Hobbies For 18 Year Olds (Guys & Girls)

Hey, 18-year-olds and responsible parents of 18-year-olds! I’m here to help you with some hobbies to try out this year.

When I was 18-year-old I took up a lot of hobbies like playing guitar, basketball, or drawing. Now that I’m older I think I can offer you some good hobby ideas.

When you are 18 years old you feel the pressure from all fronts. You have to decide the direction of your life. What college you’ll go to. What do you want to do in life and what hobbies do you want to pursue?

Well, I can’t help you with all of these questions, but I have managed to make a list of hobbies for 18-year-olds.

If you are a parent who is looking for hobbies for your 18-year-old boy or a girl, you know that having a hobby is important, especially for teenagers.

You probably know that some hobbies are actually very valuable and can be used for career-building later on in life.

But before we dig deep into some of the best hobbies for 18-year-olds let’s take a look at how to find the right hobby when you’re 18 or in your teenage years.

How To Find Hobbies As An 18-Year-Old

I’ve been asked a lot about how to find hobbies that you’re passionate about. Many teens want to find a hobby but are not sure where or how to start.

The answer is simple; to find a hobby, think about what you like to do and what are your interests. You might like to skateboard, or maybe you enjoy putting together RC models. Try out different activities and stick to the ones you like doing, in the other words, find your passion. Focus on hobbies that will develop a skill you already have a passion for.

Having a hobby is important, failing to consider your personal interests may lead to boredom. Boredom can morph into apathy and then depression. Then you start wearing baggy clothing, have a weird haircut, play chess by yourself and smell funny.

I’m sure you don’t want that, find good hobby ideas on the following list, pick up the hobby you like and avoid boredom forever.

List of Hobbies For 18-Year-Olds

Indoor Hobbies For 18-Year-Olds


If you enjoy fitness, it can be both simple and hard, but it isn’t hard if you don’t give up when things get hard. Having a regular workout routine will keep you motivated and help you to avoid injuries that could keep you from living life to the fullest. If you are inspired start with fitness, being fit will make you healthier and more productive.

Read Books

Reading books has helped me to understand not just how the world works but how I perceive it; it has given me new perspectives on things, and it has made me a better person. Start reading, it will improve your skills in both reading and other areas of your life.

Start Writing

The more I learn, the more passionate I become about writing. Writing always gets me motivated, even when I’m without any energy. I highly suggest you start writing, this way you’ll have something to look forward to every single day. So go ahead, pick up a pen or keyboard and start writing!

Start A Blog or YouTube channel

Start posting on your new site or on your YouTube channel, you can do it from anywhere in the world. It’s the easiest way to give people access to what you know, and share your knowledge with your audience. You can write about yourself or about your hobby, you can make “how-to” tutorials or reviews, the options are endless.

Learn to Cook– Join a Cooking Class

Cooking is one great way to become more self-disciplined and healthier. You can get started at home with some simple ingredients and training from a YouTube tutorial, or you can join some cooking classes in your area. I’m sure you’ll have fun creating your own meals, whether it’s just pancakes or fried potatoes.

Find Online Classes

The internet is full of amazing resources and courses designed for every skill level. Browse through online classes and read their descriptions, look for ones that interest you. When you are certain that a course is right for you and that it meets your needs, register for it and start taking it.

Outdoor Hobbies For 18-Year-Olds


Are you looking for a way to get outside and enjoy nature? Well, get out there and start fishing, anyone can pick up a rod and start fishing. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the ecosystem and experience the world around you.

Choose Your Sport

Many of us have that childhood obsession with a particular sport. So, why don’t you pick a sport that interests you and makes you happy? Sports can be a positive thing for your physical health because it encourages you to stay active and meet active habits throughout your day-to-day life.


There’s nothing more peaceful than spending time on the golf course and enjoying all it has to offer. People usually think that they need some type of skill set or talent to be able to play golf. But it’s very accessible and easy to learn, even if you have never tried it before. Golf will not only help you connect with nature, but also give you something new to talk about with your friends.


Tennis is a great hobby, that will help you to build mental endurance and physical fitness. It’s also a great way to meet new people, sure you can play it by yourself, but it’s much more fun if you play it with someone. So, look for teens with similar interests and form a tennis community so you can play against each other regularly.

Join a Club

A club is a network of people who share a common interest when it comes to certain topics or activities. If you search you’ll find different kinds of clubs for every kind of person. Once you decide you want to join a club be sure to research the organization to find out everything about them.

Get fit– Start Cycling

Cycling is a great way to get exercise and meet new people. Nothing compares to the mental or physical benefits of cycling, it’s an activity that gets your heart pumping, sore muscles forgotten, and stress removed. Why are you still reading this? Just get out there and ride your bike for 30 minutes.

Try rock climbing

Rock climbing is a fun outdoor activity, especially if you are an adrenaline junkie. There are many reasons why people climb, some climb because of physical fitness, others want to enjoy nature. But what if you live in a city without much nature around? No worries, you’ll find numerous climbing gyms and clubs that allow beginners to learn the fundamentals.

Take-up roller skating

Who says you can’t have fun while getting a great workout? If you’ve never tried roller skating, then now is the time, you can do it with your friends and family or even by yourself. It’s fairly simple and doesn’t require any fancy equipment, I mean, of course, you will need rollerskates and safety gear. If you can walk, you can roller skate too!


Choosing hobbies when you’re 18 isn’t simple, playing musical instruments is great. Reading books and writing is a good hobby. For those who want to spend the time outside, I suggest fishing, hiking, or any other outdoor sport.  So, as long as you keep doing what you love doing, you’re on a good way to find the hobby you like.

I hope you have found my list of hobbies for 18-year-old guys and girls helpful. I know there are more hobbies that 18-year-olds would enjoy. In case you have any good hobby ideas you are welcome to leave the comment down below.