List of Weird, Unusual Hobbies People Do In Their Free Time

There are people all around the world who do weird things for fun. And I’m not just talking about collecting matchbooks or spinning coins on their edge or whatever people used to do before they had phones.

I mean full-on weird and unusual stuff like planking, larping, extreme ironing, witchcraft, snakeskin collecting, mooing, and more.

That might sound crazy! In fact, I think you should pick one of these and try it out next time you’re feeling down or bored.

I’ve made a list of some of my favorite weird hobbies, just in case you’re looking for something new to try.

Just pick one of these unique, unusual, and weird hobbies. Before long, your mood will be lifted and your life will be changed forever!

Weird Hobbies That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Ghost Hunting

This is one of the most popular weird hobbies, but it’s also one of the most fun!

There are two ways to go about this hobby: You can either join a group that organizes ghost hunts or purchase some equipment and ghost hunt yourself.

You’ll need an EMF meter, which measures electromagnetic fields around you; a thermal sensor, which measures temperature fluctuations; and maybe an audio recorder or video camera (to capture evidence).

The idea is that if there are ghosts around you, they will leave behind electromagnetic fields, show up on your thermal sensor and make noise, or show up in photos or videos.


The next weird hobby on this list is ant keeping. Ants are so fascinating! They’re tiny little creatures, but they have so much personality!

You can keep ants in a variety of ways, including keeping them in a small terrarium or container.

The key is to provide your ants with a home that mimics their natural habitat as closely as possible, including providing them with food and water sources that are similar to those found in nature (like rotting leaves).

Aircraft Spotting

Aircraft spotting involves watching airplanes take off and land. There are all kinds of resources online that can help you find the best places to go and get tips on where to look for certain types of planes.

Aircraft spotting is a great way to spend time outside and learn about different planes from all over the world. It’s also super relaxing!

Laser Tag

If you’re looking for a new weird hobby, try laser tag! Laser tag is a game in which players wear vests that have infrared sensors on them.

When you’re hit by a laser, the vest vibrates and lets you know you’ve been shot.

It’s like paintball, but instead of getting messy and leaving the house, you can do all this right in your own backyard!

Tennis Polo

What is Tennis Polo? Imagine a field full of players, running around with a tennis ball.

They’re trying to score points by throwing the ball into their opponent’s goal, which is guarded by a keeper who wields a racket.

That’s tennis polo! It might seem weird, but it’ll make you feel better about yourself when you realize that there are people out there who do things even weirder than this.


Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is when people dress up as characters from their favorite books or video games and act out their fantasies in real life

If you enjoy pretending to be someone else and acting out a fantasy world while wearing lots of makeup, LARPing may be right up your alley!

Samurai Sword Collecting

n the past, samurai swords were mainly used for warfare and self-defense, but now these weapons are used for more modern purposes like cosplay and decorating.

Samurai swords come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from miniature versions to full-size replicas that can be used for display or sparring.

There are clubs and conventions all over the place where collectors can meet up and swap stories about their adventures in search of legendary swords.

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If you’re not into witchcraft and spells, then why not try it out? It’s fun and maybe even useful! It can help you find love or money, or even help your career. It’s a win-win situation!

Spells are fun because they allow you to have power over your life. You can change the way things are going if you want to—and sometimes it just feels good to be able to do that.

Snake Skin Collecting

Snakeskin has been used in Africa for centuries because of its healing properties.

If you want to feel better about yourself and have something cool to show off in your living room, then maybe collecting snake skins is the best way to go!

Taking Surveys

There are so many surveys out there that ask all sorts of questions about your favorite foods or drinks or TV shows.

It’s a great way to make money while also learning new things about yourself!


I know what you’re thinking: “What a weird hobby.” You’ve probably never thought about it before, but some people collect handcuffs.

Weird, right? But as it turns out, there’s more to collecting handcuffs than just having a collection of them.

It’s a fascinating hobby that can teach you a lot about history and culture, and it’s also just plain fun!


Have an overactive imagination? Worldbuilding lets you turn those fictional worlds into reality by creating them through writing or art. It’s truly a magical experience—you’ll never look at the world in the same way again!

You can create a map, write characters’ backstories, and even draw up some sketches of what the characters look like. You can also create your own language and dialects! It’s all up to you.


Planking is a weird hobby that may have started out as a joke but has now become a worldwide phenomenon. It involves lying flat on your belly in unusual places (like on top of cars) or even on other people’s bodies (like on their shoulders).

But remember, it can be dangerous and it doesn’t always go as planned, which is why I recommend you do it at home where there are no cars or people around to get hurt!

If you want to plank in public, make sure you’re doing it safely and not endangering anyone else around you.

Toy Voyaging

The next weird hobby on this list is called ToyVoyagers. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: people send toys out into the world to travel and explore with other ToyVoyagers, who send their own toys on adventures too.

The whole thing is tracked online through a website called, where you can see all these little toys moving around the world, having fun, and meeting new friends along the way.

ToyVoyagers started out as a hobby for two brothers in the early 2000s, but it has grown into a worldwide community of more than six thousand members that take part in this activity across the world.

Beetle Fighting

In Thailand, beetle fighting is generally considered a hobby for men and boys. It’s a hobby in which two beetles are placed on a log to fight each other using their horns. The beetle that falls off the log first loses.

Are you interested? You don’t have to travel all the way to Thailand to do this one, just go buy yourself some rhinocerous beetles from a pet store and get started!

Extreme Ironing

Extreme ironing originated in the UK in 1986 when a group of friends took their irons on a trip to Wales. While there, they decided to see if they could find the most scenic place to iron.

Since then, it has grown into an international sport with worldwide competitions.

The idea is to push yourself outside your comfort zone and test the limits of your abilities. You might think that ironing isn’t one of those things, but it can be!

Learning Fictional Languages

You may think it’s only for nerds, but there are actual benefits to learning a language that only exists in your imagination.

It’s great for improving your memory and cognitive skills, and it’ll make you feel like an absolute genius!


Have you ever wondered what cows sound like when they’re talking to each other? Well, now’s your chance to find out!

All you have to do is go out into a field, find some cows and start mooing at them until they start talking back.

In fact, moong has its own competition in the United States. One of them is called the moo-la-palooza, which takes place in Wisconsin.

Dog Grooming

If you’re a dog owner, then you know how much time and effort goes into making sure your pup is looking good.

But grooming them can be a lot of work—and if you don’t have a dedicated groomer in your family or circle of friends, it might not be something that fits into your schedule.

Whether it’s trimming your own dog’s nails or giving them a bath, grooming your pet can be a relaxing way to spend some time with them while making sure they look their best (and smell good).


Yodelling is a form of singing that involves making high-pitched sounds with your voice, which can be done by men or women (or children).

It’s often used in Alpine folk music and has been around for hundreds of years.

Fossil Hunting

You can usually find fossils near rivers or lakes where water has eroded away layers of rock over time.

Fossil hunting is an exciting way to learn about the past and see how things change over time. You can also use fossils as decoration in your house!

Grave Hunting

You’ve probably heard of people who enjoy cemeteries and gravestones.

They’re called grave hunters, and they’re passionate about their hobby. They love learning about famous deaths, reading epitaphs, and capturing them on film.

Some even go so far as to rub stones or take pictures of them!

Want To Discover More Weird Hobbies?

If you’re on the hunt for more weird hobbies, I’ve got some great suggestions for you. Just check out my other blog post that includes more weird hobbies, or do a quick search on the internet, and use the term “weird and unusual hobbies”!