Is Watching Sports a Hobby? (Or Interest, Pastime, Habit)

Your biggest passion is watching football, basketball, or hockey, so you think that this is your hobby, but.

Is watching sports a hobby? For some people, watching sports can be considered a hobby but the answer to this question isn’t that obvious as you may think.

Some think that it can’t be considered a hobby, others are convinced that watching sports is a hobby… some even say that watching sports is an addiction or a way of living.

For some, it’s a hobby and for some, It’s not, it really all depends on how someone approaches watching sports, actually, everybody is right.

After all, It’s a very interesting question so I have decided to write a blog post about whether watching sports is a hobby or not, I hope I’ll manage to make this topic more clear.

First, I’ll explain what the hobby is, then I’ll define when it should be considered a hobby, then I’ll think about when watching sports shouldn’t be considered a hobby. In the end, I’ll write about whether it is an interest, hobby, or pastime.

What Activities are Considered a Hobby?

A hobby is an activity that you’re passionate about and enjoy doing, it’s an activity that you do in your free time. You know you have a hobby when you dedicating your time and energy to something that is not your work.

There is a number of activities that people consider hobbies, some of the most common are collecting memorabilia, DIY projects, music. There are also traveling, writing, fitness, gardening, and many more, the list goes on and on.

When Watching Sports Should be Considered a Hobby?

Spending free time watching sports is a hobby, also watching movies and documentaries can be considered a hobby.

It’s a hobby when you’re not just sitting down to watch sports because it’s cool, but you want to actually step into this completely different world of competition.

If you count the time left till you get to watch sports and enjoy, and if you recognize little things in sports that other people don’t, then it should be considered your hobby

If you’re curious about sports and put an effort and time into researching about it then watching sports is your hobby. Watching sports is your hobby if you know who Babe Ruth, Oscar Robertson, or Wayne Gretzky is.

But watching baseball or basketball match can’t always be considered a hobby, let’s take a look at some examples.

When Watching Sports Shouldn’t be Considered a Hobby?

There are also reasons why watching sports shouldn’t be considered a hobby. If you are passive and don’t participate actively then it isn’t a hobby, but in case you add some activity to it, like analysis or collecting cards, then watching sports can become a hobby.

If you watch sports on TV because you can’t think of anything else to do, it’s not a hobby, then it becomes something like scrolling Facebook pages, more like a pastime.

If you’re a sports journalist and watch sports, you’re watching it because you have to, it’s your work, not a hobby. If watching sports isn’t something you take time for, then it shouldn’t be considered a hobby.

Is Watching Sports an Interest, Hobby, or Pastime?

Interest is a desire to learn more about a certain topic, which means, someone who has an interest in sports has a good chance to develop watching sports as a hobby.

Like I said before, if you’re dedicating your free time and energy to watching sports then this is your hobby, so someone who watches sports with passion and regularly should consider it a hobby.

But if you watch sports only to make your time pass agreeably then you can consider it as your pastime. A pastime is a more short-term and often mindless activity just to fill the time, pastimes are not something you’d do if you had anything else to do, it’s a good way to relax.

Should You Add ‘watching sports’ As a Hobby To Your Resume?

If you’re wondering whether watching sports is a hobby or not because you want to add it to your job application, here is your answer.

The hobbies section is a fundamental but optional section in your resume. In many cases including hobbies add little value to your CV, however, if you are applying for a job in the sports industry, watching sport can be a great hobby to add to your CV.

But don’t just use the word “watching sports”, I suggest focusing more on what sports you enjoy watching and how does it fit with the job you are applying for.


I hope I have answered whether watching sports is a hobby or not. The answer is Yes, watching sports is a hobby for some people, and a good way to pass the time for others.

If a sport is your interest and if you’re dedicating your time to watch sports because you want to analyze or learn about the game or players, then it should be considered your hobby. If your watch movies just because you don’t have anything else to do then it’s your pastime.