WordPress. It is an excellent platform to start a blog, it’s so simple that you can do it in under 15 minutes.

But the first thing you need to do is choose a topic, if you are a tech geek this shouldn’t be the hardest thing. It is important to choose a topic that you are interested in, this will help you to grow your blog through writing quality content to help your readers.

After you defined your topic choose your domain name and start creating useful content for your audience.

Beta Testing

If you are a software engineer you will want to test some nearly finished software before it’s officially released to the public. After testing you will evaluate its performance in the real world.

Why is beta testing important? These tests allow developers to gather feedback from their audience and implement improvements to their software if this is necessary.

Some companies will even pay you to test games or mobile apps. Nintendo and App Coiner are just two sites where you can find some beta testing gigs. Think about it, you will have fun while you will also earn some extra money.

Other Good Hobbies for Geeks

In this part of the article, you will find some good suggestions for a new geeky hobby such as tinkering with electronics, Lego, Cosplay, and many more.


Everyone likes to watch a good movie. But if you read film criticism or check out a review aggregator and film community sites you might be seen as a movie geek.

Before watching a movie select what you are going to watch. So, pick an actor or filmmaker, or pick a genre, search it on websites like IMDB and pick the movie that you like the most in a given situation!

Metal Detecting

Have you ever think of metal detecting? All you need is information and a metal detector. Many people recommend for a first outing to go to the children’s play area at the park. It’s really easy to dig there and you are likely to find a coin or two.

People who metal detect are often history geeks and collectors who don’t frequent the pawn shops. It’s a geeky hobby that can be very addictive.


If you are a geography geek you will like the next geeky hobby. Geocaching is a type of global treasure hunt. After registering online, geocachers look for coordinates of caches, after that, they use global positioning system (GPS) devices to find hidden caches.

Geocaching was started by computer geeks who used GPS devices and the Internet to re-invent the older hobby of letterboxing. It was conceived shortly after the improved accuracy of the GPS in the year 2000, which allowed for a small container to be located.

Reading (Fiction or Comic Books)

There is something about comic books, some geeks are enthusiastic collectors also. Intense visuals and focus on characters and plot are much more engaging than other books.

To understand the story of comic books you need to integrate spatial, visual, and textual components.

Many read fiction books as well. Reading fiction while you create your own visual images will grow your capacity for empathy and a deeper understanding of the words.

That will help lower your stress level and you may see the world in an entirely different light.

Listening to Music

It is not surprising that Jimi Hendrix called music his “religion.” In case you need an emotional boost, listen to your favorite songs for 20 minutes. That’s all it takes to get a natural high!

Research shows that listening to music improves our mental health ( positive effect on your ability to memorize) and boosts our physical health. Not only geeks, anyone should listen to music as it has so many positive effects.

Playing Piano

If we take music lessons, that musical training can help raise our IQs and even keep us sharp in old age. Playing the piano can change your mood, raise states of consciousness, access different states of the mind, and lower stress levels.

Playing the piano sharpens your concentration, teaches you perseverance, discipline, and improves your emotional intelligence.

Try Magic

Magic is a universal language and can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of where you come from. If you meet someone that does not speak the same language as you, showing them a magic trick will help you to build an instant connection.

Learning magic will helps to build your confidence. Performing magic will also help you to develop your presentation and communication skills which will help you in your further life.

Start Woodworking

Woodworking is a very old profession or hobby, but it is still highly relevant to modern days. Wood is a natural material we can all connect to, also all sorts of geeks.

If you are a practical person, you will love making beautiful and useful objects for your home. Maybe your first attempts will not be successful, gaps everywhere, the joints wonky, but over time you will figure things out.

It takes time to get proficient, but half the fun is learning as you go. Each attempt is a learning curve. Woodworking is a hobby that will always be challenging even if your skills evolve.

Learning History

If you love history then it is time to indulge your history habit and be as knowledgeable as possible. Being a history geek is about making history a hobby, so you will want to start off by learning all you can about the time periods that most interest you. Your list can be as long or short as you want.

Learn everything you can about history in the comfort of your home, and then take your knowledge outside. Explore websites, museums, and historic homes. Learning history is one of my favorite nerdy hobbies that I want to explore in the future.

Board Games

Because it is an intellectual hobby it is typically associated with geeks and nerds. But lately, board games have become more accessible for the wider population.

On the market are many varieties of board games. Some of them represent real-life situations. Some of them have an inherent theme, some of them have specific themes. The difficulty of the game can range from the very simple to deeply complex.

Playing board games results in significant improvements in basic number skills. For instance: counting, recognizing numbers, numerical estimation, and number comprehension.

All you need to enjoy this hobby is any board game and a friend to play with. It should be easy to find a local group if your friends aren’t up for it. Search for a local store or visit Meetup.com to find groups near you.

Get into Lego

LEGOs are similar to jigsaw puzzles or board games, they are relaxing and enjoyable even for adults, especially geeks. To get your imagination and motoric skills started, get familiar with all the different types and configurations.

Then decide what you want to build. Start with simple shapes and structures and later move to more complex. You can also download the computer software and start to shape your own structures digitally with LeoCAD.

Tinkering with Electronics

Do you want to learn how electric works? Do you want to build and construct new electronics? Well, tinkering is another geeky hobby.

In the beginning, you will most likely need batteries, electrical tape, rubber bands, straws, craft sticks, and other hand tools.

But the easiest way to start tinkering is to buy some sort of a kit, which includes all parts and contains instructions. Probably such with a solderless breadboard, so you don`t have to solder.

If you are inspired and want to start tinkering with simple electronics you should discover Arduino, which is an electronics prototyping platform.


Suspending in the air and flying with your body is liberating and a lot of fun. But it needs to be approached carefully and with proper skills and equipment in order to feel the thrill.

Before you try this you need to learn basic skills and take professional training. When an attempt to make that first jump and feel the real adventure, you will definitely know why skydiving is so appealing.

Start this geeky hobby and feel the freedom that comes from jumping out of a plane.


Cosplay is definitely a hobby for geeks and young adults. It’s a performance art in which pop geeks wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character. They dress up as a character and also embody and role play as them. Imitate their voice, etc..

It is more than just playing dress-up. It is like a dramatic representation. It’s a way to show how much they love something and share that love with others.

It is a phenomenon aspect of popular culture around the globe especially in Japan and some other parts of Asia. It became popular mostly because it is a great escape for movie geeks. Another reason for its popularity is the huge fandoms of various movies and comics.

Alo might also ask:

What makes someone a geek?

Geeks can be obsessively passionate over something so much that their lifestyle revolves around this passion. Geek stereotypes include poor eyesight, hyper-intelligence, social awkwardness, lack of physical coordination, and a distinctly impaired fashion sense.

If you have difficulties with interacting with people and intelligence at a level that intimidates others then people might call you a geek or nerd.

What do geeks do for fun?

Geeks like to do many things for fun like coding, gaming, reading, learning history, board games, and many more… Oh, I almost forgot one thing that geeks do for fun, which is correcting people on the internet 🙂

Don’t forget about geeky adventures like visiting the LEGO headquarters or seeing some seemingly mundane garages in Silicon Valley.


Did I overlook something?

These are just a few hobbies for geeks. I am sure there are more hobbies that geeks would enjoy. I’d love to hear what is your favorite geeky hobby, share your ideas for a new hobby.