30 Beauty Related Hobbies (Hobby Ideas for Beauty Lovers)

Face mask, fashion design, makeup, making jewelry, yoga… let your interest in beauty lead you to some beauty-related hobby and spend your free time on something you truly love. In this post, you’ll find many hobby ideas that are related to beauty.

Maybe you love reading and learning about trends and new techniques, or maybe you love creating something new with your own hands.

There are numerous reasons to start a new hobby. To get back to doing what you love, to challenge yourself, or to discover new interests and new learning areas. But, what if you don’t know what hobby you are looking for?

How to Find Hobbies Related to Beauty?

The best way to decide on a hobby is to ask yourself two questions: What is that thing I have always wanted to do? How do I like to spend my free time?

If you always wanted to do something related to beauty you should look for hobbies like skincare, fashion design, makeup, massage, acupressure, waxing… The key to finding new hobby ideas is to never stop searching and trying new things.

Also, a good way to find hobbies related to beauty is to read beauty magazines and websites. Start browsing this list and get inspired, follow your passion for beauty and find some great hobby ideas below.

List of Beauty Related Hobbies


People collect many things, but beauty enthusiasts collect beauty-related items like clothes, jewelry, lipsticks, shoes, and others. After having a big collection you can compose a different outfit every day.


Before getting one, please take the time to learn about tattoos. Ask yourself why you want a tattoo and choose your design carefully. If you can’t decide on a design, take the time to find an artist who will help you to create a tattoo that suits you the best.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a far less risky alternative to real tattoos, they are easy to use as well. All you have to do is to peel the plastic cover off and place the paper on your body. Most temporary tattoos will stay on your skin for 5 – 7 days.

Body Painting

Just like temporary tattoos body painting is temporary, lasting a few hours or even up to a few weeks. This is a fascinating art form that you can practice on your own or you can join body painting courses and workshops.

Body Piercing

If you want to refresh your ears, nose, lip, cheek, or tongue consider getting a body piercing. When choosing the shop pick only a licensed practitioner, If you have allergies or a bleeding problem talk to your doctor before getting pierced.


Do you want to achieve complete mental, physical, and social health? Living in a state of wellness can dramatically improve your life and provide you with happiness, a sense of meaning, ad fulfilling relationships.

Beauty Treatments

Manicure, pedicure, acupressure… Do you want to get rid of cellulite? Maybe you want to try Brazilian bikini wax? Have you ever tried teeth whitening? Have you ever heard about vaginal steaming? Find the clinic in your area and afford yourself treatment.

Working Out

Gym, dancing, jogging, swimming,… We all know that exercising reduces stress, boosts your mood, and makes you stronger. Working out can also help you to lose weight, to achieve clearer skin, and have beautiful hair.


Massage is a drug-free way to relax and restore, it has numerous health benefits for your whole body and can treat numerous conditions as well. Massage therapy by a licensed massage therapist can boost the immune system, strengthens muscles, and improve joint flexibility.


Sure you can use a razor, but if you want the results to last for a longer period of time, waxing is the best option. For your first wax take a trip to the salon and watch how they do it. When waxing at home for the first time start with a small patch and move on to a larger section after that.

Hair Art

Consider experimenting with hair coloring and your hairstyle, even a small change to your hairstyle can make you feel better and boost your confidence.


Do you want to become more peaceful, focused, appreciative, and mentally beautiful? Start meditating, meditation can help you to form all your other habits. When just starting Don’t worry about where and how to sit, or what cushion to use, just sit on a chair, or on the couch for just two minutes.


Reading can make you a beautiful person inside out, a great book can help forget all your problems and make you feel good. With reading, you will keep the brain active and slow down the aging process. You can start with  The French Beauty Solution, Goop Clean Beauty, or Eat Pretty Every Day.


In order to take good care of your skin, you need to get enough sleep, drink a lot of water, wash your face daily, and learn about everything that is important for your skin. Figure out your own skincare routine that’s going to be the best for your type of skin. Once a week make yourself a facemask and relax a little bit.

Fashion Design

Do you have a passion for combining colors, tones, and shades? If you’re an artistic and creative person consider fashion design and start expressing your ideas in sketches. For those who are more serious, I suggest fashion design courses, it is the easiest way to learn about pattern making, draping, fashion illustration, and more.


Create looks on yourself and your friends, recreate looks, and play with different brushes, colors, and techniques. With a few basic makeup tips, anyone can figure out how to highlight or contour. Find some great sources or influencers, grab your makeup bag and start having fun with makeup products.


In case you want your hands to look beautiful, you will have to visit a manicures salon! The second option is to spend an evening at home pampering yourself with a beauty treatment. Shape, trim, paint your fingernails until you are satisfied with the look. Make treatments that can help your nails to stay healthy and strong.


Do you want to have your feet rubbed down and treated? Visit some spa or salon and have a pedicure. If you decide to do it yourself be sure not to forget to remove nail polish, soak, massage and moisturize your feet, and trim and file your nails.

Nail Art

You can find a ton of ideas online, also, there’s an endless amount of short video tutorials that will guide you through nail art hacks. Nail art is perfect if you are a creative soul, so If you have a great nail art idea try to bring it to life as soon as possible.

Photo Editing

Learn some photo editing basics and put the finishing touches on your photos. Even the simplest editing programs will allow you to crop the images or make the photo as bright or dark as you want.


Shopping is the first step in your hobby. If you enjoy fashion and getting new clothes you can devote your spare time to shopping for clothes. If you love music you’ll love shopping for musical instruments. In case you love reading books, you’ll also love to go to the store and buy them.

Jewelry Making

Do you want to make your own jewelry? Search for a beginner’s guide and learn all you need to know to make your first piece of jewelry! You can even make some extra money with this amazing craft.


For many people sewing is a fulfilling hobby, you can alter clothing that doesn’t fit right or sew new clothes, cozy blankets, and quilts. If you practice with patience you will soon sew like a pro.


Acupressure involves putting pressure on certain parts of the body that have healing capacity. Acupressure is a hobby that can be practiced while sitting and watching your favorite TV series.


Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram are just a few yoga styles you can choose from. There is no doubt that yoga can help you to achieve a fresher and more radiant look. Roll out your yoga mat and discover popular yoga exercises like Plank Pose, Tree Pose, or Child’s Pose.


Do you have a passion for writing? Maybe you can create something meaningful about beauty and become a blogger. With blogging you will add value to other people’s lives and if you do it the right way you can even earn some extra money along the way.

Aromatherapy/Essential Oils

Begin to use essential oils and experience an incredible aromatic journey every day. Sweet orange can increase your energy, lavender to decrease anxiety. It is not hard to get started with aromatherapy, but you need to be aware of safety issues. Don’t ingest, essential oils are for inhalation or topical application only.


Take good care of yourself, cook healthy meals, and use fresh ingredients. Also, make your kitchen shelf a storehouse of beauty products and aids. Cloves, cucumber, lemon, and almonds are just a few ingredients that can perfect your skin and make you more beautiful.


I hope you have found this list of beauty-related hobbies helpful. There are numerous wonderful, exciting hobbies that you can explore and adopt even if you are looking for very specific ones. I’m sure there are more hobbies that are related to beauty so if you have any good suggestions you should write them in the comments below.