List of Hobbies That Make Money (and can be turned into a business)

It is nothing better than finding a good hobby that makes money and gives you the opportunity to change your life in a good way. If you want to make your dream come true you should take action, first, you have to start thinking and searching for hobbies that would allow you to earn some extra money.

In this post you will find online, crafting, frugal, and outdoor hobbies that can make money. You will find also money-making hobbies that you can do from home and hobbies that can be turned into a business.

Let’s take a look at some money-making hobbies! Browse the following list and find your next lucrative hobby.

Online Hobbies That Make Money

Starting A Webstore

Check out the most popular ways to make money through the website; e-commerce, selling homemade or online products, banner ads, and affiliate marketing, there are numerous options…

Build your own website with WordPress and make things happen. Running a website can be an exciting hobby that can make money.

Professional Gaming

Imagine you play video games and make money at the same time, sounds good right? It’s possible but It takes some effort to be able to do that.

To find the right opportunity start to explore different platforms, or you can start by streaming your channel on Twitch.


Another online hobby that makes money is Blogging. If you are naturally curious and interested in different topics, then you can start writing a blog and share your knowledge with other like-minded people.

How can you make money by blogging? Bloggers usually make money by selling their own online products, affiliate links, and banner ads.

Creating Stock Photos

Capturing important moments in life is always cool, in photography, you need a good eye and a precise sense of perception.

Photography will provide opportunities to meet many interesting places and people. After all, wedding photography, freelance photography, or stock photography is a good way to make money.

Playing Poker

Play poker with friends for fun to get to know the game, only after that try money games. Playing poker can be a lucrative hobby, but it can also be a serious waste of money.

Not sure where to start? Try with Poker Stars or Party poker

The Stock Market

The stock market can be tempting and fascinating with unlimited profit potential. If you decide to start investing start with minimal investment and don’t invest large sums until you are sure you have enough knowledge. If you are going to play this game, you definitely need to do your homework.


If you already do coding as a hobby then you know that this knowledge can lead to high-paying jobs in a variety of industries. There are other ways as well, you can even start developing your own apps and websites.

Starting A YouTube Channel

Creating a youtube channel is a great addition to an existing hobby. If you already have a hobby, start recording and creating useful videos. After all, such advertising can bring additional profits.

Flip Garage Sales Finds

Attending garage and backyard sales can be fun as well as profitable. People sell a lot of stuff that is useless to them, but sometimes you will be able to find valuables.

So take a good look at the things available at garage sales, you can use eBay or Amazon for price comparison.


If you like to talk and research certain topics, start talking about anything and make podcasts. The only equipment you need is a microphone, but remember that there is no need to spend a ton of money to get a good-quality microphone.

Taking Surveys

Surveys can be annoying but for some people, surveying represents extra earnings. There are a lot of market research companies looking for new members from around the world to fill out surveys for money.

Paid surveys can be a fun and useful activity for anyone, from teens to seniors.


Painting on canvas is one of those hobbies that can open up an artist in you. It’s a great way to express yourself and relax. Maybe not right at the beginning, but with practice, you can create a masterpiece and try to sell it. You never know…

Writing / Editing

If you love writing and editing texts, then, you need to think seriously about it. These two hobbies are relatively easy to turn into a career.

If you have a good imagination you should try creative writing. After you gain some experience explore opportunities for independent writing and editing.

Reviewing Things

Reviewing things goes great along with setting up a YouTube channel. It is basically recording videos for exploring, presenting, and rating products. You will earn more and more money as your viewing base grows.

Writing Ebooks

The e-book market is huge. Perfect your sense of writing and start writing your first ebook. After you finish writing think about how to sell it, one of the most popular marketplaces for selling your ebooks is Amazon.

Creating Video Courses

It’s nothing better than being paid to share your knowledge and helping others understand things better. You will discover many online course platforms that can help you create and sell your video courses. Thinkific and Teachable are just two of them.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

If you’ve already spent your free time on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, then you have a great chance to make money with your hobby, all you have to do is to find influential and growing businesses and become their virtual assistant.

Graphic Design

Business-oriented people are not always artistically inspired and need the help of someone who can help them better present their product and put it on the market. Graphic designing is a hobby that you can turn into a business as well.


Crafting Hobbies That Make Money


Handmade wood products sit well on the market so woodworking is definitely a hobby that can make some extra money. Woodworking is an inspiring and relaxing creation of various artifacts, you can start making furniture or try yourself in a more artistic direction, such as making various figures and such.


The next crafting hobby that makes money is Woodburning. Burning in wood is a creative pastime that you can do right from home, woodburning combines drawing and woodworking. If you manage to make products that are something special or personalized, you can easily sell them.

Restoring Classic Cars

Repairing and maintaining oldtimers is a useful skill and a fun hobby for many men. This hobby needs some investment in the beginning, but in the end, it can pay off with huge earnings. Don’t expect quick results, restoring classic cars demands patience and time.

Home Brewing

Men and women love good beer, so why not try to make it yourself? Invite your friends and start brewing beer at home and enjoy it as you learn the process. When you succeed in the first batch of beer, you can try to sell the second.


Do you like creating menus and experimenting with cooking? Start preparing food at parties and events to perfect your culinary skills, do it for free. After you get good at this make an offer for catering to your potential customers and turn your hobby into a dream job.

Making T-Shirts

This market is already really saturated, but don’t let that stop you from designing and printing your own t-shirts. There is always room for unique and creative ideas, explore the market and present your best creations that will stand out.


If you start with this craft, you will never have to buy shoes from renowned brands again. Find a way that your product becomes a recognized brand.

Crafting Snow Globes

If you are looking for some gift ideas or just to create your world in a small ball, check out some tutorials on how to make a snow globe. If you are creative, you can greatly diversify your home or the shelves of potential customers.

Designing Phone Cases

Every phone can be adorned with a different cover each week. Designing phone cases is a hobby that can make money, there is no question about that. If you produce good ideas and figure out the manufacturing system it can become a very profitable hobby.

Designing A Planner / Journal

Everything needs to start somewhere, people who are busy in their lives need to have a planner so there is definitely a market. Designing a planner or journal can be a relaxing and creative hobby, and if you do it the right way you can build a business out of it.

Restoring Furniture

No doubt you will have to put in some effort, but you will find that such work pays off in the end. You can earn a lot with this precise craftwork.


Sewing can be a relaxing and creative use of free time. And if you make a nice special pattern, some people will be happy to pay a high amount for your homemade creation.

Becoming A Makeup Artist

Try to turn your acquaintance and love of make-up into a part-time job.

Designing Hats

First, design and make hats for yourself and your loved ones. Try different approaches to create all sorts of hats, after you are satisfied with your work show the hats to potential customers in the market. One of the easiest ways to sell your homemade hats is through social networks.

Making Cosplay Costumes

Not all Cosplay fans are thrilled to make their own costume. A lot of fans don’t even know how to sew, which means they are willing to pay someone to do it for them.

Building Dollhouses

It may be a little unusual, but a lot of people appreciate a handmade dollhouse. And they are willing to deduct quite a few dollars for it.


Pillow cover, knit Cap, toddler slippers…you can find numerous knitting projects even if you are a beginner. This craftwork is relaxing and very creative, which ultimately forms a beautiful product, and such manual dexterity is highly valued. Sure you can use your outcomes as a gift, but you will have no problems selling it as well.


Frugal Hobbies That Make Money

Becoming A Fitness Instructor

Regular visits to the gym and fitness center are a great way to improve your health and body. If you’re good at doing this and think you can master every exercise and movement, you can start thinking about coaching other people and making some money along the way.

Referring / Coaching

If you are familiar with the sport and are well-versed in the industry, you can become a judge or coach of a local sports team. So you can combine your passion and extra earnings.


Babysitting can open your eyes to getting to know yourself and your desires. Who knows, maybe after the job is done you want your own kids or you realize it’s not for you. But, it’s a good way to earn some extra money.

Being A Handyman

If you are good at fixing and maintaining things, you can become a handyman. It’s a great way to help around, meet people in your community, and make some extra money.

Clean Houses

If you like to take care of order and cleanliness, then think about houses and households. By cleaning houses you can earn quite nice sums.


Another frugal hobby that makes money is couponing. Maybe it’s time to follow discounts and save some money with couponing. It’s more than a hobby to some people if you know what I mean.

Pet Sitting

If you love animals, this hobby is perfect for you. Being able to hang out with animals and get paid for it is something nice. Animals can grow close to your heart and perhaps you decide to adopt one that needs a home.

Selling Used Books

Many people who have book collections are usually unaware of their value. Many used books are real treasures. You can rediscover these forgotten novels to the world and put them back into circulation.

Teaching Music

Want to create something with all these years of learning an instrument? If you have spent a lot of time with your instrument and think you know it well enough, then share your knowledge with others who have a desire to play it.

Be A Life Coach

Are you knowledgeable enough in a particular field? Try to monetize and teach others about your knowledge and pass it on.

Grocery Shopping

If you have enough free time, then you can use it to shop and deliver groceries to people who can’t do it on their own. You can do this for free but many people will give you something in return. Adjust your purchases to the late and favorable hours of the day, so you can make better use of time and earn more.

Be A Yoga Instructor

If you are flexible as an elastic and know what the purpose of doing yoga is, become a yoga instructor and teach others.


You’ll start really right at the bottom, but if you make the effort and make it to the theater, you can step up to Hollywood. But let’s move slowly, you can start on the street or you can upload videos on platforms like YouTube.

Voice Acting

If you know how to use your voice for a variety of purposes, you can try recording commercials. Also, Fiverr is a great platform where you can offer voice-acting services.

Brand Ambassador

If you want to be famous, then present quality content with different brands and you will soon find someone who will want to sponsor your posts. However, if you really believe in a particular brand, focus on it, and become an official brand ambassador.


If you have been trying to make a special work of art for a long time and you already have the mileage and knowledge behind you, then stimulate the inner self and make a truly unique work of art.

Starting A Band

Starting a band has probably always been the coolest hobby there is. If you don’t know where to find your bandmates try Facebook groups for musicians or Vampr, which is an app that serves to find like-minded musicians.
After you have found artists to collaborate with, learn and experience many things and make your dreams come true.

Money-Making Hobbies That You Can Do From Home


Gardening will definitely calm you down and connect you to Mother Earth. In addition, more and more people are realizing that locally grown food means a better source of nutrients, so, you should find people who would buy locally grown fresh food.


Are you good at cooking? Consider turning your cooking skills into a restaurant service. In the beginning, you can use your kitchen to offer specialties right from home.


There is no need to open a bakery if you want to make money with baking. With your loved one think about the recipes you love and get started. Once you master baking these, you can try to produce them for local cafes.

Collect, Trade, And Sell Rare Games

Another money-making hobby that you can do from home is collecting rare games. There is a very good market for rare games. Board games and video games (especially if they are well-preserved) are highly prized among connoisseurs.

Food Preservation (Pickling, Canning)

Food canning and pickling are great hobbies, especially for retirees. It’s not too labor-intensive to exhaust you, and besides, preparing food for rainy and winter days is always welcome. Of course, if you can handle this hobby, and you have a surplus, you can always sell something to the local community.


If you are an artistic soul you can create something, you can use any medium you like, the most popular are wood, paper, or glass. If you manage to do something special, present it on Etsy, because you never know who might like it.

Fixing Things

If you are good at repairing small or large items, you can take the path of a maintainer. In the early days, you can do it for free but after you become a handyman people trust, you can make good money with this hobby.

Car Mechanics

Learning to repair and care for your vehicles will save you time and a lot of money. And if you try to use your knowledge in repairing other people’s cars, you can get rich.

Chocolate making

This is a fantastic hobby as you can eat all the failed chocolate product attempts together. Sweets are loved by almost everyone and that is why there is a big market. If you manage to make some chocolate perfection, you can start making money.

Playing An Instrument

Learning an instrument is much easier these days. There are countless videos and workshops online on how to learn a musical instrument. You can also hire a personal instructor to help you. Once you master it, and if it sounds good try to book your first gig.


Taking photos while you’re out for a walk can also bring you some extra money. While pursuing quality pictures you will discover areas, you haven’t visited before and spent quality moments with the family as well. After you manage to make high-quality images, you can present them to photo sites, or companies and try to sell them.


Learning to dance can be a wonderful and connecting experience. And once you’re confident in your dancing moves, you can start thinking about offering your skills as dance lessons.

Bonsai Trees

This ancient Japanese art can be a very inspiring and relaxing hobby for people who love to grow plants. If you shape the tree nicely and take good care of its health and growth, it can fetch a high price. If you find the right buyer you will be amazed at how much value it can achieve. But the real reward you get from growing a bonsai is your zen mind.

Art Collecting

Collecting artwork can be a good way to get in touch with your local community. This way you will forge ties and if you are attracted to it and you become serious about it, you can eventually start buying and trading artwork globally. Also, if you put some of them on display, your apartment can become a real feast for the eyes.

Growing Herbs

If you like gardening start growing herbs and sell the surplus you don’t need. The use of herbal medicine is increasing worldwide, many people tend to use herbals for treating or preventing illness.

Designing And Printing Invitations

Maybe it’s time to indulge your artistic side and find a sense of decorating. When you are sure you can do it, go full steam ahead and charge for your services.

Organizing Parties

Hang out, invite friends and start organizing spontaneous and enjoyable parties. In this way, you can make extra money and help others to socialize.

Designing A Room And Renting It Out

A sense of designing a home can bring you personal satisfaction, it can make someone else happy as well. The process of how to furnish a home or space in the house can be shown in the video. So, you can shoot a documentary series about it and then rent the place out.

Outdoor Hobbies That Make Money


Beekeeping is a kind of hobby that is enjoyed only by certain people. If you take it as your own, you gain an industry where you will learn a lot and spend most of your free time outside. At the end of the season, the bees produce a lot of honey in return for your efforts.

How to make money with beekeeping? Most people prefer to buy locally grown honey, so I guess you’ll have no problem selling bee products.


Many people have always been attracted to fishing. Waking up early in the morning and preparing the necessary equipment is fun and relaxing after a busy week of work. If you connect with local restaurants and the market, you can also earn something.


For your first big trip and adventure, you’ll have to dig into your pocket. But if you start writing and documenting your adventures along the way and keep a popular travel blog, you can get free hotel stays, museum entry, and restaurant meals in return.

Becoming A Local Guide

If you’ve been living in a certain area for a while, you definitely know every nook and cranny. Try your hand at guided tours. Suggest local history organizations to join them. To get familiar with the hobby start showing your surroundings to your friends.

Drive Others Around

Nowadays, Lyft and Uber allow almost anyone with a driver’s license to become a professional driver. Explore and meet new people who need transportation and get to know your city. Driving others around can become your first hobby that makes extra money.

Drone Flying

The next outdoor hobby that can make you money is drone flying. There are many remote-controlled flying objects that you can assemble yourself, but most people buy the ones that are already assembled.

How to make money with drone flying? Many people have fun while flying through the air and filming the scene. Drone videos are becoming more and more popular, which means you can sell them through stock sites such as Shutterstock or Getty images.

Shoveling Driveways

Shoveling snow from the yard is good outdoor exercise for the body, after all, you have a chance to work out on a beautiful winter morning. Also, shoveling driveways can be a perfect assignment that can bring you some money on the side.


Hobbies That Can Be Turned Into a Business

Decorating Homes

The following one is for the ones who have a desire to design living spaces. Decorating can become a fun activity with your family that you do together. If you feel that you have a knack for decorating indoor or outdoor spaces, post an ad for home design and start making money while designing other people’s homes.

Offer Translation Services

There are a lot of people who would like someone to compose a text for them or just translate it into some foreign language. So if you know another language but don’t know how to use it, try translating.


Did you learn grammar well in school? If your answer is “Yes” then you should start with proofreading. This is the last step in the editorial cycle before publication. This way you will combine your love of grammar and earn extra money.

Artwork Investing

If you can recognize a good work of art, you can start reselling small works of art, and if do it the right way you will soon be in the circle of the greatest artists. However, don’t expect quick results, artwork investing is a hobby that can only make money in the long run.

Collecting Antiques

Usually, women have a sharper eye for antiques because they have a better sense of decoration. But this doesn’t mean that men can’t work with antiques, so if you like to browse things, you can earn decent money with antiques even if you are men. Collecting antiques are a great hobby that can be turned into a business.

DJ Events

Having a sense of music and knowledge of musical genres will take you to places you can’t even imagine. DJing is a perfect example of a hobby that can make money.

Becoming A Stand-Up Comic

There is nothing more beautiful than making a room full of people laugh. If you can do it and would like to perform, choose a stage and give it a try. First, you might get some free drink, but with a little effort, it can become a way of life.

Working As A Personal Trainer

You can share your knowledge and secrets about training and recreation that improves the vitality of the body. In doing so, you can also earn some extra money.

Work As A Clown Or Customed Character At Events

Events will always need a costumed character, people love to be entertained. So, if you love to entertain the audience make a show for people in your environment. I’m sure you can make some extra money while acting like a clown.

Participate In A Mock Trial

You need to start practicing somewhere and test yourself in a hearing.  Mock trials are a great way to practice if you’re a law student. Use the law and order for the scholarship.

3D Printing

Another hobby that can be turned into a business is 3D printing. 3D printing is designing and art, with today’s technology of 3D printing you can make everything in the comfort of your home. Design different brooches, cards, and ornaments, if you specialize in specific designs you can make this hobby a business.

Tutoring Kids

Do you like to help kids and teach them new things? If you have enough knowledge in a certain field, you can give learning instructions. It doesn’t matter if it’s online, in the classroom, or individually. Parents always need someone to encourage their children to learn.


I hope you have found my list of hobbies that make money helpful. If you’re still looking to find the right hobby for yourself check the listicle again.

I’m sure there are many more hobbies that can make money, if you are missing some important hobbies on this list you can share your ideas in the comments below.