14 Hobbies That Involve Writing (And Encourage Creativity)

In case you are looking for hobbies that involve writing you have come to the right place. In this post, I will list some unique hobby ideas that are related to writing.

Why you should write and how can writing help with your progress in your life? I have made some quick research and this is what I found out… Writing can make you happier and can help you with better thinking and communicating.

Writing is just another tool for expression, thinking, and encouraging creativity. Writing will help you remember your ideas, and could bring back old and forgotten memories.

Most Common Hobbies that Involve Writing

When I think about activities that involve writing, journaling, and creative writing first comes to my mind. After that, I run out of ideas.

But there are a lot more hobbies that involve writing, think about calligraphy, writing letters, copywriting, translating…Scroll down and find more.


Creating a scrapbook is a funny and relaxing way to put all your happy and good memories into the form of a book. It is also a hobby that involves writing since you can write your memories under the picture.

All photos and favorite notes and written souvenirs are in one place. You can use whatever color pencils and decorations you want to make this unique portrait of your feelings.


Journaling is an introspective and therapeutic hobby that you can do at home or elsewhere. When you start to journal just start writing, don’t overthink it, and go where the words take you.

It will help you practice gratitude, relieve feelings of anxiety, organize your thoughts, and let you think about your life. It’s a hobby that you can start with only a pen and a notebook.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is about expressing yourself using words, whether it be thoughts, feelings, or emotions. It can be in the form of poetry, fiction, or even creative nonfiction.

To become a good creative writer you will have to read a lot, so choose your favorite authors and start to examine their written work.

In case you need someone to teach you how to do creative writing you will find many good online courses as well.

Letter Writing

Following is one of my best hobbies that involve writing. With emails and social media, we can stay in touch all the time. So we don’t need to write letters very often, but this doesn’t mean that writing letters are useless.

No matter you are in the workspace, or in your personal life, there are still times when writing a letter is appropriate. It could be a great hobby as well, so find your pen friend and write a letter to him every week or month.


If you want to share your opinions, thoughts, and interest and put them on display then blogging is one way to do it. There are different blogging platforms available to start posting.

Of course, you will have to learn a thing or two about blogging but look at it this way. You will learn and master a very useful digital skill you can use on so many different levels and you will connect with other people across the world.

Making Videos

By vlogging, you can educate and entertain people, and if you are doing a good job you will make some extra cash as well. But don’t believe those who say that making videos is just a fun and easy way to earn money.

Vlogging is still a really fun hobby, but it requires a lot of devotion and work. In case you are inspired and want to start, think about the topics you’d want to cover and the theme of your channel. So, it is a hobby that involves writing as well.

Once you have all things needed, you need to make a script for a video, after you film it you need to do video editing. The whole process can take a while if you are still new to this complex hobby, but if you are passionate enough nothing is too difficult.

If you produce quality content frequently, everyone will notice you. Remember that making videos is a question of determination. Many vloggers who succeeded say that it took at least two years before seeing success.

What else to say, get a good microphone and camera. Make a video and upload it on various websites like YouTube or Facebook, after that start making another one.


The next one is a little different, but while coding you will write all the time. But you will have to know a different language. Knowing the coding language represents a skill that is surely appreciated.

If you have an interest in web development and want to learn about it, then start by learning all the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

That way you will start at the beginning and you will get to know the cradle of coding. For beginners, there are many different courses online too.

Writing Music

If you listen to music a lot and if you know how to play a musical instrument, you could try composing your original music. Because I practice music regularly this is my favorite hobby that involves writing.

There’s a whole bunch of resources online available to help you with writing music. Find some courses dedicated to composing and search for free software such as Sibelius First, MuseScore, or GarageBand.


You might think that with the digital age penmanship is becoming less appreciated, but many people still pick up calligraphy as a hobby.

This skill is applied in a lot of areas such as graphic design, logo design, or event invitations. If you decide to start with calligraphy you might surprise your friends with a beautiful signature when you sign your birthday card.


Knowledge is power and sharing it could be a great hobby, so If you know how to play the guitar or have any other skills, you can become a mentor.

Of course, you can charge for mentoring, but then it’s not going to be a hobby anymore. If you decide to keep this as a hobby it will help you make new friends, so being a mentor will give you a social boost as well.

If you are interested, promote your skills and let the students know that you can mentor them in a certain field.


This is for you in case you speak at least two languages. Translating is not just something people do for the money, it can be a passion and hobby as well.

While doing this hobby you will learn your first and second language even better and you will improve your focus.

Deciphering a message and writing it into another language is not easy but it can be exciting and fun. If you become really good at it you can consider a career in Translation as well.


Copywriting is another great hobby that involves writing but it’s a lot more than words. It comes in different forms; web pages, blog posts, advertisements, social media content, brochures, and many more.

A good copy should tell a compelling story, represent something, and trigger the decision-making process for anyone who reads your writing.

To master the skill of copywriting you don’t need specialized training or a degree. But if you need a little help to start your new hobby you will find a ton of great tutorials online.

Writing Reviews

Every day we buy new products or services, so if you are the kind of person that likes to share your experiences I suggest that you write service or product reviews. If you don’t know how and where to start, find some example reviews online and learn the basics from them.

Start simple, write the text in Google docs, or in Microsoft Word, after you are satisfied with the written work, post it on review-sites. You will find many websites (Amazon, eBay, Reddit, and many other forums) where you will be able to submit your thoughts.

Learning Foreign Language

If you travel a lot and want to talk with locals in foreign countries you should learn a foreign language, not only speaking but also writing. Being bilingual will make you a lot more valuable at your workplace.

If you decide to learn how to speak and write in a different language you will improve your memory, and become smarter. Start with languages that are used in multiple countries, such as Chinese, Spanish, or French.

What Do You Need To Consider If You Want To Find A New Hobby?

Think about the things you like to do, maybe it’s a good idea to make a list of hobbies and choose one.

Are you an active type of person or do you prefer being creative? Do you want tangible gains or you prefer escapism? Narrowing down your interests will make it easier to choose a hobby that’s suited you the best.

Maybe you need to dip back and search for the activities you used to enjoy as a kid, but for some reason don’t keep it up anymore. I am sure you had a passion for something, so check if you still enjoy it.

Consider if you want your new hobby to be similar to your existing ones. Do you want to find a hobby that complements your existing skills? Do you want to refresh and change the pace?

Did I overlook something?

These are just a few hobbies that involve writing. I am sure there are more hobbies where you will be able to write, and there are also hobbies that will make you a better writer.