Is Reading a Hobby? (When It Is And When Isn’t)

Reading would be a relevant hobby to include in your CV if the jobs you are interested in favor reading-related skills. But!

Is reading a hobby? Well, to me reading can be considered as a hobby but it seems that answer isn’t that obvious for everyone. I am searching the web and can’t find the answer that would satisfy my curiosity.

I am looking for the answers on different forums and all I can find is that some people say that reading cannot be considered a hobby, and the other ones are convinced that reading is a hobby.

To go further… some say that reading is a habit or even addiction. The truth is that everybody is right, for some, reading is a hobby and for some is not, it really all depends on who is asking.

Because of so many mixed opinions, I have decided to think about this philosophical question a little more and write a blog post about whether reading is a hobby or not. I hope I’ll offer some good conclusions while answering four main questions.

First I’ll define what the hobby is, then I’ll try to explain why reading should be considered a hobby, in the next one, I’ll be answering why reading should not be considered a hobby. While answering the last question I’ll reveal whether reading is a hobby, pastime, or interest.

What Activities are Considered a Hobby?

We are talking about a hobby when someone dedicates energy and time to something outside of work hours. This means that a hobby is an activity that you do in your free time, It’s an activity you’re passionate about and enjoy doing.

Usual hobbies can include collecting different items, participating in different sports, or working on DIY projects. Some other common hobbies are also dancing, writing, listening to music, playing guitar or some other instrument, and many more, the list of all hobbies never really ends.

When Reading Should be Considered a Hobby?

According to Wikipedia reading, books, magazines, comics, newspapers, ebooks, or browsing the internet is a usual hobby.

For example, spending time daily to read about your favorite topic is a hobby, also reading novels can be considered a hobby.

If you’re reading a book just because you want to read it and not because someone told you so, then reading is your hobby.

If you count the time left till you get to sit back with a novel and enjoy, then reading should be considered your hobby.

It actually depends on what kind of reading someone is practicing. If one studies literature in a professional capacity, reading can be considered both, a hobby and work as well.

But reading can’t always be considered a hobby, let’s take a look at some examples.

When Reading Shouldn’t be Considered a Hobby?

There are also arguments ad reasons why and when reading shouldn’t be considered a hobby.

So if you read because you can’t think of anything else to do, then the reading becomes something like watching a TV program, more like a pastime.

If you’re an engineer and reading a technical manual or some other technical text then this reading isn’t a hobby, but reading for work.

If you’re a student and read an academic journal or a textbook, you’re reading it because you have to, not as a hobby you have chosen to do.

If reading isn’t something you take time for, then it shouldn’t be considered a hobby.

Is Reading an Interest, Hobby, or Pastime?

Interest is a desire to learn more about the activity or to educate yourself further about a topic. For example, someone who has an interest in history, stories, or anecdotes has a good chance to develop reading novels as a hobby.

Like I have mentioned before if you’re dedicating your free time and energy to reading a book then reading is your hobby, so someone who reads regularly can consider reading as a hobby.

Those who are reading only to make their time pass agreeably ( for example in a waiting room), can consider reading as their pastime.

Should You Add ‘Reading’ As a Hobby To Your Resume?

If you’re wondering whether reading is a hobby or not because you want to add it to your resume, you will find the answer in the next paragraphs.

Not very often including hobbies add value to your resume, so make sure that you know what you’re trying to communicate to a potential employer. But, if you are applying for a job in the library, reading books can be a great hobby to add to your CV.

But don’t just write “reading”, rather focus more on what books you enjoy reading and how does this fit with the job you are applying for. For instance; I enjoy reading history books, which helps me to understand the culture we are living in.


There you go, I hope I have successfully answered whether reading can be considered a hobby or not. If you’re still not sure you can scroll up and read it again or just read through the end of this conclusion.

So, if you are dedicating your time and energy and read because you want to read then reading can be considered your hobby. If your read just to pass the time then reading is your pastime.

In case you don’t read regularly but you want to start and have a positive opinion about reading then reading should be considered your interest.