15 Hobbies for ESFP Personality Type (for Extroverts)

A lot of people with a similar personality often do similar hobbies, extroverts are no exception. In case you are searching for ESFP hobbies you have come to the right place. Scroll down and find some hobbies for extroverts and ESFPs.

What does ESFP mean? ESFP stands for extraverted, sensing, feeling, perceiving. ESFP is one of the sixteen personality types (MBTI) which has been created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers in the 1940s. It is the third most common personality type, which makes up around 9% of the general population.

Let’s get back to hobbies, below you might find some great hobby ideas for yourself.

ESFP Hobbies

ESFPs don’t like to plan ahead, they’d rather live spontaneously. ESFPs love big gatherings and are usually quick to join any group that sounds entertaining.

They like to fill their lives with activities sports, hobbies, and friends, they don’t want to miss out on the fun. So, what hobbies are right for them? Scroll down and you will find some activities that ESFPs usually like to do.

Join Book Clubs

For ESFPs who enjoys reading books, joining a book club is an obvious social hobby to have. So, go to your local library and ask if they host any book club, if they do join them.

Reading alone could be boring for extroverts, so sharing time to read with others could be a great experience for them. You can even read at home and after reading discuss the story with other club members.

Other book lovers will give you some great recommendations for the books you might want to read. You will have the opportunity to enjoy their company and to drink some coffee or tea with them.

Joining a Walking Group

You don’t have to go for a walk alone, invite your friends to join you but if you don’t have anyone to invite you can even look for some walking groups.

By joining a walking group you will enhance your social skills and move your body at the same time. You will find out that this is a great social activity that you can do throughout the whole year.

If you cant find a walking group in your city, consider creating one, you can even make a walking club. After you gather enough people to participate in hiking, choose a safe trail, and enjoy beautiful nature.


Bingo can be a great hobby, it allows you to be social and provide a lot of excitement. All you have to do is to sit around a table with your friends and compete for prizes and cash and, and believe me, at one point you’ll be yelling at the top of your lungs.

In case you are inspired take a look and search if Bingo is offered in your city. If you can’t find it, search and you will find it online. Bingo is great for ESFPs.


For those who love to learn about the world, I suggest traveling. This way you will expose yourself to different cultures and meet different people.

You will be able to experience things you wouldn’t find in your home city. Last but not least, while traveling you will have the chance to taste the whole different foods.


When thinking about bowling don’t just think about it as league play or children’s parties, there are more options, it can be a great hobby as well.

If you decide to start with bowling you will find that many bowling alleys sometimes offer theme nights or nights scheduled that are only for adults. So, get the tickets, invite your friends, and have some fun while bowling.


I wish that you never experience a real firefight, but getting the feel of battle through paintball can be very fun. You’ll get the feel of teamwork, combat tactics, and battle strategies.

Find the paintball club in your town, invite your friends and family and start an epic battle with paints in the ball.


In case you like to spend time in bars you probably had the chance to play billiards at least once. Billiards is a great hobby if you want to improve your social skills, mental concentration, and hand-eye coordination.

You will mostly spend time analyzing and thinking about the field, so it isn’t the most active hobby out there. Consider team sports in case you want something with more activity.


Many ESFP persons like baking, so if you want to get creative in the kitchen and you like sweets then this is the right hobby for you. Find the right recipe and get adventurous. Look for some tutorials online and go for it.


Cooking can be a great way to relax on a day off and also to enjoy some delicious homemade meals. ESFPs likes to cook as well, and usually, they invite their friends so they can share their prepared masterpiece.

It gives you the freedom to experiment and while you are trying out new recipes you also learn about nutrition and healthy diets. The more you experiment the more enjoyable and finger-licking meal you get.


This is a special and peculiar hobby that many ESFP persons enjoy a lot. If you are self-conscious and like to perform then start looking for books about acting and start practicing. You will learn that there are so many exercises you can learn at home before you enroll in an acting course.


Roleplaying games are the ultimate form of escapism. Basically, this means that you choose a fictional character and try to get as involved as possible in the role.

Make decisions instead of them and try to progress in their story. Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular among board games. And if you want to play on a computer, look into games like The Witcher, Skyrim, and Fallout.

Board Games

If you are trying to find a new hobby that you can also share with your friends and family, this is something to consider. Everybody can find something that suits their needs, fun, and laughter are guaranteed as well.

If you want to try something else besides good ol` monopoly, delve deeper into exploring board games. Board games are a great hobby, especially for ESFPs.

Ballroom Dancing

If you ever watched Dancing With The Stars and couldn’t resist dancing behind the screen, chances are that you are passionate about dancing. If you can’t forget about dancing I suggest that you start with ballroom dancing.

In case you are serious about learning to dance, first, you need to sign up for a class and find your dancing partner. Maybe you will find a studio that hosts dance nights where you will have a lot of fun while practicing your dancing skills.

Did I miss something?

These are just a few hobbies for ESFPs. I am sure there are more hobbies that ESFP persons would enjoy. If you miss your favorite hobby please make a suggestion.