Hobbies You Can do at Home (Indoor and Outdoor)

Looking to add a new hobby to your schedule? On this page, you will find many great hobby ideas you can do at home.

If you are tired of spending time watching another TV series then you need to find a new hobby. For some, finding a hobby is a natural and easy process. For others, it can be confusing since there are so many options out there.


Hobbies You Can Do At Home

The following list of hobbies you can do at home will get you inspired and motivated to try something new and different. No matter what you are looking for, energizing, relaxing, creative, or expressive, I am sure you’ll find a hobby that is the right choice for you.


When you are bored at home you can daydream. Don’t be afraid to daydream when you have free time. Daydreaming will help you stay optimistic, hopeful, and positive in life.

Try to make your dreams really big and more colorful, it is funny but the more you dream, the more successful you will be in your life.

Visualize in details everything you want to achieve or have, you will find out that visualization will help with materialization. With daydreaming, you could have a happier life, so imagine a happy picture in your mind right away.

Explore Your Inner Self

The best way to combat anxiety and relax is by going deep into meditation, this way you will free your mind and body from external factors. Meditating two times a week will help you avoid emotional instability and mental disorders.

Pint out your goals and find the ways to reach them, think about the way you live, point out the mistakes, and figure out how to escape from them.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment and noticing your feelings and thoughts with no judgment, you can achieve this state of mind through meditation.

It can be very beneficial and can improve your mental and physical health. Start with searching for some online courses that can get you started with meditation, you will also find many free resources online.

Invent Something

I am sure you have some talents and skills, so why not inventing something. You don’t have to invent space shuttles or complex system, inventing can be much simpler.

It could be anything that didn`t exist earlier, it can be your own new meal recipe, unique dress, or your own gadget for the car. Inventing things can be a great way to become more creative and spend time to do useful things.

Educate Yourself

Educating is not about scientific books or grades, it is about becoming more knowledgeable in certain fields.

Find out the latest news about your hobby or interest, I am sure there are some topics that you are passionate about.

Look for ways to become better in art, modeling, RC cars, yoga, cooking, or whatever you like to do in your free time.

Learning a New Language

Join a community of language learners and learn the language you have always wanted to learn. A new language can be a great way to meet new people and learning a new skill at the same time.

Learning different languages can become your number one hobby, whether you take private lessons or join a free community.

Start a Collection

People collect anything from stamps to seashells or baseball cards, some even collect pretty odd things like flying bags.

If you are collecting the right things, you could end up with a collection that is worth a lot of money. You probably have heard about a toy collection that is worth millions.

Collect Vinyl

These days a lot of us only press a play button and let the music player do all the work, but listening to the music should be more than that.

If you agree with the above statement you should become a vinyl collector. The turntable will open your ears and eyes to the sounds you never knew exists.

You will never touch your mp3 player again once vinyl hooks you.

Shoe Collecting

Do you like to have new shoes every month? Well, you can turn this passion into an exciting hobby.

To make your collection more unique you can collect only one type of shoes, or you can focus only on a specific brand (many like to collect All-Stars).

There is one thing before you commit to this hobby, shoe collecting is not a cheap hobby, so make sure to check your finances before you start this hobby.

Collecting Stamps

In case you like to collect things you should try collecting stamps. You can decide and collect only local stamps and make a very specific collection, or you can go for stamps from different countries.

New stamps come out very often so you will hardly run out of items to collect.


Calling a plumber for every water-related problem can be expensive. If you are a practical person choose plumbing as your hobby. These skills can save you some money, you only need some basic tools and a little knowledge.

If you are willing to learn the craft, I suggest searching online for some resources, try YouTube, you should find good instructions. You could even go to the library and borrow plumbing guidebooks.

I am sure you can learn how to fix minor pipe issues in no time. Leave the job to a professional in case you are planning to install new water systems.

Board Games and Trivia

Anybody who plays board games a lot will tell you that the best board games are the ones that are fun and give your brain a workout as well.

Fellow geeks who create board games have this in mind all the time. We all know chess but this is not the most popular board game today, these days people play a lot of Catan, Twister, Cards Against Humanity, and many others.

Brew Your Own Beer

You may think that brewing your own beer is rocket science, but honestly, it is not that hard. When you start brewing, make sure you are using the right resources and information.

If you search on different websites you will find kits that include everything you need to make your own beer. For those who are more serious about this, I recommend buying the right equipment right from the beginning.

When you master things up experiment with various flavors and create your signature beer.

Hot Sauce Making

This hobby is just like beer brewing. Instead of making the beer, you’re creating the hot sauce.

You can make a hot sauce for personal consumption or you can make a brand out of it and make a little money on the side.

Don’t expect that you will make the perfect hot sauce in your first attempt, you will have to change and taste your creations a lot, sometimes this could be less enjoyable.

The easiest way to start with this hobby is to buy a hot sauce kit where you will get everything you need at the beginning.

Interior Decorating

If you are searching for an indoor hobby, interior decorating could be a great pastime. Find your creativity in interior design and see furniture and rooms in a different way.

If you are willing to learn basic principles you can enroll in some online courses and find out the best practices. After you know what you are doing you can offer your decorating services to others and make some money out of your passion.


Are you passionate about learning celestial objects? I am talking about comets, galaxies, stars… You don’t need to become a professional astronomer and go back to school, but being an amateur astronomer doesn’t mean that you are equipped only with a telescope.

Maybe you will be surprised that many amateur astronomers build their own astronomy equipment from scratch.


Do you know how your grandmother bake your favorite cookies? If you don’t know, you will have to learn that baking requires following measurements and instructions in detail.

But the good news is that as long you’ll pay attention to small details you will improve your baking skills. You can do this hobby while watching TV.

After you bake perfect cookies visit your grandmother and surprise her with your own baking masterpiece.


For those who don’t like physical hobbies and prefer mental activities, chess should be a great pastime. With this table game, you will improve your logical thinking, memory, concentration, strategic, and decision-making skills.

Don’t worry about not having anyone to play with, you can easily play with a computer or you can find people willing to play online anytime you want. Chess could become your next favorite hobby that you can do while sitting.

Restore Classic Automotive

Do you like to restore things? For those who like vehicles and engines, restoring motorcycles or classic cars should be a fulfilling hobby. Don’t think that restoring is easy, this hobby requires a lot of commitment and patience.

If you tinkering with motorcycles and cars already you know that this could be a great pastime if you want to earn some money on the side.

Computer Programming

This is not the right hobby for you if you don’t like math. On the other hand, anyone who is willing to learn can take up this computer-related hobby.

The easy way to start is by enrolling in online courses and start learning the basics, you can even start with programming books for dummies.

When you learned the basics you will find out that computer programming can open a lot of possibilities, who knows, maybe it could be your next job.

Dog Training

In case you need a rewarding hobby consider dog training. With this hobby, you will understand your dog better and have the opportunity to spend your time outside.

If you don’t have your own dog, you can consider training the dogs of other people. If you still can’t find any dog to train You can volunteer at dog shelters and train the dogs there.


Don’t have money and time for a cat or dog? If you still want to have a pet try fishkeeping. You can’t leave dogs or cats, but you can leave fish alone for days.

Don’t get me wrong you still need to keep the aquarium properly maintained and keep fishes properly fed. Fishkeeping could be a great pastime for the evenings, moreover, with an aquarium, you will get a nice and relaxing interior design.


Everyone should know how to grow their own food, but don’t think that if you don’t have your own backyard you cant do gardening. As long as you have a window in your room, you can grow your plants.

The balcony is also a great opportunity to start gardening in small. Growing plants will allow you to spend less money on your everyday food and provide you with a healthier lifestyle. But if you are not interested in growing vegetables or herbs you can still grow flowers.

Building Models

In case you are looking for an indoor hobby consider model building. With model building, you have many different options to choose from.

You could build popular architecture and buildings, you could build all kinds of vehicles as well. After you finish your projects you can simply keep the models in your room or you can showcase them in conventions or exhibits.


Do you want to become the next Michelangelo? Sculpting is definitely a hobby worth considering, it will probably require you to order a few things, but it can be just as exciting as any of the hobbies on this list.

With sculpting you can get creative, you can sculpt with a variety of materials, with clay or marble, for instance, it all depends on your budget, space, and confidence level.

Survival Prepping

While you prepare for the end of the world you will be always ready for smaller problems in life. Your city is in a tornado, hurricane, fire, earthquake, or in a riot. Natural disasters can happen at any time.

Learning to survive and preparing for disaster will make you more confident and relaxed in your everyday life.

Your knowledge and supplies could be more vital than your insurance at some company.

Watching Movies

Do you like watching movies? Are you looking for a hobby related to movies? Here is what I suggest; don’t watch only movies you like, watch different genres, and step out of your comfort.

If you manage to do that you are on a good way to do something out of your passion. You could combine writing or podcasting with movie watching.

Think about it, you could start a blog or YouTube channel about movies, for every movie you watch you have new content for your audience.

Fantasy Sports

If physical hobbies are not for you but you still want to get involved in sports you will like fantasy sports.

In this hobby you will deal with stats and numbers, you will be able to predict how players and teams will play.

Search for websites like fanduel.com and find out why fantasy sports are a popular hobby these days.

Video Gaming

Video gaming is a hobby that you can do alone or with friends. While playing you will learn many skills such as multitasking, quick decision-making, and most importantly, time management.

The right video game will relax you after a long stressful day, don’t play multiplayer games that will only bring you more stress. If you are interested, search Google and find the one that is right for you.

Did I miss something?

These are just a few hobbies you can do at home. I am sure there are more hobbies that you can do in the comfort of your home. In case you have any good hobby ideas you can write your suggestions in the comments below.