17 Hobbies For ISTP Personality Type (For Introverts)

Everyone has their own way of spending their free time, but millions of people with similar personality types have the same hobbies. People search for new activities every day, especially introverted and ISTP persons. For this reason, I will provide you with some hobbies for introverts and ISTPs on this page.

What does ISTP mean? ISTP stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving. ISTP is one of the sixteen personality types (MBTI) which has been created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs in the 1940s. ISTP makes up around 5% of the general population, It is a more common type with men and rarer among women.

ISTP Hobbies (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)

ISTPs are often passionate about risky or thrilling hobbies and activities that allow them to work with mechanical things. The following list of ISTP hobbies covers many hobbies like hunting, archery, BMXing, mountain biking, dirt biking, water skiing, wingsuit flying, and more, lets start with scuba diving.

Start Scuba Diving

If you don’t like to talk so much try scuba diving, it is funny that you actually can’t speak underwater. Many ISTPs love this hobby it has some inherent risks that can be managed. Along the way, you will learn to use hand and other signals.

You can combine scuba diving with traveling, there are some fantastic locations to go to if you enjoy this activity. Join your local scuba diving club, get yourself a mask, scuba, fins, or snorkel and start with scuba diving.

Get into Skydiving

Some people have anxiety when think about flying, but not all humans are like that, some ISTPs love this activity. Skydiving is a great hobby for ISTPs because it is extreme and fascinating. Find a skydiving club and jump in tandem first, if you like it, continue to learn and improve your skydiving skills.

Try Windsurfing

Did you ever think about windsurfing? Well, If you understand wind direction and have a sense of balance, you should try this. Some ISTPs will love to windsurf because it is an exhilarating hobby. If you decide to try just remember that this is a very technical hobby and it is not as easy as it seems.

Consider Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is about wind, warm and glittering water, and high jumps. It is a great hobby for ISTPs because they like the power of wind experience and because it gives them an amazing adrenaline rush. Along the way, kitesurfing provides a great opportunity to get to know the most beautiful places on earth

Get into Snowboarding

Snow, cold air, mountains, snowboarding is something in the middle of skiing, skateboarding, and surfing. This is an adrenalin hobby that ISTP persons love because it is an exciting and fun activity to do in the winter. If you have never stood on the board before, don’t try by yourself and get a good instructor instead.

Try Wingsuit Flying

If you have prior skydiving experience and have 200 verified jumps you should definitely try Wingsuit flying. This hobby can’t be taken lightly, and that’s why ISTPs love it, not all of them but some for sure. To get started you would need and great instruction and solid gear.

Get into Sailing

Traveling by sea is not like traveling overland, sailers always know the wind and where wingsails are. Sailing isn’t for everyone but many ISTPs love to sail because it provides a lot of excitement and nature-related knowledge.


Traveling is a great hobby for ISTP persons. Don’t just read and watch documentaries, if you really want to get to know other cultures and learn about foreign nations, you have to travel, it really is soul food.

Do proper research and plan everything in advance so you will be able to organize your trip the way that fits your budget. If you don’t have time to travel for a whole week check other weekend hobbies as well.

Try Water Skiing

Have you ever watched a water ski show and immediately wanted to go water skiing. It is another good hobby for ISTPs because it is an extreme hobby. If you have never water ski before you should start with the tied-together skis.

Start with Rallying

When I think of rally I think of speed, adrenalin, good driving skills, and constant car improvements.

It’s a good hobby for the ISTP personality type because it is a mechanical and relatively risky hobby. To get started join your local car club and find a mentor.

Try Dirt Biking

Enclosed off-road circuits, gas, mud, jumps, loud motors, if you like that you need to have a dirtbike. ISTPs love motocross because it is a highly physically demanding sport and offers the opportunity to get involved with mechanical things. If you never heard before be sure to check also mini-motocross and pit bikes.

Get Into Skateboarding

Recreational activity, action sport, entertainment, and transportation, it can easily be more than a hobby …Skateboarding is another good hobby for ISTPs, they like it because they can perform tricks that can be recognized also as art.

Start Mountain Biking

Have you ever think about visiting some ski resort in the summer and ride downhill trails while using the ski lifts to return to the top of the mountain. ISTPs love mountain biking because it is full of excitement and fun moments.

Try BMX ing

If you like off-road and recreation then you’ll love BMX bikes. BMXing is another good hobby for ISTPs, it can be an extreme hobby, where they have the opportunity to improve their bike. There will be always something to fix, and ISTPs like these kinds of hobbies.

Start with Archery

Have you ever wanted to try archery? This is truly a form of meditation and activity that combines physical and mental prowess. This is for ISTPs that don’t want so risky and extreme hobby but want to improve focus and strength.

Try Hunting

It is not the joy of killing the animal, it is species reduction. If you need additional challenges while enjoying nature you might consider hunting. Some ISTPs will enjoy hunting, it is one of the oldest human activities that can also become a way of life. It is not about the joy of killing the animal, it is about the reduction of species.

Listening to Music

I know that you listen to music every day but how many times you discover new artists or bands. If you are interested in seeking new music this could be your new hobby with limitless possibilities.

Ask your friends for suggestions and get into a new genre. To make your search easier use websites that can help you with finding new music.

Get into Magic

This is another good hobby for the ISTP personality type. If you are interested to learn magic you can practice by performing at parties in front of your family.

This is a pretty inexpensive hobby, you can get into magic with no budget. To get started, I suggest YouTube tutorials where you can learn many tricks for free.

Start with Comedy

Comedy is a social hobby that can make you many friends. It’s about standing on stage and make people laugh, It’s not that easy especially if you are shy.

Not many introverts do comedy as a hobby but some ISTPs do. The best way to learn comedy is to take a course with other beginners. After breaking into, the comedy will give you a confidence boost.

Play Poker

Playing poker is one of the most mind-stretching and challenging games to play, although it may seem like a hobby for lazy people many ISTPs love it.

This card game will help your mind to practice and unwind strategic and logical skills so you can focus on your goals and make important decisions.

Start Investing

If you are looking for a hobby that can make some extra money consider investing, many ISTP like this hobby.

When you first start with investing make sure that you do research the right way and don’t invest in large amounts.

Make a good plan and start small, it will make you happy anyway, when you know what you are doing you can increase your sums.

Did I overlook something?

These are just a few ISTP hobbies. I am sure there are more hobbies that ISTP persons would enjoy. Share your ideas for a new hobby.