15 Hobbies That Involve Building Things/Like Model Building

I started my passion for building things when I first got Lego bricks in my childhood, it continued in my teenage years when I started to build car models. The more than I got into building things, the more I realized that there are numerous hobbies like model building.

In this post, I want to introduce craft hobby ideas that involve building things, but first, take a look at my favorite three:

Editor’s choice:

Lego BuildingBuild a Lego Orchid
WoodworkingWoodworking tools and accessories
ProgrammingThe Definitive Guide to Programming

List of Hobbies That Require Building

Here you will find many hobbies that require building things, scroll down and you will find hobbies like building combat robots, furniture building, or worldbuilding. You will be able to find more of them, I will provide also essential information and helpful resources for each activity.

Build Models

If building things is your passion, then model building is definitely something to try out. Whether you’re into clocks, tanks, cars, starships, or aircraft, if you want to build a model there’s always something for everyone. When you decided what you want to build, you can create models from scratch from materials that you can find at your home.

If you are a total beginner you can use model kits that contain all the parts you’ll need to start building. Start with simple and inexpensive ones and continue with more complex ones. Are you interested? Check some of the most popular model kits on Amazon.

Radio-controlled model (Build RC planes, cars, boats)

This is another model-building hobby for those who have dexterity in their hands. What makes radio-controlled modeling enjoyable is the challenge of learning new skills. You will get years of enjoyment, especially if you start slowly, thoughtfully, and with interest.

A radio-controlled model is not a toy, these are real machines except they are smaller and lighter. In case you feel inspired go to the nearest model shop, get yourself the tools and equipment, and start with building your first radio-controlled plane or some other model.

Woodworking (Build Sculptures)

Woodworking is another hobby that you can do in the comfort of your home. Start with easy projects like creating a simple pallet shelf, this way you will learn how to use essential tools, like a power drill or circular saw.

If you are serious about woodworking you should get a scroll saw, because the fineness of its blade allows it to cut more delicately into the wood.

Start with softwood such as pine first and when you get used to handling the tools move on to hardwood (poplar).

Build Things Out of Metal

Do you want to build something out of metal? In order to do that, you should know something about metalworking. It is the process where you build small or large-scale structures out of metal.

And if you have an artistic inspiration, you can go further and create sculptures. Basic techniques of building things out of metal are forming, cutting, and joining.

Before starting you will need common tools like hammer, welder, drill, angle grinder, and clamps.

Build Your Own Computer

Have you ever think about building your own computer. If you are a tech geek you would like this computer-related hobby. The process of building a computer involves snapping together premade components and set them up into a computer case.

Assembling a computer is a fun hobby that will also save you some money, but you need to learn about computer components. Focus on the motherboard, a CPU, storage, memory, power supply, and monitor.

Try Worldbuilding

If you are looking for a hobby that involves writing this might be for you. Worldbuilding is about building an imaginary world in a fictional universe, but writers usually write stories that are connected with world history, geography, and ecology.

There are many ways to build a fictional world and a lot of different reasons why you might consider it, one of the reasons is to explore your imagination. You can start building your world right away, create backstory, maps, people, creatures, or invent a language for your imaginary world.

Start With Car Building

If you want to build a car you need lots of knowledge, a lot of space, and many resources. To build a reliable car you will have to learn about car handling, suspension types, chassis types, and different engines.

Oh, I almost forgot about aerodynamics and ergonomics. Learn and investigate as much as you can and if you don’t find answers to your questions find and ask your local mechanic.

Car building is a complicated hobby, so it is highly advisable to have a solid plan in place so you don’t make unnecessary mistakes. After you are all set up to go for your first car building project be prepared that it’ll take more time than you planned.

Try Bodybuilding

If you like peanut butter, milk, eggs, meat, chicken, whole wheat bread, fruits, and vegetables you are halfway to become a bodybuilder. Well, it is not that easy, but without a proper diet, you will get nowhere.

To be successful in building your body get used to exercises like squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, or bench press. Don’t expect overnight miracles, let’s face it, bodybuilding is tough but it’s achievable, it takes sacrifices, consistency, time, and focus.

You have no choice, if you want to look like Hulk, you need to build your body.

Start With Lego Building (Lego sets/bricks)

This is another hobby that involves building things, in this case, Lego bricks. You know Lego, it is a simple plastic construction toy that will let you build sculptures, buildings, vehicles, objects and even working robots. It is a toy that is interesting for both, adults and children, so it is a hobby for the whole family.

While Lego bricks can be assembled in many ways it will stimulate your imagination and creativity. If you are interested just visit the nearest shop or find it online after you have it you can build anything you want, the sky is the limit.

Build Combat Robots

Have you ever watch combat robots in a fight? Two robots in the arena and fight each other until one of them stops working. It is not only a competition, before the performance, there is also a lot of robotics.

If this sounds interesting to you, find the competition in which you want to compete and see what weight classes are going to be there, after that start with building a robot. To find more hobbies like this check engineering-related hobbies.

Try Programming (Build Video Games)

If you are a video game lover this might be a good activity for you. It is not an easy hobby, it requires knowledge, time, and patience.

So, how to start developing a game? To start developing a video game you don’t need any formal education or wait until you have a developing job.

Start with small projects, pick a simple game that already exists, and recreate it through tutorials, you will find many of them on YouTube. If you are familiar with some programming language you are on halfway there. It is a fun hobby that involves coding, rendering, and testing.

Try Furniture Building

Building furniture shouldn’t be too much difficult if you are good at using woodworking tools. It is a fun hobby to do, you can explore your creativity, and always try to design something different for your home.

In the beginning, do your research in the library or online and make plans using free furniture design apps. Don’t buy too much equipment and start with a simple project, only get the tools after you learn what you really need.

So, do you still want to start building furniture? Easy, all you will need is a piece of wood, a plan, woodworking tools, a space, and a lot of time.

Learn Origami

Think about origami, you can build something using only a sheet of paper. It comes from Japanese culture but people all around the world practice it. It is simple while shaping origami figures you will be able to choose a variety of different colors, prints, and patterns.

Generally, you don’t need any tools to do origami but if you are shaping more complex models, tools like a bone folder, paper clips, and tweezers can be a bit of help.

When you start building your first sculpture, you should research for suggestions, folding techniques, and descriptions. There is a lot of free information available online, you can watch tutorials and read all about it.

Build Your Own Shoes

If you like to work with many materials like leather, wood, rubber or plastic check the next hobby that involves building things. Everybody knows shoemaking exists but have you ever thought about making your own footwear? I mean, items like shoes, boots, sandals, and others are crazy, right?

So, how to start building your first pair of shoes? Well, first you will have to learn how to work with basic tools,  shoemaker knife, hammer, pincers, and rasp for instance.

If you need a little help you can even take advantage of workshops. One way is to attend step-by-step online courses, and the other is to arrange private lessons.

Build Balloon Animals

This is a fun hobby that involves building cute animals. Start with making a dog, this is the roots when it comes to making animals out of balloons. Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques and can easily make a dog, move on, and practice to make other animals.

What you need to build balloon animals and how to start? All you need are high-quality twisting balloons, the ability to blow, two hands, and some patience.

Oh, and If you are going to inflate a lot of them, the balloon pump can become very useful. When you first start, don’t inflate it too much, and do the basic twist in the right way.

Did I miss something?

These are just a few hobbies that involve building things. I am sure there are many more hobbies like this, I’d love to hear what is your favorite hobby. Share your suggestions for building things.