16 Hobbies for ISFJ Personality Type

We all have different personalities and we spend our free time differently, but millions of people with a similar personality often pick up similar hobbies, introverts are no exception. In case you are searching for hobbies for introverts and ISFJ persons you have come to the right place.

What does ISFJ mean? ISFJ stands for introverted, sensing, feeling, judging. It is one of the sixteen personality types (MBTI) which has been created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers in the 1940s.

It is the most common personality type, which makes up around 14% of the general population.

So, what are some good hobbies for ISFJ personalities?

ISFJ Hobbies

ISFJs are hardworking and loyal, they usually want to get along with others and often commit their time to hobbies and projects so they can be helpful to their friends, families, or communities.

They like to be involved in social groups, but usually, they are working behind the scenes. So, they choose hobbies that don’t put them in the spotlight. As I mentioned before, I will list some hobbies for ISFJs.

Film Watching

Watching films as a hobby means, that you don`t enjoy a movie in the same direction as you would normally. It means delving into the film more technically.

Observe the motion picture in a slightly different light and focus on cinematography, writing, production, sound, set design, etc. You can help yourself with courses on film education to see what you have to pay attention to.


ISFJ persons usually like a painting. What about you? Do you consider that playing with colors is fun and liberating? Ok, then get yourself some paintbrushes and paints.

Engage your enthusiasm and draw your first line. You can start by painting simple images and then move on to more complex and abstract creations.


Yoga is five thousand years old practice that helps to maintain the body and keep it in perfect shape (think of the cat, how many times she stretches, sometimes even during sleep).

This exercise helps with strength, flexibility, and balance. It is great for physical and mental wellbeing. You can find tips and how to do it online and in all sorts of books. Maybe join some yoga classes.

Weight Lifting

This type of hobby isn`t just for bodybuilders, although it is the first thought when you think about weight lifting.

It can be beneficial for regular people too because it helps to strengthen your bones, helps with the posture and balance of the body. Just don`t overdo it. Start with push-ups and squats.

You can also invest in a simple pair of dumbbells and start taking care of a healthy body.

Graphic Design

This is another hobby that ISFJ persons will enjoy. A good starting point is to start by studying the content and work of your role models and think about the techniques they use.

Start to explore graphic design software. The most common are Blender, Krita, and Adobe Spark. The great thing about those three is that you can use them for free.


Because of modern times, almost everybody carries a camera on their phone in their pockets. So, this can be a perfect start to learn some basic skills on how to take a picture.

You can practice on your friends or family members or even a family pet. Animals can be a little more difficult to get into objective, but you will spend quality and a good time, while you will try to capture your cat or dog. Soon you will know all about the fundamentals of photography.

Learn a Language

ISFJ persons like to learn new languages. Learning a new language can bring you knowledge that you can use in a variety of situations.

A great way to start to speak the language you want is by planing a holiday destination in that direction. But before you go on a trip make sure that you get yourself good resources for first words.


Embroidery is for those who are looking for a relaxing and fun hobby. It is an old-fashioned activity that is now one of the trendiest crafts.

It’s a hobby that is really easy to start, but if you are total beginner, you will find kits that simplify the process even more. These kits come with patterns that ensure you’ll make it to the end with no errors.

Making Jewelry

Start making sparkly, colorful, glittery, and shiny jewelry. You can make it for yourself or for your loved ones. In case you don’t know where to start, search online for some inspiration, you can take classes as well.

If you are looking for a unique gift for your friends, there is nothing better than the jewelry you made yourself. You may find that jewelry making can earn you some extra money as well.

Making Candles

It is not too complicated to make your own candles, but it is a useful hobby. Go to the arts and crafts store and buy needed supplies so you can start with this hobby.

You will find out that you can make candles with different scents and shapes, this way you will be able to create a loving and sensual mood in your apartment.


Knitting is probably the oldest craft around. Not only is it soothing but also a creative and practical pastime where you end up getting a product like a hat, scarf, etc.

To get your fingers flowing you will need knitting needles and yarn. Start with some simple projects for beginners.


This hobby is pretty easy to get started with, many ISFJ persons pick up this hobby. You only need an idea of what you want to create and some basic tools.

When you have that sorted outlook on the internet for different how to do it yourself videos and start. You can also look for some simple woodworking project designs in books or online.

Enjoy Nature

How often do you enjoy nature and pay attention to the world around you? Don`t be lazy and visit some parks, riverside or forest, do that with a friend or even alone.

Satisfy yourself with some wonderful flowers and listen to the birds` singing, enjoy the nature around. Try to be in harmony with Mother Nature and meditate nearby the reservoir or observe landscapes that surround you.


Running is one of the most popular hobbies around that keeps your body in shape. Don`t overthink it. Choose a nice destination in nature or perhaps in the woods and, well, just run.

It is recommended that you get yourself comfortable and suitable for running shoes, so your legs won’t hurt. Of course, as with any activity, start slowly and thoughtfully so you don`t overheat. If you are serious about running, there also exist many training programs on how to start.


Many ISFJs find cycling as a fun and relaxing hobby. If your joints hurt sometimes and you are looking for some outdoor alternative, then perhaps cycling is the right hobby.

Consider and decide whether you prefer a relaxed road ride or an adrenaline ride through the hills. Select the appropriate bike for you, grab a helmet, and off you go….


It doesn`t matter whether you want to grow vegetables or plant some berries. If you love cultivating the land this can be just a calming and inspiring task.

Garden care can be rewarding and satisfying especially after picking crops. And if you are already doing all that, then maybe it is time to try to plant the seeds indoor and grow your own seedling. Decide what you want to plant and get started.

Did I miss something?

These are just a few ISFJ hobbies. I am sure there are more hobbies that ISFJ persons would enjoy. Share your suggestions for a new hobby.