Hobbies For Extroverts

21 Hobbies For Extroverts (Outdoor and Indoor)

Not all people are the same. Some people are afraid to stay alone, while others enjoy being alone. Being apart from people is a real disaster in case you`re an extrovert, It’s like an unplanned party for introverted people.

Being social represents a big part of extroverted lives, but you can’t just sit and chat all the time. So, how to find a hobby you love? Find out your personality type and check hobbies based on MBTI types, it is an easy way to find the right hobby for yourself.

In this post, you will find hobbies for extroverts that will keep you entertained no matter if you spending time alone or with your friends.

Indoor Hobbies for Extroverts


Volunteering is a great way to help other people and connect with them at the same time. Nursing homes always accept new volunteers, you will learn a lot from the elderly if you decide to help them.

But, If you don’t feel like helping people is the right for you, think about volunteering at animal shelters.

There are a lot of different options to volunteer. It is up to you when and where you want to volunteer, it can be during the week or weekend or only on a specific day.

In case you are interested, connect with an animal shelter or local humane society and tell them that you want to volunteer in their community. Volunteering can be a great hobby.


Joining a dance club will make many new friends almost instantly. Start to dance even if you are not good at dancing at the moment, you will learn the skill along the way.

With dancing you will build confidence and provide your body with great exercise, dancing will also prevent you from a mental disorder and help you to fight stress.

It doesn’t matter what style you choose (ballroom, bachata, swing, salsa), dancing will help you with social anxiety.

Dancing will teach you how to function out of your comfort zone. Sure you can take private dance classes, but don’t miss an opportunity to have fun with other people and make new friends.


Chess is one of the most original board games. It is not an easy game, it takes focus and a lot of knowledge, mastering the strategies and techniques may take you the whole evenings for a long time.

Over time you will learn the basics of planning and observation, which are the skills you can apply to everyday life, especially in interpersonal interaction.

In case you want to start learning this strategy game, you will find many online and printed guides, chess sets are relatively inexpensive as well.


Do you love movies like The Mark of Zorro? Do you consider yourself a quick, unique, and elegant school charmer? If you answered “yes” to those questions I suggest that you choose to fence for your hobby.

So, how to start with a hobby like fencing? Search for a fencing club in your local community and visit their training once, if you like it, join the club.

When you just start with the hobby, borrow the equipment, but after you realize that this is the right pastime for you, purchase your own saber and other things.

Join Workshops

Thinking about picking up some unusual hobbies like woodworking or painting but don’t know where to start? You might consider workshops, these are the best social activities that extroverts can enjoy even in a small setting.

There is nothing better than sharing an interest with other people who feel the same. Workshops might help you get a social connection that can enrich your daily life.

Traditional Gaming

I am not saying that video games aren’t fun, but analog games are social and more personal. It doesn’t matter how fast your gaming laptop is, you can’t get the social enjoyment that comes with board games or cards.

So, get some popular table games, invite your friends over and have fun with traditional games.

HAM Radio Operation

Imagine a platform where you can actually connect with people from around the world, just like the internet. HAM radio is a fascinating hobby that can be as casual or as deep, it depends on you.

HAM radio can represent tremendous survival skills since this medium can survive many disasters which the internet and television can’t.

Martial arts

All martial arts represent the control of the applied force and the focus.

When exercising any martial art you will start to understand how your body moves through space, you will learn how to read your opponent and how to respect them, and yourself as well.

By training in any discipline you will improve as a human and as a part of the community.


Invite your friends to the bar and have fun while playing darts, or even buy your own so you can play in the comfort of your home. It is a simple game, all you have to do is to hit a target for which you aim, and there are many different games like 301 or cricket.

In case you want to learn more about techniques and the rules I suggest that you watch some online tutorials and read dedicated blogs.

In case you are interested in buying one for yourself, you will find many of them online from all different price ranges.


You can spend weekends playing billiards, it is an old social game that involves the application of physics like spin, force, inertia, and interference.

But it can be a great hobby for the times you want to relax with your friends or coworkers. It is a social and challenging game that can make new friends, and extra money as well.

In case you play it because you want to win the game you will need the ability to calculate, mental focus, and concentration. Otherwise, just hit the ball and spend a great time with your friends.


It doesn’t matter if you play it as a hobby or in a league, bowling is a fun game. Just like archery and darts, bowling is a consummate game of skill.

Once you get your bowling shoes and relax you will slowly get the feel for the game. You will be successful as long as you use the right force and precisely gauge the path of your ball.


Yoga is a great hobby to start if you’re looking for a way to be more mindful and active, this activity can get you some friends as well.

So get in your car and drive to a local yoga class, after a session, drink a cup of tea with other yoga enthusiasts. After you get back home you will feel a lot more relaxed.

But if you rather do yoga alone and don’t want to drive or walk to the yoga studio search some online lessons and exercise in the comfort of your home.

Indoor Skydiving

If you always wanted to skydive but are afraid of heights this may be ideal for you. This is great because you will get all of the sensations without jumping out of a plane.

You will find Indoor skydiving places all across the country. If you are inspired reserve your indoor skydiving experience and have fun with your friends or family.

Outdoor Hobbies for Extroverts


Gardening is a great hobby especially If you like plants and has a knack for harmony and aesthetics. All you need are seeds and a place to grow plants, so you will need a backyard.

Sure you can cultivate plants indoors, or on the balcony as well. This hobby will give you pleasure while cultivating plants, but you can do it for profits as well. Growing plants will allow you to practice serenity and peace.

R/C Piloting

Remote-controlled vehicles have never been more popular than today. These days drones are important not only in a hobby niche, even companies, and governments use it.

It doesn’t matter If get yourself an RC car or RC boat you’ll discover a child in yourself right after you get a controller in your hands.

Maybe you’ll learn mechanics as well, with a little commitment you can build your own quadcopter or RC car, it is totally doable.


You will find archery to a relatively expensive hobby, but there are ways to make it even inexpensive.

All you have to do is to find an archery range, this way you will find an instructor to teach you how to start. They usually have equipment for rent as well.

If you decide to start with archery you will get many benefits out of it. Archery improves your upper body balance and strength, hand-eye coordination, and mental concentration as well.


Slung a backpacking tent over your shoulder and head out into the wilds, this way you will truly experience the beauty of nature.

Backpacking will show you what skills are essential in life.

You don’t need much equipment but if you don’t know how to backpack the right way a well-equipped bag has no meaning.


At first, archaeology may seem boring, but it’s not. Can you imagine how deep and fascinating the world becomes after you know more about its whole history?

Do you know how much you can earn from digging up artifacts? This hobby will give you the opportunity to spend your time in nature, exploring the wilderness will boost your overall well being and provide you with adrenalin.


Golf is a classic social hobby. In case you don’t need adrenalin but love to spend some time in nature golf is a great hobby to start with. It is not a cheap hobby since equipment and membership fees may be expensive.

It requires a high level of concentration, which will relieve any negative or stressful thoughts you may have.

If you are curious about what is it like to play golf I suggest that you invite your coworkers or friends to play a game or two with them.


Many people will tell that shooting with a gun is a fun activity. Marksmanship is a great hobby in case you are interested in knowing how to use a firearm, and a day in the gun range can be fun and relaxing as well.

If you already exercise marksmanship, your first concern should be your safety, and never forget about other people around and their safety.

Rock Climbing

With climbing, you will do a full-body workout while spending free time with your friends. You will find out that many gyms have climbing walls, so you can do it outdoor or indoors.

In case you decide to start climbing in the wilderness take good care of your safety and don’t climb alone. But if you don’t like heights this might not be the right hobby for you.


One of the advantages of boxing is that you can start training at home. You can start by practicing basic punches.

If you are drawn to this kind of sports search for tips online or watch some video guides to learn basic techniques like stance and footwork. Maybe join a boxing workshop and get included in the program.


If you think about Tony Hawk as a hero with incredible skills, then maybe it is time to invest in a skateboard and start practicing your ollie. Get familiar with your skateboard and check online for some tutorial videos.

Start on a smooth surface for a better grip. And oh yeah, don`t forget, protective gear and your boombox is a must when you ride and roll.

Roller skating

In the beginning, choose a long and flat surface for practice how to ride. Always stretch your legs and body before skating. Roller skating is very similar to skateboarding.

If you like a fast way to get around, get some skates, protective gear, and start practicing. Learn how to fall and don`t give up. Soon you will ride like a pro.


Many people don’t have the opportunity to travel because of money and time commitments, but if you can manage it, traveling is worth every minute and dollar.

It doesn’t matter, travel to Europe or search for a nearby town or place and make yourself a real traveling experience. When you are traveling, experiment with drink, food, and local specialties.

Make a Surprise for Someone

Make a surprise for your friend, partner, or family, when you are home alone you have a perfect chance to make it. By making surprises you will banish anxiety and enjoy crafting at the same time.

There are many DIY projects that you can try and create some useful and fun things for people you love.


Did I miss something?

These are just a few hobbies for extroverts, I’m sure there are more hobbies that introverts would enjoy. If you have any suggestions write your ideas below in the comments.