30 Weekend Hobbies (For Singles, Families, Couples)

Weekend, two whole days without responsibilities, it is time for you to do whatever you want to do, at least if you are single. In this post, you will find weekend hobbies for families and couples as well.

Don’t watch TV all weekend or go out every Saturday with your friends, there is plenty of other fun hobbies to do on weekends. To be honest, it’s also OK if that’s what you want to do over the weekend, after all, you are the master of your free time, right…

But if you have a family your kids might not agree with that. So, If your family is tired of the predictable things you normally do throughout Saturday and Sunday you might need some hobby ideas for the weekend.

I can help you with that…so, here is my list of hobbies to liven up your free time during the weekend.

List of Hobbies for the Weekend

So what do you usually do over the weekend? Many spend time with friends or go on a one-day trip.

There are so many hobbies that you can take during the weekend, so don’t get lazy and choose one of the below suggestions.


In case you like helping others, choose a hobby that will benefit others as well.

Use your free time during the weekend to volunteer, you could help the elderly, fight for the environment, or take care of homeless people.

Volunteering is a wonderful weekend hobby for singles that can help to meet new people as well. In case you don’t know where to start check websites like UN Volunteer or Volunteer Match.

Discover New Music

Back in the days finding new music required effort and time, but today finding artists and music has become easier.

Go to the music shop or search online for new music, check music platforms like Spotify or SoundCloud. Weekends are great to discover new music genres and dive into them.

We all have heard that music increases happiness, decreases stress, reduces depression, and increases overall health.


Do you need a weekend activity that doesn’t require a load of equipment?

Well, a hobby can be as simple as running, you only need to get your running shoes on and you are good to go.

It is one of the most common weekend hobbies, this is because it is not only good for physical health, but also for mental wellbeing.


If you love to read you might want to write as well, writing is a wonderful indoor weekend hobby. You could start to write poems, novels, or letters, writing will lead you to a whole new world.

Maybe you should also consider starting a blog and share your thoughts about your passion. You could make extra money with writing, so think about freelance writing as well.


The weekend is the time to take care of your mind and body, you can do this by practicing yoga.

Yoga is an extremely beneficial hobby that can easily be practiced indoor anywhere.

So you can do it at home or join some yoga classes, it doesn’t matter where you do it, just make sure you get back your internal balance.


If you want to spend your weekends outdoors I suggest cycling. There are many reasons why singles should start cycling over the weekend.

There are many different options, you could do road cycling, mountain biking, track cycling, cyclocross, BMX biking…

Let me mention the most important benefits, so you will boost your fitness, save money, and take care of the environment.


Archery is a great hobby for the weekend. So, find an archery range in your area and get started, they usually have equipment for rent.

In the beginning, find some tutorials online, you could even hire a coach to show you the basics.

This weekend hobby will improve your hand-eye coordination, upper body balance, and concentration.


Swimming is a great noncreative hobby to take up on Saturday or Sunday morning. You don’t have to swim for a long time, you only need a half-hour swim.

Search for your closest swimming pool, buy a ticket, reserve one track, and make use of your swimsuit.

You will feel a lot better physically and mentally even if you make only a fifteen-minute swim.

Video Games

If you don’t feel like going outside you can stay at home and play video games, it’s the perfect weekend hobby for singles.

Well, we all have heard negative comments about video games but playing video games can also be beneficial.

As long as you don’t overdo it playing computer games can help you with better concentration, increases brain flexibility, and stimulate creativity.


If you had a stressful week at work then it’s a good idea to meditate during the weekend. Meditation is a great hobby for singles to reduce stress and anxiety during the weekend.

If you’ve never meditated before find some online guides or listen to meditation podcasts.

Ten minutes a day can be enough to help boost your mood, focus your mind, and improve your overall health.

Escape Room

Escape rooms could be a great weekend hobby for the whole family. If you don’t want to leave your apartment there are also online escape rooms that you can try at home.

Online escape room work similar to a real-life escape room, you solve puzzles to get to the next step. You have to follow the clues, and try to escape the room.

Learn A Language

Use your weekend activities to learn a foreign language with the kids. Children can learn new skills very quickly and are naturally adept at learning new languages.

You will find many ways you can learn a new language with the whole family and on the way, you will improve your own other skills as well.

Board Games

Board games are one of the best weekend hobbies for the whole family, it can be a monopoly or some other popular game.

There are so many different board games available today, so every family can find the right one to enjoy.

Cooking With Kids

The weekend is the time to cook with kids, so find an easy recipe and let the kids help you with preparing the Sunday lunch.

While cooking kids will learn practical knowledge, learning basic mathematics, and become more self-reliant.

Candle making

Candle making could help to relaxed the whole family after a long week. All you need is wax, containers, wick, and some heat source.

It isn’t a complicated hobby, after all, if you don’t like the design you have created you can always melt it and make it again from scratch.

When melting, make sure your kids don’t touch the wax, don’t forget about safety.


Gardening is the next hobby that the whole family can do together. There is nothing more rewarding and healthy than eat the food that you produced yourself in your backyard.

If you don’t have outdoor space you can still grow plants indoors. Herbs or veggies are ideal to grow inside, there are endless possibilities, you can choose to grow oregano, parsley, basil…


Upcycling is a fantastic weekend hobby to help to reduce everyday waste and teach the kids to recycle.

The whole family can be creative and get rid of some clutter at the same time. Think about it…empty tin cans, leftover cardboard, or even yogurt pots can be upcycled into something useful.

So, make a quick search online and you will find easy suggestions on how to make a treasure out of your trash.


It can be exhaustive to stay in the apartment for the whole weekend with kids, so consider hiking.

Getting out and enjoying the fresh air is a must for every family. By the time you reach the end of the trail or the top of the mountain, you’ll all feel a lot better.


Camping gives the whole family the chance to experience nature and have two days away from daily routine.

Set some rules, e.g. no screens at bedtime so that you can all enjoy stargazing.

Camping will add an element of adventure to your family and bring everybody closer together.


While spending time outdoors sit back, get your favorite drink, and make something delicious to eat. Barbecuing could be a wonderful weekend hobby for the whole family.

Not only is it fun but everyone will learn about the food and how to prepare it. So, your whole family will enjoy outside, away from screens and electronic devices.

Check this list of hobbies for families if you need more suggestions.

Tandem Biking

Tandem biking is a fun hobby for couples that puts a whole new meaning on teamwork.

It requires a lot of trust and effort to synchronize you with the partner, so it is a hobby that will make a strong connection with your loved one.

To start you don’t have to own one, you can easily hire it in parks, bike stores, or in tourist facilities.


Maybe you played tennis before, but have you ever think about squash? Over the weekend you could visit some squash place and have fun together while playing this fun sports hobby for two.

Keep in mind that squash involves frequent starting and stopping so make sure you both avoid injury.

Many experts recommend that you wear eye protection and purpose-designed squash shoes to protect your ankles and eyes.


Dancing is a perfect weekend hobby for couples. Make a romantic Saturday evening and dance at home in your living room.

You could take dancing more seriously and visit dancing classes every weekend and learn new steps every time, dancing can help you to connect even more.

Go To The Spa

Many couples love spa trips. When in a relationship, working out some tension is always a good idea.

So, consider going for a massage with your partner, and switch off from the real world in spa robes. It is a fun and unwinding weekend hobby for couples.


Kayaking is a brilliant hobby for couples, just be sure to choose somewhere safe and get out of your comfort zone.

You can share one kayak and practice your communication skills as a couple, or you can choose to enjoy in separate kayaks.

Mountain Biking

If you both enjoy exciting and adrenalin hobbies, mountain biking could be just the right weekend hobby for you.

Mountain biking is a wonderful activity for couples that can be combined with other hobbies as camping.

While biking you will need to rely on your partner, so there is a chance you will feel more connected on Sunday evening.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a hobby that you should do with someone because of safety, so it is a wonderful hobby for couples.

When you reach the top you will both feel really accomplished and proud of each other, never stop cheering each other.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving with your partner is a wonderful way to escape reality and explore something new over the weekend.

The easiest way is to go snorkeling, but if you plan to scuba dive every weekend learn from scratch and work up to get a certificate.

Marveling at the underwater world will melt away everyday stress so you’ll both feel happy and relaxed.

If you need more hobby ideas check the following list of hobbies for couples.

Did I overlook some hobby?

These are only a few weekend hobbies, I’m sure there are more hobbies to enjoy for the weekend. If you miss your favorite weekend activity you are welcome to share your thought in the comments below.