Hobbies for INFP Personality Type (for Introverts)

INFPs often jump from one hobby to another, if you are one of them there’s a good chance that you already have tried most of the hobbies that I will suggest in this list of infp hobbies.

Believe it or not, there’s always something that you haven’t done before, in this post I’ll list some most popular hobbies for introverts and INFPs. But first, let’s talk a little about who are INFP persons.

Who are INFPs?

They are reflective, spiritual, and often interested in having meaningful conversations about personal growth, ethics, values, and people. They don’t like being steamrolled, rather than that they want a supportive and open exchange of ideas.

What does INFP stand for? It means Introverted, intuitive, feeling, perceiving, INFP is one of the sixteen personality types (MBTI) created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs. It is one of the rarest personalities that makes up 4% of the general population.

INFPs Interests and hobbies

INFP persons always like to try new things and they are likely to progress to the point of competence. Due to their compassion for other people, they are often referred to as healer personalities.

They are often searching for new artistic and creative hobbies. Many of them try to learn a new language, create music, or try creative writing. Want to find more? Scroll down so you can find more INFP hobbies.

Following are some ideas for a new hobby particularly for INFPs

Learn a New Language

Many INFP persons learn new languages, the following are some directions if you are not sure how to start. So, when starting a new league don’t be afraid of making mistakes, commit to it, and be willing to work hard.

There are many online courses that will get you from absolute beginner to being able to speak basic sentences. After you learn your first hundred words communicate with people who speak the language. Communication is the most effective way to learn. With a video call, you can do this while sitting in your room.


INFPs are sensitive and caring, they are always concerned with other people. Volunteering is where INFPs will find fulfillment while serving others. Many of them say that while volunteering they find a proper perspective on their own problems.

A good example of INFP is princess Diana who dedicated her life to volunteering. In case you are interested in volunteering there are many opportunities near you, you just need to visit some organizations and their websites.

Design something  (Furniture, graphic, fashion, web)

Designing is sharing a message through many different objects, you may choose fashion, graphic, web, furniture…its a perfect hobby for INFPs because there are so many options. You may already know the principles of graphic design. To design a logo, website, the furniture you need multidisciplinary skills.

If you like to design with your hands (working with wood or metal) and have a good eye for detail then you should consider a furniture design hobby. But If you’re a fashion lover and have sewing skills you will prefer a fashion design hobby.

Get back to writing

If you are INFP you will love creative writing. It is a short story, long-fiction, poetry, blog post. It’s the opposite of academic writing or journalistic, it is about using emotions and senses in order to create a visual in the reader’s mind. So, how to start with creative writing?

Well, if you want to be a great creative writer you need to read a lot. Start with exploring blogs, comic books, fiction books and learn what creative writers are publishing. Maybe you didn’t know that Fred Rogers who was a great writer was also an INFP person.

Read books

INFPs like to read but usually have one issue with that. If you have trouble with finding time to read you are not alone, we all have this problem. What to do?

The next three tips will help get you in reading mode. If you don’t enjoy reading quit early, only read what you enjoy, read in a quiet environment, and turn off your phone…Yeah I know, easier said than done.

Make a film/video

Filming is creative, complex, deep, and also a time-consuming hobby, even with today’s technology. In order to successfully finish your first movie, you need to follow the basic filmmaking process.

It all starts with an idea in your head. After you have an idea you need to make the script, and determine the story, setting, and dialogue. Next, you need a storyboard, where you make a plan of shots.

You will also need the cast and know the locations of filming. After you finished pre-production you can start filming.

Listen or play Music

Many INFPs are passionate about music, just like Kurt Cobain, you heard right, according to reddit.com Cobain was an INFP type of person. So, do you want to spend more time on music?

Listen to the tunes you like and spend your free time on music. If you are music nostalgic get a record player and put on some old LPs, you can even start collecting vinyl records. Check out a new artist or music genre every day and focus more on your own music, try to learn some instrument like guitar or piano.

Learn Photography

The best of photography is that it can be combined with every other hobby you have. If you love cooking, you can take great shots of the meal you have just prepared. If you love to hike you’ll have a great chance to take pictures of landscapes.

If you decide to learn photography you will find many photo hobbyists online that will be willing to help with your questions.

Play with Ceramics

This is a unique and creative way of expression that INFPs will love. So, what is it all about and how to start?

It is great because you can make use of materials that might be thrown away otherwise (sea glass, tiles, and bits of broken ceramics) and create a beautiful mosaic.

You can design garden art, jewelry, or just anything you can imagine.

Draw and Paint

Many INFPs have fun while drawing and painting. If you don’t remember when was the last time you paint you should try right away, maybe you will discover you have the super ability to paint.

Drawing is one of the most accessible hobbies to try, as well as painting. Isn’t that funny, a few pencils and a piece of paper will keep you happy and satisfied.

Make a sculpture

If you want to do something completely new you can express yourself with three-dimensional objects. You may chip, mold, or cut, it all depends on which medium you use. Molding the clay for instance is a hands-on activity that will relax you.

Not only clay, but you may also work with sawdust, sand, paper, plastics, and more. Sculpting can be craft or art because it is functional and designable. In case you are inspired, buy clay and sculpting tools, follow your creativity, and shape whatever you want.

Practice Hiking

Start hiking, nothing is better than to relax and get some fresh air. What’s great about hiking is that in many cases it’s completely free. All you need is a pair of sturdy shoes and a place to walk doesn’t matter if you choose fields behind your house or a trail in a state park. Go online and find websites so you can find a hiking trail near you.

Go Running

If you like to be outdoors do consider running (road, trail, or track), but if you prefer to exercise indoors go ahead and run on a treadmill. Before your first run, get in the regular brisk walk.

After that, start with one minute of running and one minute of walking, after a while increase the running intervals if you can.

At the beginning, set your goals, this will keep you consistent and make running more valuable. Be sure to invest in good shoes, always wear running shoes that fit your foot and running style.

Get back to Cycling

Similar to running, you will enjoy beautiful nature while on the bike. There are plenty of beautiful trails all over the U.S. If you want to spend your time in the woods you might try mountain biking, you might consider longer distances and see the country on two wheels.

Try Cooking

Following is the most practical hobby suggestion on this list. Don’t use the microwave every day, rather cook and discover your creativity. It’s a cheap and accessible hobby that will also save you money.

Start simple and work from there and if you’re new to cooking pay attention to safety, have a backup plan in case something catches on fire.

Practice Yoga

In case you are looking for the most appropriate exercises for INFPs look no further. Old practices, principles, and philosophies derived from India, in the form of physical poses and stretches, that’s all that yoga is.

While practicing yoga you will build strength and center your mind at the moment. Strengthen the body and mind with this beautiful exercise.

Play games

A good video game will deliver a real emotional experience, is like a good movie. So get some good games, install them, and get drawn into an interactive story!

If you don’t have time for a real video game go and find websites online where you will be able to play games for free. So, start creating your own character and experience some online adventures.

Did I miss something?

These are just a few INFP hobbies. I am sure there are many more activities that INFP persons would enjoy. I’d love to hear what’s your favorite hobby, you are welcome to share your ideas for a new hobby.