20 Hobbies To Meet People (And Make New Friends)

It doesn’t matter if you want a new lifestyle or just want to expand your social life, maybe you are here because you want to meet singles. One thing is for sure…If you want to take your social life to a new level you need to pick up some hobby.

In this post, you will find many ideas for hobbies that will allow you to meet new people.

How to Meet People And Make New Friends

First I would like to talk a little more about how to meet new people and find out what you are looking for. So, the following are my tips on how to meet new people.

Be Yourself

Sure you have to present yourself at your best, but don’t put yourself in uncomfortable situations just because you try to fit in.

Be who you are, this way you will find friends who will appreciate you just the way you are.

Self-Confidence Is Important

If you want to build and sustain good relationships you need to like yourself first. People shine when they are comfortable with themselves and other people want to be around them because of that.

Get To Know Your City

If you decide to go to the gym you need to know where it is located if you want to visit the museum you need to know its location, so it is important to know your surroundings.

You may also use a newcomer’s guide for learning what the city has to offer.

Use Neutral Places For Meetings

After you made a connection you might want to move outside of the environment where you first met each other. Maybe hosting at home can bring pressure at first.

So it is a good idea to chose a public space for your first meeting, this will give you more time to focus on each other.

Ask Questions

These days good listeners are rare, so ask questions about them and listen to their answers. Asking and listening can lead to a good friendship.

Never Expect Too Much

Many people expect too much when they meet new people. It is better and healthier to have more friends for a variety of different reasons and occasions.

Find Out What You Are Passionate About

If you know what you are passionate about you’ll more likely to find friendships, because you will surround yourself with like-minded people.

So join a book club only if you love books, and join the dancing class only if you love to dance. If you are running out of ideas for hobbies check the below suggestions.

Best Hobbies To Meet New People

Can a simple hobby help you to find new friends and meet people? I am sure that it can, and if you’re in luck it may bring you a partner as well.

Below are my favorite picks for those who are looking for a new hobby that will help to meet people and make new friends.

Hobbies That Help You Make Friends and Meet New People

Below you will find the best hobbies to meet new friends. Some are good for introverts others are better for extroverts, just pick the suggestion you like the most, enjoy the hobby and prepare for a new friendship.

Join an Acting Class

Acting can definitely help you make friends and meet new people, but there are more benefits, you will be able to develop self-confidence and improve your communication skills.

If you decide to join an acting class you will have the chance to relieve stress as well. Everybody needs to relax after a crappy day at school or a stressful day at work.

Join a Dancing Class

Dancing is an enjoyable activity that you can experience with your partner or friends. Joining a dancing class will give you the chance to meet new people with the same passion as you have.

In case you don’t like classes you can dance on less formal occasions, you can visit some clubs on Friday evening and dance there. This way you will most likely meet new people and if you are in luck your future friends.

Join a Book Club

A book club is a great way to meet new people, especially if you love to read.

You will find book clubs online or through your local bookstore. Don’t give up if you don’t find the perfect fit when you first join a group, it may take a few tries.

You can start your own book club as well, this way you will be able to dictate the genre, the place, and other directions of the community.

Go To a Night Club

Find some night club in your city, invite your friends, and have some drinks over there, if no one has the time to join you, go alone.

Ask if they have billiards, darts, or table football, if they have it play some games, club games are a great way to meet new people.

If you don’t feel like playing games you can dance and meet new people on the dance floor. Who knows, maybe you will find your love this way.


You will find that there are many fun opportunities for volunteering, it is also one of the best hobbies to meet new people.

You can volunteer for a cultural event, for the elderly that need help, or as a coach, the list goes on and on. So, volunteer in areas that are interesting and meaningful to you.

If you don’t know the right opportunities in your area, search for organizations that need help and give them your time and energy.

Search online as well, you will find many volunteering platforms that will help you to find organizations or individuals that need help.

Join a Sport Team

A great way to meet people is by joining some sports teams, many like bowling, so why not joining a bowling team.

If bowling isn’t for you, you can still join a volleyball or basketball group, a yoga class, or a badminton league, there are numerous options.

Just make sure you become a member of a group that shares a sport or activity you enjoy. Start a conversation with other members and suggest a drink after the activity you do together.

Join RC Car Racing Event

If you like to play with RC cars, I suggest that you buy yourself one, or build your own one from the scratch.

After you have one and know how to control it you can join some racing events. This way you will meet people who also enjoy RC cars, I’m sure you will have something to talk about.

You will find similar racing events for RC boats or RC aircraft as well. In case you don’t know where to start, search online and you will find racing events that you can join.

Robot Combat

Have you ever heard about robot combat? It is a great hobby where you create robots for combat.

After building your own robot you can participate in competitions where you will be able to check how well you designed your robot.

It is a great engineering-related hobby that will also provide a chance for you to meet people with the same interests.

Find Religious Community

For those who have spiritual personalities I suggest a religious community, it could be a perfect place to meet and hang out with people like you.

If you really want to find new friends in this community you should also join their other gatherings like Sunday School classes.

Maybe you will find that is a church, synagogue, or some other religious community the best place for you to meet new people.

Go To The Gym

The gym is one of the best hobbies to meet people, so go to the weight room at its busiest time and try to connect with other visitors.

The other way is to join a class at the gym, connect with other members, and hang out with them after the workout, invite them to a cafe or juice bar.

Start Blogging

Many may think that blogging will make you sit all day and write. In many ways, this is the case, but writing a blog can help you to connect with many people.

You will have the chance to engage with your readers and with other bloggers. Blogging can bring you new business cooperation or some like-minded people to hang out with.

Like many other hobbies, writing a blog is another opportunity to get to know new people from all over the world.

Start  Traveling

Travel to the other city or country, this way you will be able to meet people and make new friends.

Travel alone, with a friend or with some group. Traveling will give you the chance to meet people from other cultures, so you will have the chance to learn a new language and taste food that you never tasted before.

Traveling is one of the most exciting ways to meet new people.

Hobbies To Meet Singles

In case you are looking for a relationship this section is for you, so if you’re hoping to meet someone who will become more than a friend you should pick one of the next hobbies.

Go To a Music Club

Do you enjoy listening to music? On Sunday evening invite your friends to go to a music club.

Find a music club where you can discover new music and start a conversation even with people you don’t know.

This way you can find singles that have the same music taste as you do, visiting a music club can be a great activity.

Facebook and Other Social Media

Spend some time on Facebook and find other people in your area, try also other social media platforms.

You may discover single people with similar interests as you have, or some old friends that you didn’t know lived near your place.

Reach out to them and meet up for a drink, maybe you can make new friends or even your new love.

Try Speed Dating

Speed Dating

Speed dating might be the right hobby for those who are in their 20ies, especially for those who don’t like surfing dating sites or hang out in bars. Speed dating will give you the chance to meet a lot of different singles in a short time frame.

Don’t expect that you will find love at your first event, but I am sure you can have a great time and meet some new friends.

Visit Cultural Events

Think about the local theater, cinema, symphony, or ballet. Visit their performances, member events, or fundraising.

Start the conversations with other visitors who are there, most likely they appreciate the arts, so you have a lot to talk to. I am sure you will meet single people over there as well.

Visit local galleries if you prefer visual art more, talk with visitors, and discuss the art with the managers and owners.

Did I miss some hobby?

These are only a few hobbies that will help you to find new people. I am sure there are many more social hobbies that you can start. In case you have any ideas write them in the comments below.