Unusual Crafting Hobbies

List of Unusual Crafting Hobbies That You Can Try

Does jewelry making, sewing, pottery, or woodworking sound boring to you? Well, the following are unusual crafting hobbies and pastimes that I have stumbled upon while doing research for this post.

I have already written about unusual hobbies, but for this post, I have gathered strange crafting hobbies that are practiced all around the world.

List of Unconventional Crafting Hobbies

Soap Carving

Soap carving is simple to begin, but a little harder to make a nice design. If you want to begin, take a knife or some other household object like a fork, spoon, or toothpick and try to make your very own design.

Fork Bending

Do you want a unique and creative hobby? Well, fork bending is an unusual and fun hobby that you can do at home at any time. You will be surprised how many shapes you can create with only one fork, you can even build a collection of your designs.

Making Snow Globes

You can make snow globes with basic household units, like repurposed containers. It will create a wintry scene even in summer, it is a magical and fun hobby, and they’re easy to make at home.

Vehicle Tattooing

Tattoo artists don’t just design the skin but also steel. Producing an exceptional car tattoo is a side project that can boost designers’ credibility, so It can be a rewarding hobby but it’s not for everyone.

Body Painting

Body painting is an art hobby that uses a human body as a canvas, this means that artwork is painted directly onto the skin. It’s not permanent, it lasts several hours or up to a few weeks.

Tree Shaping

Tree shaping uses living trees or any other woody plants as the medium to create art and structures. There are a few different methods used to shape trees, like instant shaping, aeroponic culture, and gradual shaping.

Hobby Tunneling

The next weird and unusual hobby on this list is hobby tunneling. As the name suggests hobby tunneling is tunnel construction. Hobby tunnelers usually dig by hand, or with little equipment, some can spend years completing the tunnel.

Bone Carving

As the name suggests, bone carving is sculpturing animal bones, horns, or antlers and creating art, tools, and other goods. It’s a cheap hobby that takes up a lot of time, it may take many years to master.

Making Dreamcatchers

Many people believe that the dreamcatcher will catch bad dreams and filter good ones through the hole. Dreamcatchers are quite easy to make, you will only need a suede lace, hoop, string, and decorative materials.

Rock Balancing

Rock balancing or is an outdoor hobby you can do. You need to take care that rocks are naturally balanced on top of one another. You cant use any adhesives, wires, supports, rings, or any other contraptions.

Frog Dissections

Like to explore anatomy? Dismember the body of a deceased frog to study its anatomical structure. It is an unusual hobby that nature and science enthusiasts love to do.

Balloon Modeling

Balloon modeling is the shaping balloons into almost any given shape, often a balloon animal. The most popular shape with one balloon is an elephant, helmet, or sword.

Paint Rocks

Painting a rock is a fun way to make your garden more colorful. It is an unconventional and creative hobby that doesn’t require lessons, you don’t have to be an artist either to paint rock.

Foil Art

Foil Art is similar to coloring a picture, but this crafting hobby uses foil instead of markers or crayons.

Glass Blowing

Glass is a versatile and unique material that can be shaped in many ways. But how to make products out of glass? By inflating molten hot glass into a bubble you can form a glass item, the process is called glassblowing and can be a unique craft hobby.

Ice Sculpting

Ice sculpture uses ice to make sculptures, it can be abstract or realistic, decorative, or functional. You can do it in your kitchen but this unusual hobby is usually associated with special events because of a restricted lifetime.

Perfume Making

Perfume making is a science-related hobby. Creating your own scent can be a fulfilling and pleasant activity that can make a unique homemade gift. A homemade perfume will be free from synthetic chemicals and entirely customized to suit your personal preferences.


What is patchwork? It’s cutting cloth patches and joining them in an orderly pattern. People usually make quilts, but you can use this technique to make wall-hangings, bags, cushion covers, warm jackets, waistcoats, and other clothing as well.

String Art

Not familiar with the concept? Print an image to use as your design and hammer the nails along the border to make the pattern. After all of the nails are in place pull off the paper. Now you are ready to start stringing your embroidery thread, at the end cut off loose strings. Here you are, you have made your first string art.

Shoe Painting

Are you looking for a crafting hobby? Well, you can create a work of art for your feet. You can paint any type of shoe but each type of material requires different paint, so make sure you use appropriate paint.


Taxidermy is preserving an animal’s body through stuffing or mounting, animals are often represented in a lifelike state. Taxidermist may practice this craft professionally or as a hobby.

Doll Making

You can assemble a doll from parts, all you have to do is to buy supplies and assemble it, paint a face, and add the wig. You can even make a corn husk doll or fabric doll.

Digital Painting

If you like the traditional painting you have to try digital painting. First, you will need software such as Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and a graphics tablet.


Get the can of paint and write or paint something on a wall. Be careful, graffiti is one of the biggest art movement in recent history, but it is illegal in most cities.

Instrument Making

There is a number of musical instruments you can make yourself at home, think about drums, tambourine, Chinese gong, castanets.

For more serious projects check for musical instrument kits. Instrument-making can become the crafting hobby that makes you money.

Sugar Craft

Have you ever wondered how Sugarcraft roses are made? The best way to figure it out is to make one yourself. You should learn how to make sugar paste, and how to craft the rose, check WikiHow for more detailed instructions.

Wig Making

Try to make a wig, you can do it as long as you have the patience and the right tools. So, you’ll need a head mold, real or synthetic hair, thread, sewing needles, and something to take head measurements.


Tatting is a craft where creating lace from a series of loops and knots. This unique hobby can be used to make collars or accessories such as necklaces and earrings.


I hope you find this list of unusual crafting hobbies helpful. To me, fork bending and string art are the most interesting ones. I’m sure there are more hobbies like this, so if you have any interesting suggestions leave the comment below.