Hobbies For INTP Personality Type

27 Hobbies For INTP Personality Type (For Introverts)

Everyone likes to spend their free time in a different way, but millions of people with similar personality types exercise alike hobbies. Every day people are searching for new activities, especially introverted and INTP persons. For this reason, I will provide you with some hobbies for introverts and INTPs on this page.

What does INTP mean? INTP stands for Introverted, intuitive, thinking, perceiving. INTP is one of the sixteen personality types (MBTI) which has been created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs in the 1940s. It is one of the rarest types of personality, which makes up around 3% of the general population.

In the rest of this post, I will focus on hobbies that many INTPs enjoy.

INTP Hobbies (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

In this list of hobbies, you will find computer-related, nature-related, or science-related hobbies, and more. Scroll down and browse them until you find the right for you.


If you are an INTP person you probably enjoy reading. INTPs read a lot, not just related to their research or interest, but also fiction books. Reading is a great way to escape from the stressful world and engage your imagination.

Visiting Cultural Events

Concerts, museums, theater shows, fashion events…INTPs love to visit cultural events, usually, they share their passion for culture and art with one or two friends. In the summer they love to visit preferred festivals.

Playing Strategy Games

Chess and other strategy games are often hobbies that INTPs like to participate in. INTPs enjoy games that require analytical and strategic thinking. A board game would be a great birthday gift for them.

Start Writing

Writing is a hobby that the INTP personality type will often enjoy. Many are doing creative writing like fiction or poetry. They also travel a lot, which gives them the opportunity to see how different people live their life, this way they have better inspiration for writing.

Take Classes

A lot of INTPs take a course and learn about something that they always have always been interested in, for instance, art, candle making, candy making, or jewelry making. There are numerous courses and classes online that anyone can participate in.


Hiking and backpacking are just another way to spend time in nature. A lot of INTPs do hiking as a hobby, mostly because it’s a great way to get away from daily stress and get back to the inner world.

Start with Meditation

Many INTPs enjoy yoga and meditation, where they can observe and slow down their thoughts and while meditating they find focus. If you are interested make a search and find some meditation and yoga courses.

Try Drawing

Like many introverts, also INTPs do enjoy drawing and other art-related hobbies. They draw people, animals, flowers, landscapes, and many other objects. If you want to try you just need some pencils and a sheet of paper and you are good to go.

Solve Problems

INTPs like to solve problems as a hobby, some of them enjoy discovering new problems and solving them, no matter large or small, simple or complex, they find some kind of satisfaction after the problem is solved.

Browse  the Internet

INTPs are curious individuals, and searching the internet is the best way to attract that curiosity. Like many others, INTPs find joy while following different websites and learning new things for life.

Start Crafting

INTPs like hobbies that are productive and creative like leather crafts, woodworking, crochet, sewing, glass blowing, crochet, or metal-working. Why not creating your own boots or coffee table, options are endless.

Computer Related Hobbies

Quite a few INTPs find computer-related hobbies enjoyable because computer offers them to be creative. Some find software activities interesting like data analytics, programming, or graphic design, others like hardware so they repair or build computers.

Try to Design

INTPs enjoy design-related hobbies, they might building models, graphic design, or 3D printing. Designing can get you many new skills and can help with finding a new career, for those who are passionate about designing there are always new options to try.

Doing Nothing

It is nothing wrong with using free time to do absolutely nothing, many INTPs are like that. They like to stop, recharge, and don’t mind about outside pressure. They like to make a room for no expectations or achieving anything tangible.


Exercising helps with many benefits, physical and mental. Running, bicycling, kayaking, or weightlifting are just a few hobbies that INTPs may enjoy.

They are not all lazy, INTPs have active hobbies as well, mostly they will enjoy exercises that they can do alone.

Start Exploring

Many INTPs hate being bored and have a wide range of hobbies, so they often jump from one hobby to another. Explore websites like this and find as many hobbies as you can, read all about them, start doing it, and explore them from the first hand.

Learn new Languages

INTPs are often very good at learning new languages, some of them learn more than one language at once. In case you don’t know where to start, you can search the internet and you will find many websites that will provide you with great beginner courses for any language you choose.

Learning and Research

INTPs enjoy talking to knowledgeable people or taking classes related to different topics. Many like to experiment in everyday life, they like to read nonfiction books and explore different things.

Don’t limit yourself, learn about everything you would like to know more about, from business to nature, you choose your interests.

Take Time for Music

Almost every INTP persons describe music as their hobby, which can include listening to tunes, going to music events, playing the guitar or some other instrument, producing, mixing, or composing music.

Try Photography

With the rise of smartphones and digital cameras, photography becomes extremely popular even with INTPs. It is one of the artistic hobbies that introverts enjoy the most.

The best about photography is that you can combine it with many other hobbies. So for instance, if you like to travel you can always take the camera with you, later on, you can use those for scrapbooking.


From biochemistry, astronomy to physics, INTPs enjoy all kinds of science-related hobbies, INTPs may break into scientific careers as well. Science can solve so many questions that you may have and not only this while studying you will most likely forget about everyday stresses.

Spend Time in Nature

Sitting on a park bench, hiking or fishing are just a few favorite hobbies of introverted persons, INTPs are no exception. INTPs like to spend their free time in nature. Being in nature will help you to relax and give you more energy to carry on.


Many INTPs like to spend their time thinking like others carve-out time for hobbies like paintball or playing basketball. While thinking in silence you will come up with new ideas or you will solve problems that you have.


Coasts, lakes, mountains, cities, we all enjoy traveling, INTPs are no exception. Some of them set themselves travel goals at the beginning of the year, others travel more spontaneously.

Watching Movies and TV

Watching TV and movies is a good distraction from everyday stress. It is not only a good way to relax, but also one of the fun ways to discover new things and hobbies. After all, INTP’s like to be entertained.

Why should you have a hobby?

There are many benefits of having a hobby. Hiking or yoga will provide physiological benefits because they increase both your brain function and heart rate.

Listening to music or gardening will improve mental health and reduce depression. Playing music and games will help to socialize and meet new friends.

Writing fiction or calligraphy can help to be more creative in your life. Cooking or meditation can boost your self-esteem and improve your confidence level.

Did I miss something?

These are just a few INTP hobbies. I am sure there are more hobbies that INTP persons would enjoy. If you can’t find your favorite activity share your suggestions for a new hobby.