Hobbies for Introverts (Fun/Social/Productive)

Welcome to my list of the best hobbies for introverts! A lot of introverts simply look inwards for comfort and support, but this doesn’t mean they like to be alone all the time. Many people think that all introverts are shy and don’t like to spend time with others. Not true! Being introverted myself, I can say that I like to be social, but I find it much more fun with smaller groups.

I know that some introverted people find it hard to find hobbies that fit within their personality. So, how to find a hobby you love? Find out your personality type and check hobbies based on MBTI types, this way you have many more chances to find the right hobby for yourself.

But, on this page, you will find hobbies for introverts, I have broken them up into fun, productive, and social hobbies. Scroll down to find a new hobby that suits you the best.

Fun Hobbies for Introverts

You need fun in order to function as you should. You need to conserve energy, so fun hobbies for introverts are your best bet for finding a creative way to get you back in the game.

Do Calligraphy

Go to your local craft store and buy all kinds of pens and paper. In the beginning, search for everything you can about calligraphy to get some inspiration and ideas. When you discover what you want to write then start to experiment with different designs.

By exercising you will become skilled at it, and if you want to make some extra money out of this hobby you could start by creating wedding invitations.

Collect Something

Coins to clothes to comics, you can collect everything, even flying bags if you want. Collecting can be an expensive or low-cost hobby, it all depends on what you collect. If you dedicated yourself enough you could end up with a very valuation collection that can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Teach Your Pet Tricks

Teaching your pet a trick can a great way to spend free time, for you and for your pet. If you already teach them basic commands like “sit” or “go” think about teaching them something different, like “bring me the shoes”.

Play Sudoku

This simple game can help you with sharpening your mind. Sodoku can fill many hours of your free time, you can find it in your store for a reasonable price. If you don’t want to pay for it you will also find many of them online, the best thing about it is that you can also print them out and have it on your paper in a minute.

Rock Climbing

Another great outdoor hobby is rock climbing. Climbing is not only physical fitness, but it will give you also emotional and psychological benefits, it is a great stress reliever and helps to improve confidence and perseverance.

After you climb a mountain successfully you will remember this victory for the rest of your life. To start, you don’t even need to go to mountains or find real rocks, all you have to do is to find an indoor climbing center which will offer you an even safer experience.

Start Hiking

To start hiking you don’t need to be a professional mountain climber. It is a simple hobby that you can do at weekends, you can practice it alone or with your family and kids. Hiking is a great exercise that maintains stamina and physical strength.

Many people believe that hiking helps with productivity, it frees your mind of everyday worries and exposes you to nature. If you are serious about it choose a trail near your place and once you get used to it you can change the path and increase the trail difficulty.

Listen To Podcasts

Choose the podcast you like, you could listen to educational podcasts, podcasts with celebrities, funny podcasts, or any other. It is very likely that you’ll find podcasts about whatever you’re interested in. If you don’t believe me just search them on the internet and check the ones that grab your attention.

Write A Song

If you are interested in songs, you could try to write your own. To write a good song you have to be creative, if you manage to write one that you like you will discover a good feeling inside yourself. To go further, try to write also music as well, to make your song alive, sing it and play it on an instrument.

Play Free Games

Find gaming websites so you can play online games for free, you will find many options. You can play against opponents or against the environment, maybe you will find fun with going on adventures with a character that you created yourself.

Maybe you will discover more fun with the racing game, beating the record time could be great fun too. However, there are millions of free online games available, find yours, and start playing.

Productive Hobbies for Introverts

Browse the following list of productive hobbies for introverts and imagine doing each of these hobbies. Think of what you’d like to create for someone or for yourself.


Take some items you don’t use anymore and create furniture, garden decorations, or any accessory, you can even start creating jewelry if this is your thing. With craftsmanship, you have a chance to add a unique touch to your living environment.

You will improve your creativity and learn how to fix things without calling a handyman for everything. The craftsmanship will definitely contribute to quality family time as well. Who knows, maybe you will build a treehouse for your children next summer.

DIY is a wonderful hobby, just pick something you are interested in, watch some tutorials, and let’s get started.

Restore Furniture

In case you are an expert in carpentry then you need to spend your time restoring furniture, it is a rewarding and fulfilling hobby.

Start by restoring furniture around your house and after you feel confident you can move on to more advanced projects.

Work at your own pace, take your time and enjoy along the way, you can even sell restored pieces if this is your goal.

Restore Cars

If you like to spend your time taking care of your car and know how to handle tools, you might think about some hobby like restoring cars. When you decide to restore a classic car you should be patient and expect hours of work, in case you like to work on details this hobby is perfect for you.

Car restoration is not cheap, cars and parts are often expensive, but when you finish the work you will be able to find many people who would pay you real money for a good restored classic car.

Bake Something

Like every crafting, baking requires careful preparation and attention to detail, baking is perfect if you are looking to take your mind off your stress.  When you finish your delicious bread, cake, or cookies you will get a tasty reward.

If you are baking to relax and have fun you can enjoy the goods yourself or you can give it away as a gift. But if you are passionate enough you could turn this hobby into a career, open your bakery, and sell your sweet and salty goods and make a living out of baking.

Start Blogging

It takes much time and effort to blog, so it is not as easy as it may seem. Blogging is great if you want to share your interests, experiences, and thoughts with other people. It is a new age diary but this one will allow you to connect with like-minded people.

If you get enough traffic to your domain you could even connect with companies that may pay you to write about their products. Writing a blog will relax you and take you away from daily stress and if you are serious about it you can even earn some extra cash.

Try Sewing

If you have dexterity at your hands and a good eye, this hobby is the right for you. Sewing is a great pastime to relax and forgot about your everyday problems, you can even make some extra cash with this activity.

Many people don’t have this skill, so they will pay you to repair their clothing, it would cost much more to replace them.

You can even combine sewing with building a website and sell your handcrafted creations online, but if you don’t want to build your own website you can always sell on sites like eBay or Etsy. If you have really good creations you can also think about promoting them in craft magazines.

Do Something Outside Your Comfort Zone

In order to do something outside your comfort zone, you need to do one thing that scares you every day.

It can be anything from asking out a girl or a guy, making that bold move in your business, or taking a courageous step in the face of uncertainty.

Taking these steps will take you a lot of preparation, but acting against your comfort zone, will help you with your personal growth.

Social Hobbies for Introverts

The following are social hobbies for introverts since these activities could result is something you can share with somebody.

Keep Up With Current Events

It is important to follow what is going on in your country and around the world. If you want to understand the events in your country you definitely need to keep up to date with happenings in other countries. Never forget about the world out there, you should know it.

Organize a Gathering

Invite your friends to your home and organize a gathering. It is not necessary to organize an expansive outing or picnic to get together.

Make some coffee or tea and relive old memories, such an easy gathering can be soul food. Be honest to yourself, the laughter and warmth of people around you are better support than celebrities who you don’t even know.

Try To Beat A World Record

Maybe you have some “stupid”, unusual or weird hobbies or skills. Search the internet and check if someone is doing similar things. After your research find out if you can do it better. Start practicing even more and try to beat the world record.

Start A Club With Your Friends

I am sure that your friends share the same passions as you do. Maybe it is a good idea that you propose them to start a club framed around a passion that you all have.

You know the best what you and your friends like the most, you could start a club about skateboarding, comedy or discussion club, you could even organize events.

Join A Sports Team

In order to join some sports team visit your local gym and find out if someone plays team sports. No matter if you want to find a basketball, football, or volleyball team, you should always find some free games that you can join.

Search for some swimming club and ask if they practice water polo or search if someone is playing ice hockey in your local community.

Play Tennis

Tennis is a hobby that can be very inexpensive, all you need to buy is some tennis rackets and balls. After you purchased the needed equipment, go ahead, book some tennis place and invite your friend to hit a ball with you.

If you are truly passionate about this hobby I suggest that you search for information about it online, you will find many tutorials on YouTube or elsewhere. Investing in some instructor isn’t a bad idea as well.

Play Cards

Gin Rummy, Slapjack, Crazy Eights, Go Fish; you can play literally hundreds of different games with cards.

The best is that you don’t need much to get into this hobby, a pack of cards is fairly cheap. So get a pack of cards and invite your friends behind the table.

Visit Local Museums

Have you ever thinking about visiting your local museum, you can invite your friends with you or you can go by yourself. This kind of hobby can learn you a lot, even if you are a history buff.

I am sure there are many things you don’t know about your community, you will be surprised about its history.

Did I miss something?

These are just a few hobbies for introverts. Do you miss some hobbies for introverts that haven’t been included on this list? I’m sure there are many more hobbies that introverts would enjoy. Share your ideas in the comment below.