List of Hobbies for Normal Teenage Girls (Common Teenage Hobbies)


In case you are looking for normal teenage girl hobbies you have come to the right place. I have talked before about hobbies for teenage girls but in this post, I wanted to focus a little bit more on normal teenage girl hobbies.

Watching yet another TV series is not an option, it’s time to find a new hobby. Teenage girls usually like fun, useful, and educational hobbies such as scrapbooking, soap, or jewelry making, or gardening. In this post, you’ll be able to find some tips on how to find a normal hobby and the whole list of common hobbies for teenage girls.


How to Find a Normal Teenage Girl Hobbies?

The best way to find the right hobby is to actively pursue that thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Enjoying new experiences can also spark interest in a new hobby, for instance, going to a concert might spark your interest in learning musical instruments.

Another way to find the right hobby is to take personality assessments, which can help you figure out which hobbies might be the right for you, so identify your key interests and your personality type. Choosing a hobby might be easier after you figure out who you are and what you enjoy.

The easiest way to find normal teenage girl hobbies is by browsing the following hobbies, I’m sure you’ll get some interesting hobby ideas that you can start in the future.


Normal Teenage Girl Hobbies- The List


Everybody can start with origami, all you need is a few sheets of paper and a little creativity. Search for origami projects, you should find many cool craft ideas. Origami is one of the most unique ways to express yourself.

Family Tree Research

Ask questions about your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, this way you will get foundational information for further research. Search online and use all the information you’ve been gathering, use genealogy sites such as,, or

Furniture Upcycling

Undertake some upcycled furniture projects, start upcycling even if you don’t have any experience. You will find out that there are no limits to what you can create. It’s a sustainable and cost-effective hobby that can boost your creativity.

Jewelry Making

Jewelry making is another typical teenage girl hobby. There are endless possibilities for creating unique handmade jewelry, you can do it even if you don’t have any jewelry-making tools. What are you waiting for? Decide what jewelry you want to make, gather the materials needed, and get to work!


There’s absolutely nothing quite like fresh veggies, garden-fresh vegetables have sweet, juicy flavors and vibrant textures. If you want to grow vegetables yourself you need to ask yourself a few basic questions first. So, what vegetables do you want to grow, and how to create the right size garden.

Penpal Relationship

Finding a pen pal is a great way to connect with people, learn a new language, or learn about different cultures. Using snail mail is still effective, the postal service can help you to make new friends. So, try to find someone and maintain friendship by writing letters to each other.

Languages Learning

The best way to learn a new language is to establish a study routine and stick with it. Search for helpful resources in the library or online. Consider enrolling in a language class, this way you will get the opportunity to interact with other like-minded students. Another option is to sign up for the language-learning app.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Spend some time away from gadgets and electronic devices and start a jigsaw puzzle. For most teenagers, a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is a proper size to start. There are numerous jigsaw puzzles to choose from, but for beginners, a standard rectangular-shaped jigsaw seems to be the best.


Tell your story with scrapbooking, pick the moments or events in your life, and document it in a scrapbook. Choose the photos that you want to include, pick the ones with the best lighting, and focus. After you choose the right layout your first scrapbook is almost done.

Soap Making

Soap making is another normal teenage girl hobby. Learn about common soap-making ingredients, get to know the equipment you need to make soap, and take care of safety precautions. Find some easy soap recipes and you are ready to make your first homemade flower or herbal soap.

Candle Making

You can make candles yourself easily with a few supplies. It doesn’t matter what type of candle you are making, you will always need wax, a wick, and a container. If you are inspired prepare the area where you’ll be creating and start making your first candle.

Musical Instrument Playing

Most teenagers find that some musical instruments are easier to learn than others, so it’s important which instrument you choose in the first place. Many music teachers will tell that the piano or guitar is a great musical instrument to start with.


There are millions of blogs online which means that blogging is one of the most popular ways of spreading information and communicating over the web. Starting a blog isn’t that complicated, actually, you can have your own one set up in less than 30 minutes.


Choose simple yoga poses and do some yoga workouts. Child’s Pose, Downward-Facing Dog, and Plank Pose are some of the most popular ones. When practicing yoga, hold each pose for two or three slow breaths, and then move on to the next one.


Many teenage girls love to dance, it is simple, listen to the music, find your rhythm, and start dancing. If you don’t know how to start, begin with tapping to a rhythm and take the movement further, suddenly you will find yourself dancing.


For teenage girls who like music, singing seems like an obvious choice. To become a great singer you will need to work on your voice, posture, and breath. To learn how to sing you can use also online resources like online singing lessons or YouTube.


Start making beautiful letters, start with calligraphy. One of the most popular techniques is Faux Calligraphy which imitates the letter shapes and stroke contrast of the pointed pen or brush pen.


Are you looking for a beauty-related hobby? Try with hairstyling, the classic ponytail, pony wrap, or fishtail braid are some of the most popular hairstyles. If you are interested in hairstyling, learn about different techniques, without too much effort you will look beautiful in minutes.


Baking is fun, making cakes, brownies, and biscuits is a popular hobby among teenage girls. There are loads of easy recipes that you can master in no time. Your first baking project could be banana bread or homemade crackers, whatever you choose to bake just make sure to strictly follow the recipes.


I hope you have found some normal teenage girl hobby, now is your turn to practice the hobby and take your skills to a higher level. What if you haven’t find the right hobby for yourself? I’m sure there are more normal hobbies that teenage girls would enjoy, in case you have any good suggestions share your hobby ideas in the comment below.